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Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen

BBC One 2000

Inspired by the highland novels of Compton Mackenzie, this show follows Archie MacDonald as he finds himself thrown into the role of the new Laird of Glenbogle, his family's financially failing Scottish estate. With the help, and sometimes hinderance, of his family and faithful retainers he works to get the noble estate back on its feet.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen - S7E1

#1 - Episode 1


Season 7 - Episode 1

Paul can't pay for the repairs to his tenants' crofts and clashes with beautiful Iona, their new chairperson. Golly has to decide whether he is able to look after his baby boy on his own. Donald and Molly urgently need to repay a gambling debt, while Ewan tries to take demanding girlfriend Zoe on holiday

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 6 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S7E4

#2 - Episode 4


Season 7 - Episode 4

Life in Glenbogle may never be the same again after Amy and Ewan make a startling discovery – a loch monster. Amy accidentally takes a photo of what appears to be a pre-historic water horse emerging from the depths of the water but while Ewan is quick to spot the commercial advantage of a Loch Bogle monster, Paul is sceptical about the apparition. He’s got bigger worries on his mind – money, or rather the lack of it. Marine biologists Dr Simon Cotter and his assistant, Bill, arrive to investigate the creature but Jess and Golly are worried the research will disturb the estate’s wildlife. Simon and Bill’s enthusiasm for the Loch Bogle monster proves infectious but Jess appears constantly irked by Bill. However, Molly spots potential in their relationship and uses reverse psychology to make Jess realise her true feelings for the charming researcher. Meanwhile, Ewan discovers he has a real flair for business and cashes in on Glenbogle’s new-found notoriety,much to Paul’s disapproval. But Paul’s financial woes are overshadowed by his hidden emotions for Iona.Work on her croft is nearing an end and soon Iona will leave the big house. In a vain attempt to delay her departure, Paul inspects the croft, coming up with non-existent faults. Elsewhere, Bill and Simon seem to have made a monumental breakthrough in their research but Iona grows suspicious of their findings and endeavours to uncover the truth.

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 6 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S6E6

#3 - Episode 6


Season 6 - Episode 6

Isobel is behind on her rent and, though her farm is under threat, she stubbornly refuses Paul's offer of help. But Isobel forgets her woes when an unkempt, bearded stranger turns up at her door. She takes pity on him and asks Paul to take the stranger to Glenbogle. However, their efforts to find out who he is draw a blank - he can't even remember his own name. Paul suspects the man is a freeloader but Molly takes him under her wing, christening him Liam. Elsewhere, Golly has woman troubles. He's finding it difficult to tell Molly about his relationship with Meg, and Jess is unhappy with her father's interference in her work. Meanwhile, Isobel's day is brightened when her old boss from Edinburgh, Kelly, makes a surprise visit and tempts her with a business deal.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 9 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S6E10

#4 - Episode 10


Season 6 - Episode 10

Paul's coronation as laird of Glenbogle is threatened by an unexpected challenge to his title. Clan elder Proctor Sheila MacDonald makes the startling revelation that, as the only surviving legitimate MacDonald male, it is Donald who is the rightful laird, not Paul. Spotting an opportunity to have some fun, Donald enthusiastically accepts the title, much to Paul's fury. Molly's return from New Zealand is marred when she discovers her luggage has gone missing, including a precious photo of her and son Jamie. Paul finally loses patience with Donald after discovering that his uncle intends to impose a tax on the estate tenants and challenges him for the title of laird, much to the delight of Golly, Jess, Ewan and Isobel. Meanwhile, Lucy remains unsure about her relationship with Paul, and Chester continues on his mission to woo Isobel, secretly orgainsing a deal to sell her chutney to a chain of wholefood shops. Initially thrilled with her business venture, Isobel is later enraged by what she sees as Chester's interference. Elsewhere, Jess is shocked to see Meg back in Glenbogle and confronts her about her return. Meg reveals that she wants to patch things up with Golly but he is cold and distant towards her.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 8 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S6E8

#5 - Episode 8


Season 6 - Episode 8

Rivalry rears its head when sparring partners Chester and Paul prepare for a clay pigeon shooting competition. Donald practices for the event using an old dinner service. This annoys Paul - as far as he is concerned, Donald is an unnecessary drain on Glenbogle's finances. Feeling unwanted, Donald's spirits are raised after he bumps into an old flame, Moria McIver. However, Moria isn't quite so happy about the reunion - it transpires that Donald broke her heart after failing to elope with her, years before. Donald's attempts to woo Moria again are hampered by his curfew order, so he hatches a plan to elope with her, this time for real. As Paul and Lucy grow closer, Chester attempts to woo Isobel with the promise of making her chutney business a success. Meanwhile, Meg is unhappy about the poor attendace at her dance classes and having to rely on Golly so much. Paul and Lucy's romantic dinner is interrupted after they bump into Chester and Isobel. Once again, the men lock horns until Chester throws down a challenge - whoever wins the clay pigeon shooting event wins a share of Isobel's business.

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 7 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S7E5

#6 - Episode 5


Season 7 - Episode 5

Iona’s past comes back to haunt her when former fiancé, Dr Malcolm McRae, comes to Glenbogle after a tree blight threatens the estates’ forest. Paul calls upon the expertise of tree specialist Malcolm but his positive first impressions quickly change after he discovers the spirited expert had a whirlwind romance with Iona, jilting her ahead of their wedding. Iona insists she no longer loves Malcolm and Paul decides to test her emotions by inviting them both for dinner to Glenbogle. Jess is overworked and undervalued by Golly who is busy with baby Cameron.To add insult to injury, local ghillie Robbie Rintoul snubs her as an entrant for the Annual Highland Challenge, a gruelling test of strength and endurance for local ghillies. Robbie scorns the idea that Jess could be a worthy contestant against the male ghillies but, not to be outdone, Jess decides to enrol, using Molly as her personal trainer. Amy panics after realising she hasn’t prepared properly for her looming art college interview. Molly enlists the help of local artist Danny as Amy’s tutor, stirring Ewan’s jealousy. As the tree disease looms, Malcolm urges Paul to fell the forest immediately. Knowing it will take years to replace the lost trees, Paul is reluctant. Determined to make good of a bad situation, he must find a local sawmill who can turn the wood into profitable timber. Malcolm confides in Paul that he wants to rekindle his romance with Iona. Paul knows he must now reveal his true feelings for Iona or risk losing her for ever to Malcolm.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 7 votes.

#7 - Episode 6


Season 7 - Episode 6

After seven successful series, 64 episodes and hundreds of feelgood TV moments, it’s time to say farewell to the much-loved Highland drama.To mark the occasion, some familiar faces return for this final episode, including a ghostly reappearance from a Monarch favourite. Life at Glenbogle appears to be over for the MacDonald family – the bank has withdrawn its loan and Paul is forced to put the house up for sale.When hostile buyer Peter Finlay makes an offer, Paul has no alternative but to tell the family to start looking for new homes. Paul is also heartbroken about Iona’s impending marriage to Malcolm. But, determined to put on a front, he offers the couple the house for their wedding reception. However, he is put in an awkward position when Malcolm asks him to give the bride away. Meanwhile, lonely and confused about her future, Molly seeks guidance from Hector’s spirit. Molly confesses she has feelings for Golly, but Kilwillie, in many ways the perfect suitor, has also declared his love for her. Elsewhere, Donald stages a rooftop protest over Glenbogle’s buyout but is berated by Paul. Determined not to be a burden any more, Donald takes drastic action and books into a retirement home. But Ewan and Amy hatch an elaborate plan to free the eccentric senior. In a last-ditch attempt to save Glenbogle, Paul urges local crofters to consider a community buy-out but, just as his rescue plan begins to look promising, Finlay scuppers things. It turns out that he has a grudge against the MacDonald family – this is revenge, not business. Emotions are running high – it’s the day of Iona’s wedding and of a special memorial service for Hector. Jess misses Duncan, Molly has man troubles and Paul is faced with watching the woman he loves marry another man. Everyone yearns for a happy ever after...

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 8 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S6E7

#8 - Episode 7


Season 6 - Episode 7

With Golly away on holiday, Jess's ghillie skills are tested after she suspects poachers are at large on the Glenbogle estate. Worried that the pochers are taking advantage of her inexperience, Jess's insecurities are further fuelled after Paul suggests they join forces with another local ghillie, Stuart, to catch those responsible. Despite Jess's protestations, Donald decides to take matters into his own hands and prepares to track down the poachers by typically unconventional means, with a little help from Ewan. Unsure about each other's feelings following their kiss, an awkwardness lingers between Isobel and Paul. However, their blossoming relationship takes a turn for the worse when Isobel jumps to conclusions over Paul's offer of financial help and advice. Elsewhere, Golly and Meg's relationship continues to bloom but a dark cloud looms over their happiness after Meg is forced to make a difficult decision about her future. When Paul and Jess pay a visit to a nearby estate to warn them about poachers they meet new neighbour Lucy. Instantly attracted to Glenbogle's Laird, Lucy invites Paul for drinks later that night. At the party, Lucy and Paul appear to hit it off, much to Isobel's chagrin. As Lucy plays hostess to her guests there's an unexpected arrival - Chester Grant, self made millionaire and Lucy's boss.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 6 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S6E5

#9 - Episode 5


Season 6 - Episode 5

Having quit his job at the Ministry of Defence, Alex Faversham, settles into a quieter pace of life at Glenbogle. However, Alex's disciplined Army background soon rears its head after he voices his concerns that Paul's lairdship isn't as efficient as it could be - the staff at Glenbogle are too informal towards their laird and respect is required. He decides to take on the role of estate factor, allowing Paul to concentrate on the bigger picture. Insecure about his leadership skills, Paul reluctantly agrees to Alex's new regime but he's not alone in his doubts - Ewan and Jess are resentful of the changes. As Isobel puts her organic produce to the test at the local market, Golly has a chance encounter with Meg, Glenbogle's new dance teacher. Jess notices an instant attraction between the pair but Golly dismisses the chance of future romance. An old racing friend of Donald's, Jackie MacIntyre, turns up to Glenbogle for a stag party to celebrate his forthcoming wedding. Excited about the prospect of a wild get-together with old pals, Donald is disheartened when Jackie reveals they've all passed away.

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 8 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S6E3

#10 - Episode 3


Season 6 - Episode 3

It's the morning after the night before and an awkward atmosphere lingers between Paul and Lexie following their secret kiss. Paul tries to talk to Lexie but she is determined to act as though nothing has happened. Ewan may be content with his new-found independence at Glenbogle House but his mother, Ros, is less willing to let her son flee the nest. As a bribe to return home, she buys him a car but it doesn't live up to his expectations. After a heart-to-heart with Ros, Lexie reconsiders her decision to leave Glenbogle, however, her discussions with Paul are interrupted by Isobel. Back at the house, Donald and Molly finally reveal their hidden history to their shocked family. For over 40 years, they kept their past masked - a secret which threatened to rock the foundations of Glenbogle if it had ever been revealed. Their secret may be a painful reminder of the past but it fires a warning shot to Paul and Lexie.

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 11 votes.

#11 - Episode Six
Season 5 - Episode 6

Life at Glenbogle takes a dramatic turn as Archie finds himself faced with a life-changing decision and Molly embraces the idea of finding love again. Despite their best efforts, it's clear that Paul and Archie's partnership can't work. When Jess informs the brothers that she can't take Duncan's job they offer it to Duncan agian, but he refuses - as far as he is concerned, it's her job by rights. In an attempt to reslove the crisis of finding Glenbogle a Head Ranger, Paul and Archie decide to give their partnership one last go. Molly is angry that Andrew has shunned her since returning from their weekend away, but he explains that he has used their time apart to come to a decision about their relationship and aks for Molly's hand in marriage. Before she can give Andrew her answer, Molly is distracted by the arrival of her daughter, Lizzie, who returns with her young daughter, Martha, in tow. Over dinner with Jess and Duncan, Golly makes the decision to act on his hidden emotions for Molly or face a lonely life on his own. A mutual misunderstanding causes Paul and Archie to exacerbate the Head Ranger crisis and it becomes clear that there can be only one laird of Glenbogle. During a heart-to-heart with Archie, Lizzie explains how she received a letter from their father, Hector, before he died in which he talked about climbing a mountain in Nepal. Much to Archie's surprise, she suggests that they climb the mountain together. Torn between his love for Glenbogle and his desire to seek new challenges in life, Archie is faced with a difficult decision - one which will have a profound effect on the family.

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 13 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S4E10
#12 - Episode 10
Season 4 - Episode 10

Molly now knows the truth about Paul and decides to leave with Andrew Booth. Archie does not want Paul around anymore and Lexie must try to smooth things out. Molly asks Golly why he never told her the truth about Hector and Paul's mother and Archie is feeling guilt over his older brothers, (Jamie) death. His feelings of guilt go away a little bit as he saves Paul from drowning in the current. Molly looks within herself and decides to stay and Archie and Lexie finally get their honeymoon, thanks to Kilwillie!

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 15 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S6E4
#13 - Episode 4
Season 6 - Episode 4

A day's fishing takes a dramatic turn for Donald and Ewan when, rather than landing a prize catch, Donald hooks a flying mask from the murky depths of the loch. The MoD arrives in force to retrieve the plane, led by Paul's old Army officer, Alex. Pleased to see his former friend, Paul offers to help in any way he can. However, Isobel is less welcoming, fearing the investigation will uncover the secret identity of the fighter pilot whom she knows is her godfather, Glenbogle's local butcher, Irvine Taylor. Isobel vows to protect his former wartime identity and, distrusting Paul's loyalties, urges Golly, Molly and Donald to help her keep the truth hidden. When she is left breathless following an afternoon cycle ride, Molly's health is cause for concern and, after she collapses, Golly urges her to see the doctor. Alex's investigations - and the attempts of eager reporter Janey to uncover the truth - are thwarted by Golly, Molly and Isobel. However, after Donald inadvertently gives the game away, Paul is left feeling excluded by his friends and family, and is stung by their conspiracy of silence.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 11 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S4E5
#14 - Episode 5
Season 4 - Episode 5

Duncan accidently booked a group of naturists onto the campsite, and when a wolf escapes, there is havoc all around. Duncan is also in trouble when Golly finds out about his relationship with Irene. When the wolf is recaptured Golly explains about his recent lapses and his bad eye sight. He then resigns from Glenbogle and leaves.

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 12 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S5E8
#15 - Episode Eight
Season 5 - Episode 8

A furious Lexie discovers that Dorothy has taken over the island in the middle of the Loch for her latest business venture, a t'ai chi retreat. The island is a lucrative source of income for Glenbogle as it has the best fishing on the estate, and Lexie is convinced that Dorothy waited for Archie to leave before trying such a stunt. Together, Lexie and Golly concoct a plan to sabotage Dorothy's retreat and win back the island from under her nose. They successfully scare away Dorothy's visitors but, when the women cast off on the boats, Lexie and Golly find themselves marooned on the island with a disgruntled Dorothy. Meanwhile, Molly is trying hard to put her break-up with Andrew behind her. When a chance encounter with him at the local pub upsets her again, Molly decides to seek refuge at Dorothy's retreat to escape her fussing family. However, she's dismayed to find she's not alone on the island. In a desperate bid for freedom, Dorothy dashes for Molly's boat but, in her haste, only succeeds in scuttling the vessel. With night drawing in and their chances of being rescued diminishing by the hour, the castaways decide to put their heads together to find a way to escape off the island. Back at the house, Paul is having a crisis of his own. He's been roped into doing the housework but is finding his domestic touch somewhat clumsy. He strikes a deal with Jess to help him but becomes uncomfortable after he suspects Jess holds secret feelings for him.

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 12 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S5E7
#16 - Episode Seven
Season 5 - Episode 7

In Archie's absence, Lexie is determined to run the estate the way her husband would have wished, as the Highland drama continues. But a power struggle develops as Lexie takes on more of the estate's responsibilities, leaving Paul feeling increasingly side-lined. To make matters worse, Lexie is also called upon to take Archie's seat on the board of the local distillery "The Lagganmore Distillery" is in crisis; the young heiress Amanda MacLeish, wants to make savings, much to the chagrin of the head distiller, Gregor. Since she will have the casting vote, Lexie asks for more time to mull over the business dilemma. Meanwhile, the romance between Molly and Andrew blossoms and they start making plans to partition off part of Glenbogle House, so that they can live together as a married couple. But Lexie is increasingly uncomfortable with Andrew's cavalier approach to her home - though her discomfort is nothing comparted with Golly's upset at the new man in Molly's life. Paul is angry that Lexie didn't consult him about the distillery business. Behind her back, he meets Amanda, who convinces him that her plans are right, and he signs the casting vote in favour of her scheme. When Lexie finds out, she is furious - and Paul's plan backfires when the distillery workers go on strike.

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 13 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S6E2
#17 - Episode 2
Season 6 - Episode 2

After a 40-year absence, Donald MacDonald returns to Glenbogle, but his homecoming receives a mixed reaction. The black sheep of the MacDonald family, former racing driver Donald has been forced home by the police who, tried of his persistent law breaking, have placed him under the supervision of his estranged family. In a bid to forget her marital problems, Lexie enthusiastically throws herself into organising Molly's 60th birthday party, but Molly isn't so keen to celebrate and asks Lexie to call it off. Eager to stay occupied, Lexie turns her attentions to estate affairs and voices her concerns about Paul and Golly's plan to send one of the wolves to a reserve in France. Paul also alienates Isobel by cancelling her contract to supply the house with fresh bread and vegetables. Without the business, Isobel faces financial ruin. Later, Jess tells Isobel her concerns that she and Duncan are turning into a boring couple who want to spend more time apart. Duncan goes into the village to catch up with some old friends but discovers they've all moved and found success away from Glenbogle. Meanwhile, Donald refuses to give up, despite numerous thwarted attempts to escape, and comes up with the perfect escape route - Molly's party. He persuades Lexie to go ahead with the birthday bash knowing it'll be the perfect cover for him to slip away unnoticed.

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 13 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S7E2
#18 - Episode 2
Season 7 - Episode 2

Paul's teenage goddaughter, Amy McDougal, turns up unexpectedly at Glenbogle, and chaos quickly follows. Paul is overjoyed to see Amy but, before they have time to get reacquainted, Golly has important news for the laird - Tam the poacher is back in the village. Claiming to be a reformed character, Tam lays claim to his late mother's croft, knowing that Paul can't ignore his rights. However, Tam has revenge on his mind - he blames the MacDonald family for his stint in jail and sets about maliciously disrupting estate business. Kilwillie returns from New York with push PA, Edith, in tow. While Kilwillie is delighted to see his dear friend Molly again, Edith is entirely underwhelmed. Molly suspects Edith may be a gold-digger and quickly discovers she has her sights firmly set on Kilwillie. Unaware that Amy has become a disruptive influence in the house, Paul also fails to realise his goddaughter is hiding the truth from him. Smitten by the new arrival, Ewan happily covers up Amy's mess but his jealous girlfriend, Zoe, is unimpressed. While her croft is being rebuilt, Iona moves into the big house but is ill at ease in her new grandiose surroundings. Paul is more than a little taken with his house guest and grows closer to Iona after they join forces against Tam. Could love be blossoming in Glenbogle? As Tam disrupts the first lucrative fishing party of the season, Paul and Golly realise that they need to find a way to stop him - and fast.

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 7 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S4E1
#19 - Episode 1
Season 4 - Episode 1

Archie introduces a pack of wolves into Glenbogle even though Golly has warned him against it. The new cook/housekeeper arrives causing a rift between Archie and Lexie. Duncan has his work cut out when he must take a test to show he can look after the wolves when the Wildlife Centre opens. Archie swaps Lexie's ring pull engagement ring for a real diamond ring.

The episode was rated #9 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 15 votes.

Monarch of the Glen - S4E9
#20 - Episode 9
Season 4 - Episode 9

A stranger, Paul, turns up looking for Golly, believing Golly is his father. He is not Golly's son but is someone from Glenbogle's son. Archie and Duncan hunt for Big Eric because he is badly injured. Lexie is in charge of arranging the Ghillies's Ball, but things start to get on top of her, like people trying to help. Archie, reluctantly, lets Paul spend the night, and watches the ball from the side.

The episode was rated #10 Best episode of Monarch of the Glen from 15 votes.

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