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Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

Amazon 2018

A sci-fi anthology series of epic, ambitious and moving standalone episodes - each set in a different and unique world, inspired by one of Philip K. Dick’s renowned short stories.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

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    Judging by the cast, the directors (see IMDB), the trailer and the fact it's based on the legendary Phillip K. Dick's shorts, I am so hyped by this! **--Edit after watching episode 1--** The hyped feeling was for a reason.. Keeping in mind there are still 9 episodes to come, all with completely stand-alone stories, so far it seems this might be a new masterpiece! Throughout the whole episode I felt like being swept away by the story. The story was brought to life by a lovable cast, great sets and decor lots of mystery and questions in the storyline to demand your attention and tickle your desire to keep on watching. As I want to keep this review spoiler free, I can only urge you to watch and be (hopefully) positively surprised, just like I was. I am really looking forward to the next episode with a new story, new cast and new director. If they do a tribute to Philip K. Dick's work as done in the first episode, the next ones are also gonna be really satisfying!


    I liked most of these episodes, I just wished they focused more on the sci-fi aspects instead of the drama. My most to least favorite: 1) Human Is (I liked the world of this episode and can see it having its own series) 2) Real Life (I wrote a paper about how do we know the reality we live in, isn't a complexed simulation) 3) Safe and Sound 4) The Impossible Planet 5) The Commuter 6) Kill All Others 7) Autofac 8) The Father Thing 9) Crazy Diamon 10) Hood Maker


    **WOW.** Some eps are _so_ awesome. My watching order (from amazon prime) was different from the one reported by trakt, but they are stand alone episodes so no worries I can give you only an advice. **Watch them!**


    Having just finished the first episode, I'm already besotted with this series. It is a filmed anthology of short stories by Phillip K. Dick. There is some heavy hitting talent behind this project. Both Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Cranston are Executive Producing and contributing in their area of creative excellence, writing and acting, respectively. And, they have amassed acting talent from all over the globe. This series reminds me of The Twillight Zone and The Black Mirror, and I'm looking forward to it being a treat. I give the first episode a 9 (superb) out of 10 and expect subsequent stories to hold, and maybe exceed that rating. *******Having just finished the episodes released in 2017 (01-06) I maintain my rating and am so looking forward to the last 4 episodes promised for this 1st series in 2018, and hopefully Series 2, 3...****[ScFi, Fantasy, Drama]


    After watching the first episode , wow . Solid show all around . Not heavy on special effects but that is really not an issue , it put more emphasis on the characters . Great cast and great storytelling . An absolute must watch for Sci-Fi fans . I also really enjoy the anthology aspect , I have no idea what to expect in the next episodes , but I know it's going to be good .


    I just finished first episode and damn this is good stuff. Hopefully the rest is equally good. Never heard of this show until I started looking around on my Amazon Prime account, which I rarely do. Every scifi guy should give this a try.


    Simply said - if you like the series "Black Mirror" then you'll like this show.


    I had great hopes for this, then the reviews came I just gave up. Now I decided to give it a try since I'm sucker for sf and given obvious pretensions towards black mirror. I decided to go for the most positive rated episode (autofac) and I barely made it through (even though I'm glad I did since the twist made up for the awful first two thirds of the episode). It all seems just so amateurish with unnecessary weak drama. The worst rated black mirror episode is way better and more thoughtful than this drivel. Incidentally, that would be a Metalhead which also shares similar setting to Autofac.


    They build a good/ok world, often nice looking but then spend time on pointless stuff. So the viewer has to figure out the rest because they've told you practically nothing/too little. The episodes should be trimmed of pointless stuff, be less ambiguous and/or be 90-120 min. People going back to 4:3 TVs (or was it a square?, Kill All Others) as being futuristic is stupid. Stop doing it. It's never gonna happen. How about you build a futuristic world without square TVs or the transparent screens? Both are stupid. Different just for being different, impractical or stupid designs doesn't represent the future. You're just being lazy.


    Not as good as, say, Black Mirror--but still interesting.

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