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House Hunters

House Hunters

HGTV 1999

House Hunters takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of House Hunters

House Hunters - S179E2

#1 - Germ Free in Kansas City


Season 179 - Episode 2

A family with three young kids looks for a home in Kansas City, Missouri. She wants a house that's brand new or she'll want to completely gut it to get rid of other people's germs, but he wants to avoid renovations at all costs.

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House Hunters - S179E3

#2 - Back to Their Future in Ithaca


Season 179 - Episode 3

College sweethearts decide to move their family back to Ithaca, New York, where they went to school. They're working with a sizable budget and have a hard time choosing between some of the area's amazing houses.

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House Hunters - S179E4

#3 - Indecisive in Chicago


Season 179 - Episode 4

A couple has trouble deciding the type of home they want in Chicago. She wants a downtown loft but he's pondering a single family house with a yard in a quiet suburb, and his indecisiveness may force her to make the final decision.

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House Hunters - S179E5

#4 - Two Dads, One Rad Louisiana Pad


Season 179 - Episode 5

A couple and their daughter move back to his hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, and they're having trouble agreeing on a home. One is eager for a house with vintage character close to the city, while the other wants something move-in ready out in the suburbs.

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House Hunters - S179E6

#5 - Family Bonding on a Budget in Michigan


Season 179 - Episode 6

A couple in Michigan looks to bring their blended family together with a new house. She doesn't mind going over budget to get it all, but he's pushing for a lower price so they'll have more money for family activities.

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#6 - Married to the Biz
Season 179 - Episode 7

A couple is on the the hunt for a home in Chicago. She's ready to trade up to a big house in the Chicago suburbs and expects some help from her husband, who is in the real estate business. However, he's hoping to use his insider knowledge to find a smaller condo in the city.

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#7 - He Won't Bend, She Won't Spend
Season 179 - Episode 8

An Arkansas couple has been looking for their first home for so long that they've had a second child since they started. That's because he's a perfectionist who insists they find a flat yard near downtown Bentonville, and she's a self-professed cheapskate who wants the best deal possible, no matter what.

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#8 - Type-A Wife vs. Laid Back Husband in Minnesota
Season 179 - Episode 9

A recently married couple is ready to move out of their two-bedroom apartment in downtown Minneapolis. She's a type-A personality who wants a completely updated forever home in the suburbs, and she's willing to pay a lot to get it. He's more laid back and would prefer a lower priced fixer-upper close to downtown.

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#9 - Relationship on the Line
Season 179 - Episode 12

A long-distance couple is ready to settle down and buy a home together in New York, but they are still miles apart on what they want. She wants an old house with history, while her partner wants something modern with high-tech amenities.

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#10 - A Family Home in Dayton, Ohio
Season 157 - Episode 1

A young married couple in Dayton, Ohio, is looking for a house with enough room to start a family. She's looking for a fixer upper so they can put their own stamp on it, while he'd prefer move-in ready, since he doesn't want to take on the added work.

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