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MasterChef: The Professionals

MasterChef: The Professionals

BBC Two 2008

Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing and vegetable expert and MasterChef veteran Gregg Wallace are on the hunt for a young chef who wants to make it to the top of the culinary world.

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The 10 Best Episodes of MasterChef: The Professionals

MasterChef: The Professionals - S7E2

#1 - Episode 2 (Season 7 - Episode 2)

Monica Galetti, Gregg Wallace and Marcus Wareing search for a culinary star as five more chefs cook to impress, hoping to secure a quarter-final place.

The episode was rated 8.29 from 14 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S7E9

#2 - Episode 9 (Season 7 - Episode 9)

Two Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing, the formidable Monica Galetti and MasterChef's seasoned diner Gregg Wallace seek out up-and-coming culinary stars. The week's best chefs return for the quarter-finals and this is where the battle really begins. Their first challenge is an Invention Test - but this one has a twist. The quarter-finalists must create an exceptional plate of food from the kitchen offcuts and trimmings. Gone are the selections of quality ingredients they are used to cooking with. Instead, the judges ask them to make their dishes from kitchen scraps, including bones and offcuts, fish skins, overripe fruits, cheese and stale bread. It's a daunting challenge and the price is high - after judging their dishes, Marcus and Monica will decide who is worthy of continuing in the competition. Next, the chefs face the terrifying task of showcasing their skill to three of the country's toughest restaurant critics. With a semi-final place at stake, the chefs have an hour and 15 minutes to create a stunning two-course menu that will determine their MasterChef future. Sitting in judgment of their culinary abilities are critics Charles Campion, Tracey MacLeod and Jay Rayner. Only the most exceptional chefs can make it through to the semi-finals and move a step closer to the coveted title of Professional MasterChef 2014.

The episode was rated 8.18 from 11 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S6E24

#3 - Episode 24 (Season 6 - Episode 24)

In the final, the chefs have three hours to create an exceptional three-course meal.

The episode was rated 8.10 from 10 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S6E17

#4 - Episode 17 (Season 6 - Episode 17)

The eight remaining chefs are given two hours to prepare a dish to impress Gregg Wallace.

The episode was rated 8.09 from 11 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S8E19

#5 - Episode 19 (Season 8 - Episode 19)

It's finals week. After one goes out in the invention test, the chefs cook for their idols

The episode was rated 8.08 from 12 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S7E11

#6 - Episode 11 (Season 7 - Episode 11)

In the final heat show, the last five ambitious chefs plucked from kitchens across the country begin their bid to be crowned Professional MasterChef 2014 with three daunting tests. Their first challenge is the Signature Dish Test. The five chefs have one hour to cook one plate of food that showcases just what they can do. They must impress the judges from the off, because after this round one chef must leave the competition. The pressure mounts for the remaining four chefs with Monica's feared skills test. The chefs have just 15 minutes to prepare three canapes - one blini, one crostini and one vol-au-vent. Monica demonstrates how she would approach the test to the viewers, and then it's the turn of the professional chefs. With Monica scrutinising their every move, only those who hold their nerve will succeed. Finally, it's the chefs' last chance to impress as they face Marcus Wareing's Invention Test. Marcus demonstrates to viewers a beautiful crab dish, inspired by his early days in the kitchen as a young chef - crab-stuffed courgette flowers, chargrilled baby courgettes, baby artichokes, brown crab meat, chargrilled bread and sea herbs, served on a bed of aioli. Then, the chefs have to create a spectacular dish based on the same core ingredient. As well as the components of Marcus's dish, the professional chefs also have an array of other incredible ingredients to choose from. The four have just ten minutes to compose a crab-based dish and one hour to cook an inspired plate of food which will prove they deserve a place in the next round.

The episode was rated 8.08 from 13 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S8E20

#7 - Episode 20 (Season 8 - Episode 20)

The finalists travel to the medieval city of Alba in the Piedmont region of northern Italy

The episode was rated 8.07 from 14 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S6E1

#8 - Episode 1 (Season 6 - Episode 1)

Michel Roux Jr, Monica Galetti and Gregg Wallace begin their search for a 2013 winner.

The episode was rated 8.06 from 17 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S6E2

#9 - Episode 2 (Season 6 - Episode 2)

Four of the chefs face three daunting tests and meet Michel Roux Jr for the first time.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 10 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S6E12

#10 - Episode 12 (Season 6 - Episode 12)

The week's six best chefs must first impress Michel and Monica, then a panel of critics.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 10 votes.

MasterChef: The Professionals - S11E21
#11 - Episode 21
Season 11 - Episode 21

The final three chefs face one last challenge: to cook the best three courses of their lives for the MasterChef judges.

The episode was rated from 23 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S10E17
#12 - Episode 17
Season 10 - Episode 17

The first three remaining semi-finalists battle it out for a place in finals week. They are sent to work alongside an inspirational self-taught chef for two days. Based near Darlington, County Durham, The Raby Hunt is one of the UK's most unique culinary destinations - led by rising star James Close, who gave up his career as a professional golfer just eight years ago, when his family bought the country pub. Three years after opening, he won his first Michelin star. Despite the fact that James has no professional training, his restaurant was the only new restaurant in the UK to be awarded two Michelin stars in 2017. In the same year, James was also awarded the prestigious Good Food Guide Chef of the Year. The chance for the semi-finalists to cook alongside James is a huge privilege and one that will place them in an extraordinary position to supercharge their culinary skills. The first challenge for the chefs is to each take responsibility for one dish from the tasting menu. Under the close scrutiny and guidance of James, the chefs aim to emulate his style and deliver intricate and complex two-star standard dishes during a packed lunchtime service. Once they've shown they are capable of keeping their heads above water and operating in his meticulous kitchen, James sets the chefs the task of recreating one of his signature dishes - a seasonal salad of up to 50 ingredients. Finally, the inspired chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen, where they face the challenge of cooking their own dishes for a two-course menu which Marcus, Monica and Gregg will taste. The judges expect their food to be of the highest standard in the competition so far. The chefs must aim for the skies, as at this stage in the competition one tiny slip can mean the difference between gaining a place in finals week or going home. Only perfection will do to edge closer to the MasterChef: The Professionals title 2017.

The episode was rated from 14 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S13E18
#13 - Episode 18
Season 13 - Episode 18

In the last episode of the series, the three finalists must cook a starter, a main and a dessert that embody everything they are as a chef.

The episode was rated from 15 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S9E1
#14 - Episode 1
Season 9 - Episode 1

In this opening heat, the chefs must cook a steak diane and a raspberry tart.

The episode was rated from 49 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S11E20
#15 - Episode 20
Season 11 - Episode 20

The judges set a simple brief: to create a single dish which draws inspiration from a place that is special to each chef.

The episode was rated from 19 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S10E18
#16 - Episode 18
Season 10 - Episode 18

It's the last semi-final and three of the remaining chefs are in close competition for a place in finals week. For their first challenge, they are sent to cook at one of the UK's most famous restaurants - the two-Michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons in Oxfordshire, home of legendary chef Raymond Blanc OBE. Here, executive head chef Gary Jones, who has worked as executive chef at Le Manoir for 22 years, takes the three semi-finalists into his kitchen for the ride of their professional lives. Gary works closely with chef patron Raymond to develop and execute the exceptional dishes that have enabled the restaurant to retain its two Michelin stars for over three decades and, over the next two days, the semi-finalists will be lucky enough to experience that skill and perfection first hand. First, Gary shows the professionals how to make his own unique lobster dish, talking them through the fine and intricate detail of preparation and presentation. The chefs are then given free rein to explore the restaurant's incredible two-acre gardens and collect whatever fresh produce they choose in order to create their own personalised version of Gary's dish. On tasting them, Gary looks for the chef's ability to showcase the seasonality of the beautiful garden produce, whilst displaying a keen eye for presentation and flavour balance. Once they've given Gary a taste of what they're made of, the three chefs then have the daunting honour of being made responsible for one of Le Manoir's dishes during a packed lunchtime service. With 80 covers to feed and guests arriving from across the world, the stakes couldn't be higher. As Gary polices the pass and watches their every move, the chefs have to keep pace with the frenetic demands of the service and deliver pitch-perfect dishes, time after time. It's their chance to prove they have what it takes to work as chefs at the very highest level. Finally, the chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen to cook against each other in a

The episode was rated from 16 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S7E3
#17 - Episode 3
Season 7 - Episode 3

Monica Galetti, Gregg Wallace and Marcus Wareing search for a culinary star. In the first quarter-final, the chefs must produce a two-course menu for a panel of restaurant critics.

The episode was rated from 14 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S12E6
#18 - Episode 6
Season 12 - Episode 6

This quarter-final sees the six most talented chefs from the week's heats set out to impress Monica and Marcus in two high-stakes challenges. First up, the chefs face an invention test, featuring a particular ingredient. This week, Monica has selected a favourite, found at the heart of many cuisines - the onion. The professionals are under pressure when faced with a whole host of varieties of onion and a huge array of other ingredients. They need to focus and rapidly find inspiration to cook a dish in 70 minutes that will deliver flavour, finesse, sparkle, and an inspired approach to the onion. At the end of the challenge, two contestants leave the competition.

The episode was rated from 22 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S10E20
#19 - Episode 20
Season 10 - Episode 20

It is finals week and the competition is racing to the finish line. After six weeks of intense culinary battles, just four talented chefs remain from the original 48. As the tension rises, the chefs need to pull out all the stops for presenter Gregg Wallace and leading chefs Monica Galetti and Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing. Only one chef can be crowned MasterChef: The Professionals Champion of 2017. In the penultimate challenge, the four remaining chefs fight to secure their place amongst the final three. First, they must face a cook-off against each other in the MasterChef kitchen. For one chef, this will be the end of their journey, as only three can take the next step - being sent to the south of France to learn in the two Michelin-starred kitchens of the 4th best restaurant in the world, Mirazur. The judges begin by setting the four finalists a simple brief in the MasterChef kitchen - they are tasked with creating a single showstopping dish which draws inspiration from where they are from. In 90 minutes, they must go all out to cook the dish of their professional lives. At this point in the competition, there is nowhere to hide from the judge's scrutiny and one finalist is sent home. The remaining three finalists then travel to Menton in the south of France. This small town sits close to the Italian border and it is here that inspirational Argentinian chef Mauro Colegreco came in 2006 and established restaurant Mirazur, putting the town firmly on the culinary map. Within a year of opening, Mirazur had been awarded its first Michelin star and within five years it achieved its second. Inspired by its situation in the stunning landscape, Colegreco's food highlights his love and respect for the land, sea and mountains of the region. The restaurant regularly makes it into the prestigious World's 50 Best Restaurants list and, in 2017, sits in 4th place. It is frequented by diners who travel there from across the world, and who have to book months in advance

The episode was rated from 20 votes.
MasterChef: The Professionals - S7E5
#20 - Episode 5
Season 7 - Episode 5

Monica Galetti, Gregg Wallace and new judge Marcus Wareing put five new chefs through their paces, challenges include preparing a pork belly for roasting in just 20 minutes.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.

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