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Ranma ½

Ranma ½

Fuji TV 1989

Cursed to turn into a girl whenever splashed with cold water, and unwillingly engaged to the rather temperamental and violent Akane Tendo, 16-year-old Ranma Saotome's life is anything but ordinary.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Ranma ½

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    I am completely addicted to this classic show. Even though there are a ton of clichés and anime stereotypes here (this is forgivable as this show came before so many others), I never got tired of watching Ranma turn into a girl/punched/rage or felt that the comedy or romance didn't click. Ranma 1/2 just has a feel and style of its own that can't be copied. It's such an entertaining, comical and lighthearted show that you can't help but to keep on watching until the very (long) end. I watched a little of it dubbed when I was younger but the original Japanese voices and subs make this show sooooooooo much better. While the animation is a bit old, I would highly recommend checking out the recently remastered BluRay (ahem... Doki subs... ahem) release as it improves the visual quality by leaps and bounds. The fight scenes are still well done for a show from the very early 90s. And of course, the characters are what truly make this show shine. Shampoo (wo ai ni), Ranma, Happosai, Genma, Ryouga, Ukyo, Cologne, the Kuno siblings (I'll even throw in Akane) are just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on. Once the full cast is introduced (especially Master Happosai in the middle of season 2), the show just becomes a well-oiled machine of laughs. Some complain that there are too many fillers vs the manga material, but I enjoyed them all nonetheless. Unfortunately, the show does just kind of end without resolving things but that is what the manga is for. It finishes off the rest of the adventure and does not disappoint at all. I highly recommend watching (or rewatching) Ranma 1/2 for all anime fans, old and young, because it is a classic for a reason. And when the battle theme below comes on, you can't help but get in the fighting spirit yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z04FpaILfE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGd5F0tCke8


    (from my old collection of anime reviews circa 2003) Martial arts romance comedy. Season 1: Ranma, expert in the Anything-Goes school of martial arts, turns into a girl when splashed with water. Complications ensue, and love hexagons abound. First episode is a must-see. Season 2: Still funny, but since there's no character development other than introducing new characters, some episodes are repetitive. This gets worse, apparently, over the 7 season run.

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