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Reply 1988

Reply 1988

tvN 2015

A nostalgic trip back to the late 1980s through the lives of five families and their five teenage kids living in a small neighborhood in Seoul.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Reply 1988

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    I'm pretty sure most people are as upset as I am about the husband.


    Be prepared to cry. A lot! You will not regret watching this drama. Will always be one of the best.


    Reply 1988 is one of the best kdramas I have ever watched ❤ I will miss every thing in this Drama ㅠㅠ


    > Is (FIRST) LOVE a pure timing or fate ? In the end they are not a coincidence but product of countless earnest choices ; giving up and making decisions without reservation or hesitation ; that makeup miraculous moments. Reply 1988 is also about youth, an innocent golden time that we always reminisce about and mourn. After Deok Sun left her adolescence, she recognises that she is unable to return to that blissful time. It is a reminder for us to enjoy and cherish our younger days while we can. It’s the rumors I’ve heard about R1988 being a family drama is what really pushed my button especially that I am sucker for family themed and nostalgia stimulating dramas. The romance may have been the main part in the previous two installments (R97 & R94) )but this drama overall outdoes everything on every level for me(I have not watched previous installation as I am not interest How I met your mother parodies ? ). This drama made me think about the beauty of relations and what kind of love is love. It is a story about remembering the past and being grateful for what you possess. A show I started a reverse _How I met your Mother?_ turned out to be a masterpiece. Its a good thing that Trakt has spoiled the ending of love triangle [spoiler] with the screenshots of last aired episodes[/spoiler] as I have dropped the show on 2nd episode; totally justifiable as I watched the Defendant and binged it within 24 hours ; and in fact enriched my experience since the need to guess the husband is gone and I went with the flow. I have not watched the other REPLY series if i did I wouldn't have watched this .. also now with the expectations set by R1988 .. R94 and R97 will be disappointing for sure. PLOT ------ Perhaps the star of the narrative of R1988 is its ability to exert both laughter and tears at the passing of a few minutes, yet it never feels stilted. It brings us richness and variety of character within just the five friends, let alone the parents and siblings surrounding them. With that, we see intricate details of each person's character--like Bora's unspoken love for her parents, or Dong Ryong's inner philosopher, or Jung Hwan's hidden sweetness, or Taek's competitive strength. There are so many elements of character that we see, often unspoken, rise to the surface with the passing of a quick moment or a prolonged incident Not only did the narrative of R1988 promote emotions from the viewer, it also brought the winds of unpredictability with it. The writers, in their infinite wisdom, flipped the switch and delivered a romance not built on the standard female lead being the only one in love for the majority of the series nor a male lead who said nothing but ended up the romantic star. It gave the person who stepped up and took a risk the chance to shine (and shine he did-delivering kisses to die for and a sweet chemistry with the lead that was noticeable from the get go). Furthermore, the show gave many couples a chance at love, both new and renewed, lost and found. It was never unrealistic or unfair to anyone in the cast (as some are quick to say); instead, it offered options and chose the best one. I didn't care for the husband hunt. I really didn't care. While in other two Reply dramas that romance part was much more important and pretty much the whole drama plot, here it was just on the outside the main plot but actually inside of it that was the least important. Here words like family, friends, childhood, bonding, neighbors are way more big than romance. Which worked totally fine for me. The running time seems very long, but the writer fills it with plenty of stories from daily life plucked from five best friends and their families in a little community in 1988. I did find it too slow initially and dropped it once CHARACTERS ----------------- At first, it seems there are too many characters, but each are written extremely well. They all have distinct personalities, dreams and goals. These characters are very real and not too outlandish, which allows us to relate to them and care for them. I particularly enjoyed the relationships between our characters. Our three ajummas were the absolute best. They've been through everything together and were closer than family. They were often the stronghold of their family, and they made it look so easy. My favourite dynamic is Bora and her father. Both are very similar characters, both gruff and a little shrewd. But their moments together made me cry the most. Without a word, they are able to communicate their deep love and respect for each other. No matter how prickly their words are, they can always find the underlying meaning. The way the characters endlessly support each other through thick and thin is truly moving. MUSIC -------- The music of Reply 1988 also played a special role, not only in the background OST, but in the characters' lives. The power of music pervaded the narrative of Reply. It gives warmth.The OST happens to consist of old songs remade and it is another beauty that only enhances the drama. The OST is so wonderful, some songs are made to be danced to them, some are so melancholic with some sad tones and some are so beautiful and made for pure enjoyment while listening them.Every single song is jjang and goes with the mood of the drama perfectly. I would google every song and every singer referred in the show and listen to famous hits. VERDICT ---------- There is rarely a drama like Reply 1988 that comes out once in a while and totally steals your heart. Reply 88 may or may not have been similar to its predecessors but it's a gem of a drama on its own. Never have I seen a drama so well-written, acted and executed so well that it sucks me in and makes me smile and cry as each moment passes by. The family of the drama is one whole consisting of so many unique people. There are moments they are good and moments where they behave terribly and yet, they remind us of how they are also human. These people define a family- being together through the good times and bad and cherishing each other no matter what. I happen to be a person glad to be living in the 21st century but this drama made me wanna go back to the 80's. ==The Plot is slow initially but the emotions are real and since I enjoyed it even after knowing the endgame it has very high rewatch value just for these emotions and nostalagia== I love how they made all so real, like in the real '80s, from their clothes, make up, haircuts, electrical devices, houses to music, movies, cinemas, bars, taverns. Production is awesome for this drama, I don't have one single complain about that. [spoiler] I admit I got sick of the husband mystery. I wish the writers did not try to bait us and trick us because it detracted from the story. I also think the last few episodes were rushed, but it efficiently let us see the kind of men and women our lovely five friends had become. Since I already know ; thanks to trakt; who the husband is I was able to enjoy the show more. [/spoiler] > “I could not return to my youth or that street either. Time always flows. Everything passes by and ages. That might be why youth is beautiful. Because it shines, blindingly bright at a brilliant short moment. But you can never go back (to it). A time when many tears was shed – like my youth.” -Deok Sun- Bidding farewell to Reply 1988 continues this list, as I venture onward in dramaland and away from Ssammungdong. I say Goodbye!! 안녕 (annyeong) to that warm, neighborly feeling, that old nostalgia, that stirup-pant wearing era, and to the best youth drama I have ever seen.


    This is by far one of the best korean series I've ever watched, all the characters, histories and even the endings are really well done, and it's incredible how relatable all histories are. The only reason I'm giving it a 9 is because of one character, whose development in the middle of the series made some episodes borderline annoying. By the way, a lot of people seem to dislike the "who the husband is" plot, and I think it becomes quite clear in very earlier episodes who he is, to me, it became clear just when it was starting to become annoying so I didn't mind the plot, what I was actually worried was HOW they were going to pull off this plot, because Kdramas and love triangles are ALWAYS a disaster, but in this series, I actually liked it VERY MUCH how they handle it.


    9.5/10 This is the first k-drama series that I've watched and it couldn't be more perfect. From the feelings of nostalgia, the friendship, the family affair, to the OST all hit the right spot that made my heart ached. I'm super glad my friend recommended this. Episode #17 & #20 made me cried really hard. Can't wait to rewatch it!. My only complaint was they didn't show what the main characters' futures look like (I was expecting sth like the Parks&Rec finale because the show was set in the past). If only I can see the Ssangmundong squad being friends in their 40s just like they have been their whole lives in the finale. In a voiceover in E09, >"A line indicates a limit. Maintaining that boundary means maintaining the familiarity, and the world, the rules, and the relations of that familiarity. This also means if we were to never cross that line, we would never experience the world, rules, and relationships, outside of the boundary. If we wish for a new relationship and new love, we must cross the line. If we were to not cross the line, we will stay that far away from each other." -Deoksun This applied to the screen as Taek try to open a new door while Jung-hwan crossed the line a little too late as well as real life TT_TT


    I laughed, I cried, this is what good television should be. I highly recommend it, it's worth every minute of the 100 minutes that each episode lasts!


    Should've known rooting for the other guy just leaves you annoyed and unsatisfied like HIMYM did...


    I had a great time watching this drama. I quite enjoyed it. Their friendship was very appealing to me and I just loved how they acted towards each other and how close they are. The parents interactions were enjoyable and comical at times. This drama was really nice and had amazing scenes and great comedy. I laughed a lot while watching this drama and cried at times. The storyline was very intriguing and interesting. I gave it this rating for first who ended up being the husband and for second having some dull and filler-ish scenes.

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