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It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

tvN 2020

Desperate to escape from his emotional baggage and the heavy responsibility he’s had all his life, a psychiatric ward worker begins to heal with help from the unexpected—a woman who writes fairy tales but doesn’t believe in them.

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The 10 Best Episodes of It's Okay to Not Be Okay

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  • Last updated: aug 18, 2021



    I'm completely hypnotized by and in love with this show. In addition to being visually pleasing, with every detail, from costumes to scenery, carefully taken into consideration, it's also shaking us up on the inside. Its "between the lines" messages, and wonderful acting from the entire cast that delivers so many emotions in their facial expressions alone, are all sublime. I find myself looking forward to weekends and waiting in anticipation for what is to come. Great job everyone, and much love. <3


    this had me hooked from the very first episode and it keeps getting better!!!


    **A good reminder that tvN's dramas are still good enough to be excited!** Since I almost can't say something I don't like from this I'll get right to what's good. Acting from the three leads, everyone of them builds their characters a little bit every episode and it was all measure what make this even better, Oh Jung Se so far deserves to win every award. he was 10/10 in wich is probably his best performance in his career; Seo Yeji, we all know how good of an actreess she is but it was so good in this, the rest of the cast it was ok. Script,my most favorite thing about this, the story telling was one of the best I've ever watched,[spoiler] if I'm going to get picky I don't quite get the whole thing with Moon Young's mother, for me it was too obvious who was it since the beggining and the whole waiting for was kind of a meh BUT I get the story here was just and "accesory" and the characters where the ones that makes the story wich makes more sense.[/spoiler] Directing was better that I expected, even de CGI was good. Sound mixing and sound edition was ok, the soundtrack probably the most memorable here. [spoiler]Now two things to add as a plus, I've never seen anyone curse so much on a K-drama as Seo Yeji, they even beep her character, that was hilarious and the most exciting part, how many years passed since we had a comfortable and good ending as this?[/spoiler] Overall: A really good drama, with great acting and great story, definitely one of my five picks for best drama of this year. Score: 8.5/10


    "A kiss is better than a fight."


    What a beautiful journey with the most memorable characters! They wrapped things up beautifully - I laughed, cried and laughed while crying through it all. Been a while since a k-drama satisfied me as much as this one did.


    This is a really compelling show! Beautiful visuals, animations and music scores. The plot was set up pretty well and although it was a bit predictable at times, that didn't stop the it from being captivating. Even when I knew what was going to happen, I was surprised and emotional when it did. Loved the way they used fairy tales and children's books to bring the underlying life lessons too the front. It made the messages seem simple but life-changing. The show also treated the various mental illnesses mentioned very respectfully and much more 'normally' than I expected it to. The characters try their best to understand each other and misunderstandings weren't dramatised and elongated like most shoes. All in all, I would definitely watch it again and recommend it to people.


    > A pure, healing and beautiful story about a Masked Boy prince , Emotionless princess and Box Ahjussi. As the female lead is a fairytale story writer, the show uses a "fairytale story telling" method to bring out some principles of life that touches the bottom of your heart, which I find it very special! PLOT ------ The plot is nothing special ; very similar to "Come and Hug Me"; It's not the usual korean drama that comes with a cheerful starting, couple fall in love and followed with the story climax. Some people might not like the "psycho" theme drama because of the dark and depressing content, but I find it pretty addictive of its UNUSUAL setting of characters, story presentation and the chemistry between the main leads! As the female lead is a fairytale story writer, the show uses a "fairytale story telling" method to bring out some principles of life that touches the bottom of your heart, which I find it very special! You will FALL IN LOVE with the two main leads, because they are not the usual main leads you will find in other dramas. The girl is cold on the outside but warm in the inside whilst the male lead is other way round. They both had some bad memories that shaped their behaviours; they hurt each other, but they protect each other as well :) So I would say their interaction and chemistry are the highlight of the show!!!! Not to mention, the three main leads (including the brother) acting is SUPERB! The brotherhood among the two male leads is very touching too and it will make you cry T^T ; young Kang Tae teared me up everytime he appeared (even if i found 70% of the episode boring he would pull me up in the story and connect the emotions) "Mystery" wise I do think they lacked a little, but it's becasue they didn't use it for cheap thrill and looming danger but it was the base for their healing ; even throughout their "inevitable breakups" it was never about their selflessness or selfishness but it was another natural step to overcoming their past and struggles. I found the pacing in the second half very slow at one point i dropped the show to catch up once its finished airing and i only picked it 2 months later and watched it in the background of some work. Although the second half is slow ; there is a good character development ( 10% story and 90% filler) and the ending is very satisfying [spoiler] When Sang Tae realized the Kang Tae belongs to Kang Tae and a family is not something to be born with but made with people u meet along. [/spoiler] CAST ------ The cast in the show is amazing ; Special Thanks for Ye-ji ; I'm seeing her for first time ; her low pitched and cold voice is perfect for the character and storytelling as a author. Soo-hyun as Kang Tae has given great performance ; the time away at military has actually improved his acting skills ; he is blankless face is his normal skill but in this show he showed perfrect emotions are perfect time. Sang Tae portrayed one of the difficult characters in the show ; he made us sympathize ; he made us hate him ; he made us laugh and he made us cry and he made us frustrated. These three pillars were perfect cast to the show and kudos to the director for this amazing cast and breathing life to an somewhat ordinary plot. side character wise, again they lacked in delivery, the side stories and the effects they used to deliver the stories were beautiful and heartbreaking but I felt like they weren't 100% invested in their stories and they felt like mere time fillers, like Yoo Seung Jae never got any character depth and even though Jo Jae Soo was Moon Gang Tae's best friend for 10 years I couldn't understand how they all miraculously ended up in ok town (I'm sorry I don't know the name of their location xD)that didn't make their unexpected friendships and familial bonds any less meaningful, but I wish they gave them a little more thought OST & CINEMATOGRAPHY -------------------------------- The OST is stunning, the direction is beautiful and the pretty story telling incorporating scary fairytales and creepy animations brings everything full circle. Nothing less can be said about the StroyTelling , Graphics , Background Affects and Background Music ; One of the best K-drama if you rate purely on this category . The music and bgm can make us even feel the emotions of Masked Man and Emotionless Princess ; simply outstanding. REWATCH ------------- Although the lack of great story and plot or mystery ; this show has high rewatch value just for its cast and bgm. VERDICT --------- It's definitely binge worthy and a full of feeling ride that you don't want to miss. Although there were some parts not being well explained, I think you shouldn't be too serious about it and enjoy the scenes and stories this drama has brought to us. It brings joy, intense, sadness and also heart-warming relationships that makes you smile :) I love all the main and side roles and also their sweet and nice characters, the entire casting was pretty pleasing and I enjoyed watching it a lot! [spoiler]I felt like i was also riding in the camping van when the show ended.[/spoiler] It really is a great and amazing journey. Thank you OKAY Family! Thank you IT'S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY.


    This was my first K-drama and what a great one it was! An insanely well-written and well-performed masterpiece, being a massive emotional rollercoaster. I haven't cried and laughed so much with any shows before this. Every single actor was well-deserved to the respective role, all of them fit so perfectly to make this one the masterpiece it is. Also the illustrations throughout the drama, so beautifully drawn and well-fitting. Don't read before finishing: [spoiler]I didn't expect them to give us a completely positive last episode. This was so rewarding after all we've seen in the 15 episodes before that. I was waiting for something bad to happen throughout the whole episode but it didn't. We just got a beautiful episode. And I'm kinda thankful for that.[/spoiler] I will have to watch something cute now after this. This was probably the worst K-drama to start the journey. :sweat_smile: So many emotions, so much despair. If you're unsure, just watch it. The ratings are speaking for themselves.


    **Secret Garden (2010) recreated but with a role reversal and a deeper exploration of social issues. And impossibly good looking people** I was pleasantly surprised by the time I finished the show; at the beginning I felt Seo Ye Jin's character was [spoiler] excessively pushy and really didn't deserve such a great guy [/spoiler] but her character development was heartening to watch. All three main characters had strong character development throughout the series and even the guest stars (kwak dong-yeon!!) played their parts perfectly. My favourite part was the editing; even though the cinematography sorta dipped towards the end, I'd never seen anything like the transitions and animations at the beginning in a kdrama. I loved the part with Kwak Dong-yeon's character and the way they portrayed what he was thinking.


    Powerful start the animations and shooting of the scenes were impressive but in the last episodes things got boring i only like it because of the reviving animations from the books lately they stoped showing that i'm disappointed

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