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No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow 2016

The CW

When a risk-averse, straight-arrowed, female procurement manager at an Amazon-like distribution center falls in love with a free-spirited man who lives life to the fullest because he believes the apocalypse is imminent, they embark on a quest together to fulfill their individual bucket lists, with comedic and poignant results.
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    On the surface a silly and meaningless show, however the great chemistry of the cast and the well thought out plots and subtle life meanings hidden between the jokes make this show a great watch.


    Never has a show made me consistently smile like this one! So sweet, cute and fun. A true hidden gem! Do search for the "epilogue" about *where they are now*. It's like a two minute video. I'm so heartbroken this show was cut short. I feel like I could have watched Evie and Xavier having wacky adventures forever. They fought nearly every episode, and a lot of the times it wasn't over silly things, but core belief differences. But in the end, they always managed to see things from the others' perspective, and that's what infallibly always brought them back together. It was really nice to see them grow closer romantically, but also grow emotionally as people through these episodes. I'm gonna miss them so much!


    I will miss this show if it is cancelled I have grown very attached to Evie and the gang. Fingers crossed it gets a renewal.


    i love this show becuz it shows u the meaning of life and how that u should enjoy it everyday and do the things u love, becuz no one knows when he's goona die or when the end of the world is gonna come, it shows u that it's ok to take chances as long as u r happy no matter what. live to your limit


    I stayed with it for a few episodes...but couldn't finish the series. To me, it is shallow, drawn out and pointless. It used to be that something called a Comedy would make you laugh, rather than be a complete series based on vaguely amusing premise. It makes me feel like an old grump to say it, but I'm not really sure who I would recommend this for (except, perhaps for confused teenagers). Sorry.


    Really enjoyed the pilot. Looks like an original plot although shares some similarity to my name is earl. Thought the comedy on this was done a lot better and less corny and over the top. The main characters have good chemistry and likable. Will definitely follow this show.

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