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Netflix 2019

After a tragedy at a school sends shock waves through a wealthy Stockholm suburb, a seemingly well-adjusted teen finds herself on trial for murder.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Quicksand

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    I usually don't like swedish crime/dramas but this one is good and okay. I feel like swedish series lacks dept of script and actors that can't act. Here is kind of a mixture between actors that I recognize and some childhood acters. If someone comes from another country I recomend this still, if you have the patience of reading subtitles. And to people who will compare this to 13 reasons why, nooo this is so far from just angsty teens. While it still has the elements of suicide, drug abuse and mental illness the story doesn't really go deep into any of the three stated. It focuses more on Maja and her point of view. You will get confused in the beggining but she also is confused so it makes you still watch it, because it ties all together in the end. Just don't judge this because of 13 reasons why, I gave 13 reasons why a 2 hearts and this 7 cause you'll see why when you watch this!


    I dont get why this show is being compared to 13 Reason Why. If you really want compare to a show then compare it to Elite. That being said. It was a good show for being a Swedish show. Worth to give i a chance


    Does anyone know if episode 6 of the series is the last one? I want to know if it's already ended


    I really enjoyed watching this. It is certainly not one of the best shows I've seen but it definitely tells an interesting story and a pretty unique one too (I've not seen something like this before). The show has a good pacing. Every episode and every scene seems necessary to tell the story and to show the backgrounds of the different characters. The best part about it was how I could feel with the main character. I could really feel her confusion and hopelessness. There are only two things I did not enjoy. Most of the characters felt pretty stereotypical (the rich kid having big parties and not going to school, the migrant kid being the smart kid etc.) and [spoiler]the ending was a little to much "happy ending" (she got freed even though she shot two people which is kinda weird)[/spoiler].


    should i watch this even if i think 13 reasons why is a piece of shit?

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