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Kevin Can Wait

Kevin Can Wait

CBS 2016

When Kevin retires from the police force, he thinks life will be all about hanging out with his wife and kids and going on the occasional adventure with fellow retirees. But, a different narrative starts to take shape when he discovers his wife has been protecting him from certain family info while he was out keeping the streets safe.

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    After choosing to end King of Queens in 2007 to make Adam Sandler crap. Kevin James tries to go back to exactly where he left off on television. By playing the same character again pretty much. Except despite him being funny, the story is lazy and cliche.


    Sells only on the name Kevin James, terribly cheap attempt at remaking King of Queens with as less effort as possible it seems. With a spineless, offensive nerd as Arthur. Partially even scripts are almost entirely reused for that purpose of remaking KoQ but it never works. The sidecharacters (at least the "friends" of Kevin) are all trash characters. They appear like a copy of previous side characters on KoQ without any soul. Unlikable, bland idiots without any backstory and only there to play off Kevin James (and fail miserably) or to fill the screen. Literally. They are nothing more than noise. Just like the kids who serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Except for Kendra (Taylor Spreitler) the kids have no story, don't add anything to the series and usually disappear for several episodes at a time without any mention. Only Erinn Hayes is trying hard and I like her the most of all characters and can't understand all the harsh criticism _she_ gets instead of everyone around her. Sure, she's not a Carrie Heffernan, though, even if the writers try her hard to be exactly that. That aside jokes aren't funny, ever, mainly because it feels like the majority of the jokes are tiresome fatjokes. All the time another joke about how Kevin likes to eat, has some medical issues because he's overweight, lies to his wife so he can eat what he wants or otherwise cheats to eat. Wasn't funny 10 years ago, isn't funny now. While the other jokes simply can't work with the underdeveloped side characters. Shouldn't be renewed but was simply because of Kevin James who apparently pulls in the audience necessary.


    I'm really enjoying this show.


    It's not bad at all! Worth watching! I expected something much more boring and cliche, but it's almost as good as King of Queens. I'm actually glad that Kevin returned to making TV Shows. This thing suits him the best, not the Adam Sandler family holiday garbage movies.


    I enjoyed "The King Of Queens", however this is crap.


    i don't get anything, anymore.


    I wanted to love it. Started out ok, very similar to King of Queens in a lot of ways. The similarities were mostly good. I loved King of Queens, but when they brought Leah into the show it ruined it.


    **Season 1** - A typical "overweight husband, attractive wife" CBS comedy. It's not LOL funny, but a decent 20 minutes of mindless entertainment. Not terrible, yet not great, but harmless enough to give a pass. **Season 2** - The situations the writers get these character into have sunk to sophomoric and moronic. Leah Remini looks tired and hard to understand. The writing went from mediocre to lazy, relying too much on Kevin James' physical comedy. And too many of the cast members add absolutely nothing to the show. They have definitely lost the plot. If they wanted a soft _King of Queens_ reboot, they should have had Leah Remini as the wife/mom from the beginning.


    The show was ok, not too funny, but ok. That is until the 2nd season and the crap that they pulled.


    Not good but not terrible just below Meh!

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