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Follow the men and women who keep the citizens of New Orleans safe during the night. Ride along with the police officers, the firefighters, and the paramedics as they tackle the evils of the night.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Nightwatch

Nightwatch - S5E8

#1 - Heart and Soul


Season 5 - Episode 8

An EMS captain juggles the challenges and rewards of being a wife and mother of twins with the never-ending drama of the job; the shift includes a bloody car accident, a major apartment fire and multiple victims struggling to breathe

The episode was rated from 16 votes.

Nightwatch - S5E3

#2 - The Great Unknown


Season 5 - Episode 3

The unexpected reigns in the city of New Orleans as EMS responders answer calls about a child shooting, a multiple-vehicle car accident, a reported suicide attempt, and a veteran struggling with a drug overdose.

The episode was rated from 16 votes.

Nightwatch - S5E1

#3 - Answering the Call


Season 5 - Episode 1

Emergency medical responders on the New Orleans night shift race to save victims of a drive-by shooting and a serious car accident, all against the backdrop of the continuing pandemic.

The episode was rated from 25 votes.

Nightwatch - S5E10

#4 - The Big Not-So-Easy


Season 5 - Episode 10

The EMT team must band together to treat multiple major vehicle accidents, patients losing consciousness and facing breathing and heart ailments, and a woman who has been assaulted by her significant other.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

Nightwatch - S2E11

#5 - Katrina


Season 2 - Episode 11

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina everyone in New Orleans and on the Nightwatch recall their experiences with the storm and reflect upon the significance it still holds in their lives. Amid the remembrances, the city still needs its first responders. Over the course of a busy run of calls for EMT's, the police SWAT team looks to execute a high risk raid. The people on Nightwatch will do anything to protect their city.

The episode was rated from 87 votes.

#6 - Keep Calm and Carry On
Season 5 - Episode 11

An EMT first responder juggles the joy of family with the pressures of the night shift, which includes a gunshot victim, a motorcyclist hit by a car, a man in custody, and a Vietnam veteran with a grisly finger injury.

The episode was rated from 11 votes.
#7 - Heartbeat of the City
Season 5 - Episode 5

EMS first responders keep their cool and maintain their spirits as they face a series of challenges across New Orleans, including a shooting and stabbing victim and a woman whose slot machine experience takes a bizarre turn.

The episode was rated from 21 votes.
#8 - A Light in the Darkness
Season 5 - Episode 4

With COVID-19 raging across the city, the New Orleans EMS responders face a series of crises that include a vehicle rollover from a police pursuit, a victim with close-range gunshot wounds, and a race to save a woman in respiratory distress.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.
#9 - Night Lessons
Season 5 - Episode 2

EMS responders face an unpredictable night of crises including a violent facial attack, a high school football injury, and a heroin addict's emotional vow to get clean.

The episode was rated from 19 votes.
#10 - Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
Season 5 - Episode 9

New Orleans first responders battle freezing temperatures as they treat a driver trapped after a serious car accident, a man hit by a streetcar, a delirious patient who doesn't want to part with his dog, and a woman with a surprisingly poignant backstory.

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

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Amazing show I really hope it stays around a long long time.


Hands down THE BEST medical reality show! Holly and Nick are fantastic!


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