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Man Seeking Woman

Man Seeking Woman

FX 2015

Josh Greenberg is a naive romantic on a desperate quest for love. When his longtime girlfriend dumps him, Josh enters the dating scene, a nightmarish hellscape of untold horror. Despite the agony, Josh continues his search in the hopes of finding someone who will make all the misery worth it.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Man Seeking Woman

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  • Last updated: may 18, 2022



    Really loving this, great concept, pretty light to watch, but hitting some of the feelings you get and consider when falling in love.


    As a 28 year old male, I relate to this show sooooo much. It's like they know exactly how my brain works and it's fun to be able to visualize it!


    As a big fan of Jay Baruchel and knowing it was short, I was pretty excited about this one. Unfortunately, it was more stupid than enjoyable. Yes, there were points where I was basically in tears laughing, but it was so much dumb humor to get to that gut wrenching humor. Another positive note is that by the end I was enjoying myself more than I was at the start. Overall, it is a lighthearted and quick watch so it's not terrible, it is just not going to be for everybody, and for that I recommend skipping it and maybe just watching a couple episodes that someone might recommend. Average Season Review: 6.5/10 Recommendation: Skip


    Did this show actually have an ending? It was on my watchlist, if it has no actual ending, I won't even start watching...


    My ol'lady started watching this and I was like Man seeking woman?? Laaaaaame rom com...buuut nope... Hilarious show, one of the funniest comedies on tv and soooo true to life, very sad season 3 is the end.. hopefully those rich bastards at Netflix will pick it up

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