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Old Bear Stories

Old Bear Stories

A&E 1993

This charming show, written by Jane Hissey, is a faithful adaptation of her popular Old Bear books. The TV series won huge success when it was first aired in 1993, gaining strong ratings and a huge fanbase. It was also hailed by the critics and has won numerous awards including a prestigious BAFTA award. Each episode focuses on the adventures of Old Bear and his loveable friends in and about the playroom. The series uses stop-frame animation techniques which gives the toys a very real look. After 3 highly successful series, the show ended on a high point with an extended christmas special in 1997. Originally broadcast on "ITV", the show can now be seen on "five".

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The 10 Best Episodes of Old Bear Stories

#1 - The Circus


Season 1 - Episode 6

There has been a party in the playroom and the toys can see that there is lots of food left on the table, but it is just out of reach. Little Bear explores underneath the tablecloth and discovers that it looks just like a circus tent; a starting point for a wonderful new game. Many of the toys want to perform in the circus and others come to watch. It is Rabbit who turns out to be the star of the show and he, accidentally, solves the problem of the out-of-reach food.

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#2 - Old Bear


Season 1 - Episode 1

Bramwell Brown remembers his friend, Old Bear, who, a long time ago, was put away in the attic for safe keeping. Bramwell and his friends decide to get Old Bear back down to the playroom but it's a long way up to the attic and they don't have a ladder. The friends try some dramatic and heroic rescue attempts, but nothing quite works until they remember the little toy plane. Little Bear finally manages to get up to the attic safely but how will he bring Old Bear down again? Luckily Bramwell Brown has a plan…

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#3 - Little Bear Lost


Season 1 - Episode 2

Old Bear has just finished packing a picnic basket full of food when Little Bear dashes in, followed by the other toys. They are all playing hide-and-seek but, unfortunately, they have forgotten to choose a seeker. Old Bear agrees to look for them and soon finds everyone except Little Bear. After they have searched high and low they decide to eat their picnic and then search again. But a surprise awaits them when they open the lid of the picnic basket!

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#4 - There Were Five In a Bed


Season 1 - Episode 3

The bed where all the toys sleep is getting rather crowded. When Old Bear falls out and bumps his head the toys decide it would be a good idea to try and find somewhere else to sleep. They try all sorts of strange sleeping places; drawers, baskets, bowls and hammocks but there always seems to be a problem. In the end Old Bear comes up with the perfect solution and, at last, there is plenty of room for them all to sleep.

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#5 - Jolly Tall


Season 1 - Episode 4

A mysterious box arrives in the playroom. After approaching it cautiously the toys discover it contains a new friend; Jolly Tall the giraffe. With Jolly still inside, everyone sets to work to turn his box into a cosy house for him. There is a problem though; Jolly is too tall to get out of the door! Using a toy crane, the friends finally manage to rescue Jolly and Jolly, in return, performs a rescue of his own. In the end the toys find that something Bramwell has been knitting all week turns out to be the perfect present for their new playmate.

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#6 - Little Bear's Trousers
Season 1 - Episode 5

Little Bear wakes up to find he has lost his trousers. After visiting his friends, one by one, he discovers they have all been using the trousers in very untrousery ways; as a sail for a boat, as a skiing hat, to carry bricks and as a flag. Little Bear is quite upset when he finally finds Bramwell Brown using the red trousers as an icing bag! But the cake Bramwell has made saves the day when it becomes a 'Trousers Day' cake and Little Bear finally gets his beloved trousers back.

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#7 - The Rainy Day
Season 1 - Episode 7

It is a wet afternoon and the rain is coming in the playroom window and dripping through a hole in the dolls' house roof. The poor Doll family don't know what to do; all their things are getting wet. The toys dream up lots of ingenious ways of mending the hole, but nothing really works until Little Bear finds a solution quite by chance. While standing on the roof, clutching his umbrella, he accidentally falls through the leaky hole and the Doll family are delighted with the surprising repair.

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#8 - The Fancy Dress Parade
Season 1 - Episode 8

Old Bear and Bramwell Brown find an old basket full of bits and pieces and all the toys decide to have a fancy-dress competition. Old Bear agrees to be the judge. The toys have great fun making their costumes and they parade them proudly in front of Old Bear. The parade starts well but soon ends in chaos. Luckily Old Bear finds a way to make sure that everyone's a winner in the end.

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#9 - Little Bear's Big Race
Season 1 - Episode 9

Little Bear finds Bramwell Brown examining a piece of tinfoil. Together they make some silver cups, and this gives Rabbit an idea. He suggests they have a sports day and use the cups as trophies for the winners of each race. They have a sock race, a potato and spoon race and a six-legged race. Little Bear begins to feel rather sad because he is sure he won't win a prize; he is just too small to beat the others. However, his friends find a way to cheer him up and in the end, he has a surprising bit of luck.

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#10 - The Apple Tree
Season 1 - Episode 10

Little Bear decides to grow an apple tree as a surprise for Old Bear. With help from his friends he manages to plant an apple pip in a flower pot. He is disappointed to hear that, despite watering it and keeping it warm, his pip could take years to grow into a tree. However, while he is waiting, Bramwell Brown finds a way that they can help Little Bear make an instant tree that will really surprise Old Bear.

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