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Hunting Hitler

Hunting Hitler

Historia (Fr) 2015

According to documents that were declassified by the FBI in 2014, Adolf Hitler may have survived World War II and fled to South America following the fall of Nazi Germany. In this series a team of investigators -- led by 21-year CIA veteran Bob Baer and war crimes investigator John Cencich -- undertakes a definitive search with the goal of finding out whether the notorious dictator actually survived the war and pulled off one of history's greatest disappearing acts. The team uncovers a mysterious Nazi lair in the Argentinean jungle and searches for evidence of a missing U-boat that may have transported Hitler out of Europe as Germany collapsed.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Hunting Hitler

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    This show is ridiculous! Why America is "lying" about Hitlers death is explained in one minute and it doesn't make any sense. Next up, some "experts" get together and on their way to gasp at any "clue", which is nothing more than poor deductive reasoning. They find "evidence" left and right while adrenaline inducing music plays at every second. GOOOOOD THIS BAD.


    Brilliant. This is a must watch.


    A lot of evidence that something different might have happened. Key work here is might, very interesting show anyway.


    I hate that each episode's 'facts' are continually repeated so you get 5 mins of anything new. Got up to Season 2 and then read these two sites - https://historyatkingston.wordpress.com/2018/02/08/history-as-hoax-why-the-tv-series-hunting-hitler-is-fiction-not-fact/ http://www.jasoncolavito.com/blog/history-channel-thinks-moe-howard-might-be-hitler-plus-micah-hankss-confusing-views-on-speculative-fiction I've stopped watching even though it is probably possible Adolf may have got out. Who knows


    This show is so fascinating. A lot of scenes are over dramatised, but damn, do they know how to put them together to the point I cannot stop binge watching this series. Some of the information they have been sharing, I have heard about from other sources over the years. I 100% believe he lived post war and did not commit suicide in Berlin. If you are like me and love delving into history, and possible theories of what the TRUTH might really be, look into Max Spiers and his comments about Nazis.


    Considering that the US helped a lot of Nazis to escape under operation paperclip it is highly possible that hitler did escape. Some US miliionaires, Bushes, Fords, Rockerfellers all helped Hitler to establish his regime. they should have stopped him in the 30's


    The probability that Hitler escaped is pretty good . . . considering all the Nazis that did escape, a lot with the help of the US under operation paperclip. However, the way the show is presented, everything is about the US. Need to think about how well the Hitler was helped by the Bushes, Fords and other american millionaires to set up his regime to the detriment of the rest of the world.

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