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Marvel's The Defenders

Marvel's The Defenders

Netflix 2017

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist join forces to take on common enemies as a sinister conspiracy threatens New York City.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Marvel's The Defenders

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    A few minutes in and Iron Fist / Danny Rand is already getting on my nerves.


    -- DISCLAIMER: THIS BELOW IS ENTIRELY MY PERSONAL OPINION, YOU MIGHT NOT AGREE WITH IT -- - This comes from a Marvel die-hard fan that read comics since he was able to read at all. I follow most current comics Marvel is releasing, I obviously have read and reread all the most famous one and I am watching the entire MCU in the exact timeline events ordered. All these opinions you will read weren't taken lightly and without thought. - ------------- - REVIEW So "The Defenders" is out, or how I like to call them "Heroes for Hire" (Whatever happened to that anyways?) The Defenders, is the endpoint of each and every single one of the stories we've seen so far in the Netflix MCU. It puts closure on all of the characters, not indefinite, but closure of what we've seen of them so far. Because of this, I was not going in with high expectations, and thankfully in doing so, I didn't leave entirely disappointed. Here's the catch tho, I believe we can all agree that - this - is Marvel trying a more "serious", a more "adult" way for their MCU. We can all agree that we cannot expect a Netflix series on Daredevil, JJ or even the others to be action-packed, mindless punching, d!ck hard-straightfoward-nofucksgiven-whatdoesthepoliceevendoanyways as much as we're accustomed to see on the big screen with The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy. But let me tell you this: There is a point - in time - where a man (or a woman) has this "we're the police let us do our job" - "you gonna end up in jail" - "You shouldn't do this, that" kind of bullshit talk so far up his butt, that it is impossible not to hate it. The extent of milking out minutes and minutes, adding absolutely nothing valuable to the story is REALLY starting to annoy me very much. It was very light in Daredevil, it started showing in Jessica Jones and from Luke Cage it really went downhill. There's a whole new way of talking around, and around, and around pointlessly in these last shows that is really tiresome. I'm talking about the side characters pointing out the same things, over and over and over and over, one time after one time after one time after one time. "We are the police we can help you" "Let us help you, you can't do it alone" "You're gonna get in trouble" "You're gonna go to jail" Listen, screenwriters: shut the fuck up! They gonna do whatever the fuck they want anyways. We know it, you know it. And it showed. I believe we can all agree (or at least try to) that Marvel won't ever (hopefully not) come up with something so profound, so intense, so serious (Maybe like we've partially witnessed with Logan) because they are too focussed on cliches, too focussed on this bullshit way of having to show how rebelious their characters are, and never focussed on the actual emotions and portraying them or conveying them to the people. I don't necessarily believe they should, that they are trying to do this, but at least... cut the bullshit a little, huh? And I'm not adding more to that statement. ------------- Alright, since that's out of my system, let's talk everything else. The baseline of the show and the story aren't that bad. I like that finally [spoiler]we get to see the Hand entirely, for what they are and who they are[/spoiler] without the mist of bullshit that we ingested the past shows. The action "side" of "things" isn't quite as horrible as we witnessed in Iron Fist, so that's a huge pro. The fighting coreographies weren't really that stale, let's be honest: who doesn't enjoy watching JJ or Luke simply lifting goons, or watching Daredevil jump around and that fucking metal batoon hit sound, ohhh so good... But then... here comes THE LIVING WEAPON. HURRAAAY! No. Definitely no hurrays for him. Let me tell you this, chaps, and I won't put spoiler marks on this part because there's nothing new to this: Danny Rand - did not - evolve from his standalone show, his character depth and importance is just words in the wind, his appeal is just as strong as watching a golden retriever with his face out the car window and his dribble splattered all over. He's A FUCKING NOOB, and yes, I did scream that out loud, a few times. (Same goes for his girlfriend). Someone needs to explain to me why Danny got a scar on his chest tattoo in the first episode and then it disappears for the rest of the season. Plus, someone needs to explain to me if [spoiler]elektra can punch JJ and Luke so hard that it makes them shake a little bit, why doesn't she destroy Daredevil or Iron Fist with the same punch? How can they sustain a damage that can make Luke Cage feel pain?[/spoiler] And that's really most of what's wrong with this show. Believe me tho, once you see it, you'll understand why I can get so upset. What more could be said? Music was good, I enojyed the few pieces, they were well placed. The colors are always fucking cold and stale, the light almost always dark. Sigourney Weaver is a great actress portraying a terrible, empty character, but ehhh, whatever. It is definitely worth watching if you liked Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I could bare Luke Cage more here, he was kind of different, in a good way. You know what's missing from this show? A FUCKING GOOD ASS VILLAIN. BRING ME FUCKING KINGPIN. Jesus christ I fucking hate Danny Rand and his stupid fisting duracell fetish.


    Let me preface this by saying that I have watched all of the Netflix Marvel shows and found numerous flaws in all of them. However, I still liked Jessica Jones and Season 1 of Daredevil to a decent extent. I really disliked Luke Cage and Season 2 of Daredevil. I have no words for Iron Fist; it was that bad. Obviously, I did not have high expectations going in. But, in a similar fashion to Jessica Jones and Daredevil, I at least expected to be entertained, even if the plot doesn't make much sense. Moreover, the showrunners were writers on Daredevil. So I had some hope before watching the show. And boy, does this show disappoint. Every scene in so cliched and predictable. The dialogues are lifeless. As pointed out in another comment, many conversations are about how they can't let the police help them and they need to stop The Hand alone. The show drags and drags and yet, nothing happens. The plot is so stupid and boring and predictable and riddled with cliches. For all the buildup about the teaming up of the Defenders, [spoiler] they all don't get together until halfway through the series. [/spoiler] Superhero shows need a great villain if we want to root for the hero. Season 1 of Daredevil had an amazing villain in Wilson Fisk. Jessica Jones had it with Kilgrave. I very much disliked The Hand as a villain in Season 2 of Daredevil, so it was not encouraging to see them be the villain again in The Defenders. And here, we are led to believe that Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra is a strong, all-encompassing villain. Even though Sigourney Weaver is a great actress, the character isn't written well enough for her to do anything other than look cryptically at people and speak ominously. Yet, all of this is wasted, because [spoiler] they kill her off (just like they did, stupidly, with Cottonmouth in Luke Cage) in episode 6 and now Elektra becomes the big bad villain. I never liked Elektra as a character, so making her the real villain and creating some cliched romantic/tragic tension between her and Daredevil was quite irksome. [/spoiler] In conclusion, this show convinced me to never watch anything ever again from the Netflix Marvel universe. Eh, who am I kidding? I'll probably watch the Punisher series when it premiers at the end of this year. And I'll probably regret watching it as well, considering their track record till now.


    Marvel's 'The Defenders' is without a doubt one of the worst properties they have ever produced. This is coming from someone who has seen the entirety of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. with all its inconsistencies between seasons. After watching the pilot of Iron fist and skipping it, and after barely finishing Luke Cage, I couldn't help but wonder if this would be as bad as I thought would be. Skepticism prevailed, and though I watched the whole season, at the end it was more of an experiment in morbid curiosity and comedic value. I'll jump into characters to start, following the Good, Bad, and Ugly formula. **THE GOOD** Daredevil, Matt Murdock was actually pretty good during the first half of the season. His scenes spent interacting with Jessica Jones were very fun, sharply written, and the two seemed to have a genuine chemistry that carried them to [spoiler] the diner scene, which I will talk about later as it's quite a point of contention for me with its lackluster cinematography and editing. [/spoiler] Jessica Jones, as mentioned before, probably had some of the most memorable scenes this season, with her signature "I'm kind of an asshole, but everyone deals with it" schtick remaining from Season 1 of her standalone show. They drop hints at [spoiler] Killgrave's death affecting her, [/spoiler] but it never really goes beyond that. Jessica also has decent chemistry with Luke Cage, but everything is stilted by bad writing. [spoiler] Has anyone else noticed she sort of looks like Michael Jackson? [/spoiler] Claire and Colleen were doing the best they could with their scripts, and it showed. The final showdown when they team up is actually crafted pretty well, when set against the Jackson Pollock painting of a story the rest of the show is. Stick, with his David Carridane-esque delivery and presence was also a treat to watch [spoiler] until Electra killed him. Damn shame that they offed him in such a way. [/spoiler] **THE BAD** Luke Cage has a few decent moments here and there, and even bros out with Doom...err... Iron Fist when the going gets tough. Luke seems to have not much to do than be a bouncer (literally, his skin reflects bullets) for the entirety of the show, which is to be expected when half of this proverbial A-Team has ninja training. Finally we get to the fourth and WORST Defender of them all, The Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of Shun-Lun, Master of the Universe, Mother of Dragons, and Heir to the Iron Throne. Joking aside, every time he had a name drop I couldn't help but groan. Disney-Marvel greenlit this? They greenlit his casting? Couldn't they have picked literally anyone else? Danny Rand had no good moments the entire show, and spent the back half of the season complaining about everything for nothing other than contrived conflict brought on by the Jack Sparrow equivalent of villains. As viewing went on, he got many a nickname. Archer fans will recognize Fisto-Roboto. Because of how robotic his delivery was. Electric Nachos (Elektra Natchios) was as bad as she was in Daredevil Season 2. The lack of personality was actually ok for this season, [spoiler] her becoming a blank slate and slowly remembering things, that is. [/spoiler] I really wish they could have done something more with the duality of thought. Just look to the superior show, Legion. The framework is all there. Just borrow the highlights and come up with something original to put a bow on it. **THE UGLY** ALL. OF. THE. VILLAINS. What were they thinking? These villains are supposed to be a fearsome world ending organization. And they just fail at EVERY turn. There are never any stakes. There is never any good dialogue. None of them live up to their potential. and by God if the great Sigourney Weaver's talent isn't wasted on the tripe they fed her in terms of dialogue. How could anyone think the lines were passable? None of these characters had their motivations spelled out. What I've come to expect from these shows is a villain that has motives, meaning, and motivation to be doing what they're doing. The Hand are [spoiler] after magic fluid that makes them immortal [/spoiler]. Yep that's it. Instead of spending an episode with each of the villains like we did with Kingpin in season 1 and 2 of Daredevil, all we get is strung out lines fed into a few scenes here and there where they're panicking about the newly assumed Superfriends Scooby Gang that is somehow systematically eliminating the forces that once brought Daredevil himself to the brink of death a few times. **CINEMATOGRAPHY** I'm a bit pickier on this than most people. I like my high budget properties to have a certain level of polish. Who in their right mind let the director of photography do so damn many orbiting spinning shots? The biggest offender has to be the diner scene, where they decide that the best way to go about doing 4 solid minutes of dialogue is an orbiting camera on dolly track, going between each character. And that's all it is. A spinning shot. The same spinning shot that we've seen three times before this, and many more after, with basically any scene that Sigourney ends up being in, for some odd reason. The rest of it is just so uninspired, so plastic with an "edgy" flair. What surprised me the most, though, is that the show sets up in episode 1 so promisingly, by attempting to use the unique styleguide that each show before provided as a template, to lay the foundation for each character. After the rapid-fire montage of each character, they slowly begin to meet through circumstance, as one would expect, but in an instant, (around episode 2 or so), all personality is lost. What happens is 'The Defenders' begins to not look like anything, and lose all sense of personality and self by the way of one of the two most important prongs of the visual medium, the cinematography. This, coupled with the writing that didn't know what it wanted to be made for a crisis of self within the work, a disconcerting string that radiates through the rest of the season. Which brings me to... **WRITING** I've said a lot about the writing on the show thus far. To not beat a dead horse, I'll add one more unique thing that I found particularly annoying. You know that thing where they say your brain is more likely to like a song when you can recognize the chord structures and patterns before they happen? The same is NOT true for that of writing dialogue. I've seen a lot of TV, I'll be the first to admit. More than a lot of people. Not quite 'Abed' from 'Community', but I'm getting there. --When your show decides to pick the most common, thinkable response to everything to the point where I can say the line before it happens, rewrite the bloody line. Even the CW show, 'RIVERDALE' of all things is better at that than 'The Defenders'. I'm begging the team that had compelling narrative and lines with Daredevil, The Punisher, and Kingpin back in Daredevil season 2, please hire some new people. I don't know how you managed to make magic happen back then, but the decline in quality between those two shows is astounding, and if papa Disney gave a shit, they'd have checked you a bit more. Maybe we're at that point finally where these things aren't a concern anymore, and basically everyone that has a Netflix account will watch the shows, but please don't waste the fan's time with subpar everything. **CONCLUSION** All in all, this show is a small trash fire. I'd say about office recycling bin size. While it isn't a full on dumpster fire, It's still not just a pile of waste that HASN'T been set on fire. If you're like me and have a morbid curiosity about bad properties, and decide to learn from their mistakes when it comes to your own work, I'd recommend still giving it a watch. It is truly a master class in high budget bullshit, with a few moments peppered in here and there to keep you from losing interest entirely. 4/10.


    I've been looking forward to this since the first announcement and I was super excited. I really took my time with it and I only watched 1 episode per night and even skipped a few nights. And I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Sigourney Weaver is one of my all time favourite actresses and I was over the moon to see her in my favourite universe. I REALLY love Daredevil, Jessica Jones and enjoyed Luke Cage. But Iron Fist just isn't my favourite character, I just don't find him interesting when he's standing next to these super dynamic characters. Don't get me wrong, I love Finn Jones and I think he does an amazing job with portraying Danny, it's just the character and his whole entitled vibe that I don't like. Really enjoyed the rest of the season tho. Looking forward to watching The Punisher!


    Another complete fail. I used to like the Marvel universe. Now it seems like a bunch of totally useless and incompetent script writers are competing in the art of destroying it.


    La primera temporada de Luke Cage y Jessica Jones y la segunda temporada de Daredevil, siguen siendo el pináculo del periplo de Marvel en Netflix. Esta historia aunque interesante por momentos se siente apresurada en todo momento, irónicamente eso es parte de su encanto. Lo que si no es un encanto es que durante la batalla final del último capítulo ¡no se ve un coño!, para mi eso es un error garrafal.


    I'd say it was a fun binge watch but overall was kinda underwhelming. Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica have spectacular chemistry. Iron Fist is still really annoying and has no character development whatsoever. The action scenes were fine in my opinion. Daredevil still has the best fight choreography hands down. The back and forth between Matt and Jess is easily the most entertaining part of the show. But the main issue I have with these Marvel Netflix shows is the convoluted, unfocused and messy plots. The payoff in all these shows are kinda underwhelming. The Hand wasn't really threatening, they came off as kinda lame and unrealistic. The five fingers of the hand had no purpose whatsoever and the character of Alexandra was highly under-utilised and left off. Elektra storyline felt rushed, but her chemistry with Matt was off the charts as always. Love the characters but really hope they go back to the drawing board to focus on their antagonists and make their storylines more compact and focused. Overall, I was satisfied and had fun.


    I will admit that going into this show I have only watched one of the individual shows of this quarter if heroes. That being Jessica Jones. And that was a massive mistake. A lot of interesting story arcs seemed to revolve around things that had happened in the respective stories of the individual characters portrayed here. However the cinematography was brilliant and some of the fight scenes definitely stood out. As for the story it was very cliche, the whole woman dying of cancer who becomes bad because she's afraid of death thing. I've things like this so many times before, give me something new! I am definitely tempted to watch the other three shows that I haven't got to yet, (Luke, Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil), so that I can better understand what went on here as I only partially enjoyed this but feel that that was down to a lack of understanding of individual arcs.


    I watched this just to finish the storyline of Daredevil. As others said the story and finale suck, but overall it was worth it for continuity and the hallway scene was great.

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