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Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

JTBC 2020

In a colorful Seoul neighborhood, an ex-con and his friends fight a mighty foe to make their ambitious dreams for their street bar a reality.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Itaewon Class

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    The ultime search of sweetness in the bitterness that is life whilst providing perspective on the beauty of ordinary days. Keywords: Youth, ambition, loss, bullying, racism, discrimination, friendship, hardship, love triangles. How seemingly small decisions can change your life forever. Sidenote: Rooftops are essential for ultimate happiness. This is a must watch. The diversity of the characters is a much need breath of fresh air. Hopefully this is the start of something bigger!


    Not just your average revenge drama, Itaewon Class has a super diverse set of characters and manages to do each. one. of. them. justice while also delivering a properly satisfying ending. Tackles racism, transphobia & corporate greed among other things and idk this is defo my most favorite Park Seo Joon drama yet. FOR REAL. A socially inept character, autistic-coded, who’s the cutest cinnabon ever? I’m in LOVE. Oh, and Kim Da Mi?? Ahh-mazing. Gotta love how the classic villain types still managed to surprise AND we also got the real grey-shaded ones. Everyone reaped what they sowed and this is one drama I 10/10 would recommend.


    Fair story but most of the characters have at least 50% sociopath traits in them (except for Hyun-yi)


    This TV Show was **AWESOME.**


    Locking forward to this. 2020 Dramas We are ready :grinning::ok_hand:


    This turned out to be my favorite korean series. It gets people in different ways but for me it was just perfect.


    The first few episodes were good. Then, it got very dull, repetitive and predictable. Slow, boring and so stuffed with filler. It would have been better as a 10, maybe 12 episode show. This is basically a modern retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo, with a few twists. Also, Soo Ah deserved so much better. If you want/like neuroatypical characters *It's Okay Not to be Okay* is a much better choice. If you like evil villains who can hold a grudge, *Crash Landing on You* is awesome. If you enjoy good romance *CLoY, While you Were Sleeping* and period drama *Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn by Clouds* are infinitely superior and all have great chemistry between the leads. If you love Park Seo Jun, I'd recommend *What's Wrong with Secretary Kim* a cute romantic comedy.


    The show started so well, with an interesting plot and interesting characters, but after first half of the show the things start to become slowly, the romance substitued the main plot and the repetition start to show off. Besides all of that it's a good trama, and deservers merity for treat themes like racism and transphobia.


    Can this be even more complete? Great characters with great plot and sub-plots. Always having the feels in most episodes. This is actually one of the best Korean Series i have seen. And don´t get me talking about the awesome soundtrack.


    This Korean series is just excellent, on all points. Whether it is the shots, the music, the duration of a discussion to make us feel a specific emotion and immerse ourselves inside the scene, the themes addressed ([spoiler] This is the first time that I see a series that introduces the LGBT theme as well and naturally [/spoiler]). Everything was so natural and so well developed, until the very end the series was excellent. It taught me a lot about life, its meaning, the love of a father, of his family, love for the one we love, the sense of friendship, the image we likewise, revenge, and the importance of our own principles. I come away with a lot of motivation for my future projects, which is why, for me, this series is excellent, since not only did I have a great time watching each episode with such emotions and I come away growing up. Thanks, IC!

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