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Life Sentence

Life Sentence

The CW 2018

When Stella finds out her terminal cancer is cured, she's going to have to learn to live with all the choices she's made when she decided to "live like she was dying".

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The 10 Best Episodes of Life Sentence

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  • Last updated: apr 08, 2022



    Almost glad they cancelled this. While the premise sounded intriguing and fresh to begin with it turned into the same mess as pretty much any CW show these days and that stupid will they/won't they nonsense got on my nerves quickly. Lucy Hale will find something new soon anyway, good luck girl!


    Almost a shame this was canceled. I found it to be one of the most heartwarming and uplifting shows I've seen in recent years. It's corny as hell, and the writing is anything but nuanced and delicate. But the Abbot's are slowly becoming one of my favorite TV families in recent years. This show really got to the inner cornball in me, and yet there are some really brilliantly written scenes and interactions that sadly make some of the more ingenuous plot developments stand out more than they should. Back to this being canceled though, a few things are left up in the air but not in a huge cliffhanger type way. This feels like a perfect miniseries, with just the right amount of conclusion to make you feel satisfied but enough questions left up in the air to keep you thinking about what would've happened next. This is a show that easily could've overstayed its welcome and I don't think they could've maintained the charm for another season, so I am perfectly satisfied with the 13 cute episodes we got, even if part of me does wish there was more.


    My god, I tried CW I really did but I couldn't even finish. This show had so much potential to be a comfy family lite drama/comedy and to an extent it was, but it got clogged and overshadowed by the whole unnecessary Stella, Wes, Dr. Grant, Pippa love square that just killed it for me. Maybe I could've handled a Dr. Grant (who by the way is a homewrecking creep) triangle cause stuff like that actually happens but once they threw Pippa into the mix and kept forcing all the fake drama it was I knew this show was DOA. A damn shame. Pros: -Great cast that actually has chemistry. -Decent/Good acting. -Has some genuinely heartwarming moments at times. Cons -Fake drama by the buckets to the point where it gets physically uncomfortable. So yea just the writing in general. -Kinda slow/boring at times. You got a day to burn? yea binge it whatever. 6.5/10

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