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This hit cooking competition series sees award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay and other celebrity chefs put a group of contestants through a series of challenges and elimination rounds, in order to turn one home cook into a culinary master.

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The 10 Best Episodes of MasterChef

MasterChef - S4E25

#1 - Winner Chosen


Season 4 - Episode 25

The final two cooks prepare three-course meals; the judges choose the winner.

The episode was rated from 162 votes.

MasterChef - S3E20

#2 - Winner Chosen


Season 3 - Episode 20

The remaining cooks make a final effort to impress the judges; one contestant wins the grand prize.

The episode was rated from 125 votes.

MasterChef - S1E5

#3 - 14 Chefs Compete (2)


Season 1 - Episode 5

The cooks prepare their best dishes in hopes of impressing the judges.

The episode was rated from 49 votes.

MasterChef - S2E19

#4 - Top 3 Compete


Season 2 - Episode 19

The remaining cooks compete.

The episode was rated from 92 votes.

MasterChef - S1E7

#5 - 11 Chefs Compete (2)


Season 1 - Episode 7

The remaining chefs need to feed 100 truckers at a remote California truck stop. The losing team returns to the kitchen to face a pressure test, which consists of naming as many foods as they can from a table of farmer's market ingredients.

The episode was rated from 53 votes.

MasterChef - S1E13
#6 - Winner Revealed (2)
Season 1 - Episode 13

The winner is revealed.

The episode was rated from 44 votes.
MasterChef - S8E21
#7 - The Finale (2)
Season 8 - Episode 21

The remaining chefs compete for the trophy and the $250,000 prize. Guest judge: Joe Bastianich.

The episode was rated from 313 votes.
MasterChef - S4E24
#8 - Top 3 Compete
Season 4 - Episode 24

The remaining three contestants cook more sophisticated versions of the dishes they made in their initial auditions.

The episode was rated from 171 votes.
MasterChef - S2E13
#9 - Top 9 Compete
Season 2 - Episode 13

The contestants try to impress the judges and advance to the next round.

The episode was rated from 112 votes.
MasterChef - S1E10
#10 - 6 Chefs Compete (1)
Season 1 - Episode 10

The contestants undergo a Mystery Box challenge and an Invention Test.

The episode was rated from 93 votes.

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Getting more scripted as each episode passes. Either that or all Americans are attention whores.


Wow this show has become total crap. THe new season premier is ridiculous. MasterChef Australia puts this show to shame. The US version of MasterChef is all about drama and not really cooking. Im not gonna watch this crap anymore.


God I wish a contestant would Geraldo one of those asshole judges with a chair


God I wish one of the contestants would just snap and punch one of them asshole judges, fuckin Geraldo his ass with a steel chair bahahaha ppphhhffrrrrttt


I wish there was a button on the remote that made Gordon , the fat one, the bald one, the Mexicant one, thepunch themselves in the sack repeatedly


i fucking love this show!

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The Top Cooking Reality Shows (Including MasterChef)

Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay has a difficult task here, when he is given 18 people to train so they can become professional chefs. In each round, they are split in two different teams, trying to stay in the game, while dealing with tough challenges they need to face. Even though it is teamwork for the challenges, at the end of the day, it’s every man for himself.

Kitchen Nightmares

Another Gordon Ramsay tv show, but this time it is him travelling around the USA, trying to help restaurants whose business is not doing very well. You might think this is an easy task, but you’d be surprised how stubborn people could be. Also, the conditions in which these restaurants work sometimes make me wonder, how are they even open still.


This show is just a classic and that’s the reason I had to put it in this list. MasterChef is the first cooking show I’ve watched and the reason I even watched the rest! Even though it is yet another show with Gordon Ramsay, he’s only one of the three judges here. Watching amateur cooks as they progress and develop more and more is really satisfying to me. It makes us believe everyone could become a great chef, only if they wanted to.

Nailed It!

To give you a little break from chef Ramsay, I’ve decided to add this show to the list as well. In every episode there is 3 contestants and they try to recreate the given task to the best of their abilities. It is really amusing watching home bakers trying their best and some of them not coming even close to what they should’ve made.

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