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Netflix 2016

Rebellious Mickey and good-natured Gus navigate the thrills and agonies of modern relationships.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Love

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    I liked the Show, but... Damn its just so weird to see a dork like Gus get so much P**** all the time. It just seems to unrealistic...


    "Obnoxious and Unlikeable People Who Aren't the Least bit Funny" "30 year olds who act like 18 year olds." this hit the spot right.


    It's a weak show, but it gets better towards the second half. Another one in a recent trend of "comedies" that follow utterly unlikeable people that the audience is supposed to identify with through cringe-y situations. Saved by Gillian Jacobs' performance, primarily. It occasionally strikes gold for a few moments, but prepare to be bored for big chunks.


    A fantastic show overall, but damn it needs a 4th season. I know the 3rd is meant to be the final season but it just feels like there is still more of a story to tell. Despite that however, I think this is such a hidden gem of a show and I adored it!


    Love is just the worst title for a TV-Series, but overall it was solid with a few subtle laugher. And I totally love Gus' Personality.


    This show is special for me, it kinda makes me feel the same way I felt watching **Freaks and Geeks** for the first time. (I'm a sucker for anything with Apatow's name on it anyway. Plus, Gillian Jacobs !) I was intrigued since the beginning but sometimes, man... Just like in Gus and Mickey's relationship, I have deep attraction for the show but there are also moments when it's difficult. But in the end it's Love. First season was tough because at some point I hated Gus for being an hypocrite asshole but loved Mickey and then other moments I liked Gus but hated Mickey for being such a mess. They both made pretty shitty choices and their relationship had a weird dynamic overall. Season two felt better, less cringe-y. I still don't always understand the characters or even their behavior, but I like that. I like that I am sort of building a relationship with them as the episodes unfold, learning about them and where they are coming from. It's funny how I am witnessing them doing better in their lives and with their relationship but I am also doing better accepting them for who they are.


    I enjoy the show, but as some other commentators have pointed out, some aspects are pretty unrealistic. Don't get me wrong, I think the nature of romantic relationships are portrayed well. Its just that Paul Rust isn't some nerdy guy who is secretly attractive like Benedict Cumberbatch, or super funny like a Michael Cera, or really witty like Jesse Eisenberg in the Social Network. The guy not only comes of as super dorky, who thinks knowing a lot about pop culture is a substitute for a personality, but he is also just unfunny and annoying. Yet in the show the guy is beloved by everyone, especially women, who all immediately are obsessed with him and want to sleep with him. It seems if Paul Rust thinks of himself as one of those types that I mentioned above, and made a show portraying himself as one of these dude, even though he is very much not one of these dudes. Otherwise I really enjoy the show, its just every time his name pops up as the creator/producer I can't help but feel like, oh that's why. I think a show like Pete Holmes Crashing does a way better job of portraying real life situations for Pete. Also not to hate too much, but Love is a terrible title. Need to be more creative than that.


    The second season is superior to the first. I like it!


    The story of two broken people that wanna be loved.


    brilliant original comedy, nothing really happens, but its just so addictive.

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