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NHK BS2 2003

By 2075 traveling between Earth, Space stations and the moon have become normal. Hachimaki collects debris at a space station and dreams of owning his very own space ship someday.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Planetes

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    I like this anime. Everything in it is believable and will probably happen. Space trash is gonna be a big problem that in all likelihood will be dealt with in the exact same manner as they do it in this anime. If no one does anything about it will probably clutter space around earth making space travel impossible. The only small problem i have is the date. It seems unlikely that there will be huge space stations and moon bases in witch thousands of people will work and live in the year 2075. It will probably be longer than that seeing that it has been 39 years since the last moon landing and we haven't been back since.


    A slow burn but well worth it!


    (from my old collection of anime reviews circa 2003) Hard Sci-Fi comedy drama. It is the year 2075, and space junk around the Earth and moon threaten further development. The task of removing this latest of human-made trash is a group of eccentric space "garbage collectors", part of the large Technora Corporation, who are joined by a strong-minded new recruit. What's unique about this show is it's a hard (or realistic) sci-fi portrayal of the future. Throughout most of the series, though, the emphasis is on character development, particularly the dreamer/slacker Hachimaki, and the new stubborn girl recruit, Tanabe. The development is a bit cliche and stretches on for a bit long before the plot kicks in, but is decent entertainment. The way the main serious plot is concluded is unsatisfactory to me; the issues are controversial, and I don't always agree with the stance the writers took. However since this wasn't the main focus it's not as big an issue. Overall, interesting because it's different, with occasional really nice episodes, but had much more potential.


    Muito bom esse anime, sem muitas cenas fantasiosas.


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