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Nichijou - My Ordinary Life

Nichijou - My Ordinary Life

TV Aichi 2011

Life in a small city needn't be boring. Not when your city is home to a host of deeply odd people. Granted some residents, like high-school buddies Mio and Yuko, are fairly normal. Yuko is a world-class space-case and Mio has an unusual mastery of wrestling and boxing, but... okay, so they're odd too. Together with fellow residents such as Nano, the frequently modified robot of five-year-old genius the Professor, talking cat Sakamoto (that's Sakamoto-san to you!), and their own friend, the poker-faced lunatic Mai, they lead provincial lives that are perfectly mundane and thoroughly bizarre.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Nichijou - My Ordinary Life

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    An insight of a Japanese little village, with simple people living simple lives, but told in a surreal and fantastic way. I wish I had this kind of ordinary life. <3


    Relentlessly bizarre, nonsensical and sweet. This series has a very Japanese sense of humour so if you don't know much about the culture and/or language it might not be for you. Regardless, I think this show innovated some kind of strange new genre that I'm coining "heightened slice of life" (patent pending).


    At first I couldn't understand what the anime wants to convey. After watching a couple of episodes, well I got hooked. Things could be really interesting in our everyday life than how boring and mundane we think it is. Coming to the other parts, the voice acting is cute af, animation is pretty good and the random story (Doraemon for example) Overall I enjoyed it pretty much, Just give it a go for a couple of episodes


    Beautifully animated, ordinary situations turned absolutely crazy & just fun every moment, one of the few shows I would recommend to anyone, regardless of age. Love this show


    Always fun, relatable, crazy, comedic & wholesome, this is one of the few shows I can recommend to any type of person.


    This was the weirdest 'Slice of Life' I've ever seen. Nothing makes sense and the entire anime only consist of over dramatic comic style reactions. Some of the episodes [spoiler](4, 14, 15 & 26)[/spoiler] are interesting but rest of the anime is a waste. Watch it only if you know what you're stepping into. RIP me who wasted his time to find something good in this series.


    Highest rating if for nothing else than the wooden cube skitch. It was so freaking cool.

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