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Run with the Wind

Run with the Wind

YTV 2018

Kakeru, a former elite runner at high school, is chased for stealing food. He is saved by a Kansei University student Haiji, who is also a runner. Haiji persuades Kakeru to live in the old apartment "Chikuseisou" where he plans to team up with fellow residents to enter Hakone Ekiden Marathon, one of the most prominent university races in Japan. Kakeru soon finds out that all of the residents except for Haiji and himself are complete novices.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Run with the Wind

Run with the Wind - S1E23

#1 - In The Wind


Season 1 - Episode 23

Kakeru is bewildered by this new experience. His speed overwhelms the other competitors. Meanwhile, reigning champion Rikudo's ace Fujioka breaks the section record as promised and pushes his team into first place. Fujioka finds Haiji. What answers wait for them at the ends of their roads? They reassure one another as they exchange words. Prince's smile pushes Haiji's quiet resolve forward. Kakeru eventually appears at the relay station, running at shocking speeds. Their dream lies before them. Kakeru passes to Haiji. Their sash unites them and their entire team. At what peak will the Kansei University track and field team arrive?

The episode was rated from 25 votes.

Run with the Wind - S1E16

#2 - Dreams and Reality


Season 1 - Episode 16

A runner from another school trips and falls right in front of Haiji. Fortunately, he's able to avoid crashing into him, but he puts all his weight on his right leg. The fall causes a commotion at the water station. The cold rain mercilessly pounds down on the runners and the fans watching over them. Eventually the races moves into the city streets, and the runners' race for survival accelerates.

The episode was rated from 25 votes.

Run with the Wind - S1E22

#3 - Embrace Your Loneliness


Season 1 - Episode 22

Sakaki's fighting spirit verges on tragic. As though dragged along by it, King loses his pace. He thinks back on a conversation he had once with Haiji. The words he can't say, the reality he can't escape. Will Haiji's words free him from the doubts that cling to him? King's thoughts eventually arrive at the day he arrived at the Chikusei-so. It was the beginning of a lonely but also dream-like time. That small disappointment, that small pride. Carry all of it with you as you run. The men continue to fight to find themselves...!

The episode was rated from 26 votes.

Run with the Wind - S1E14

#4 - You're Not Alone


Season 1 - Episode 14

The Kansei University track team accepts Kakeru's past and begins running once again. Their hellish training camp continues, and once they return to the city, they busily engage in recruiting for the fan club, fundraising, and job hunting. The last traces of their amateurism fade as every one of them swells with the strength of a true athlete. The ten of them sprint through a single fleeting summer. As Hanako watches over their brilliant progress, they begin to see a certain path leading towards their future. A single man's dream passes from one man to another. Nico-chan and King draw ever closer to achieving official records. Only one man remains...

The episode was rated from 25 votes.

Run with the Wind - S1E19

#5 - The Moment of Release


Season 1 - Episode 19

The Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race finally begins. Haiji was right, and Section 1 moves at a slow pace while the teams try to feel each other out. Prince, who bears the heavy responsibility of starting the race, takes up his position behind the other runners and conserves his strength. It's all part of Haiji's plan to take the top. Haiji also sends a message to Prince through Tazaki in the coach's vehicle and heads to the Tsurumi Relay Station where Musa waits. The group raises its pace. Prince desperately hangs on. And in the back of his mind, he recalls a conversation he once had with Haiji...

The episode was rated from 21 votes.

Run with the Wind - S1E10
#6 - Our Speed
Season 1 - Episode 10

Haiji suddenly faints. The residents realize how Haiji has been supporting them, and Nico-chan encourages Kakeru and Prince to reconcile. However, the stubborn boys refuse to bridge the gap. The next day, Shindo suggests that the team pick a temporary captain. When all the older members refuse, Kakeru agrees to do the job. Desperate to do something about Prince, Kakeru follows him around while nagging him. Prince's opposition increases in response. As the residents are unable to even feed themselves, someone comes to extend a helping hand...

The episode was rated from 24 votes.
Run with the Wind - S1E20
#7 - Even If I Break
Season 1 - Episode 20

Hanako cheers for him on the sidelines. Pieces of memories run through his head. Finally realizing his romantic feelings, Jota accelerates and climbs in the standings. As the older twin passes the sash to his younger brother, Joji is informed about Hanako's feelings and becomes distracted. The sudden Hanako panic leaves the other members of the team disconcerted as well. In order to get the race back on track, Kakeru asks Tazaki to deliver a message. Meanwhile, Haiji calls Shindo, who has arrived at the relay station. Their time feels simultaneously too long and too short. A tragic resolve spreads through Shindo's burning, feverish body...

The episode was rated from 21 votes.
Run with the Wind - S1E21
#8 - Goodbye, Beautiful World
Season 1 - Episode 21

His teammates faced death to pass the sash along. Bearing that weight in his mind, Yuki prepares for the race. Shindo approaches him. Turning his overflowing anxiety and regrets into strength, Yuki waits for the race to start. Meanwhile, in Yokohama, Kakeru and Haiji wait for Sections 9 and 10 to start. However, when Haiji is nowhere to be found, Kakeru grows uneasy. As though confirming his concerns, a sports doctor exits Haiji's room. Kakeru interrogates Haiji, but Haiji remains the same calm Haiji he's always been. It's 8AM. The second half begins!

The episode was rated from 21 votes.
Run with the Wind - S1E13
#9 - And Then Start Running
Season 1 - Episode 13

The Kansei University track team runs into Tokyo Sport University at Lake Shirakaba, where they're holding their training camp. Sakaki insistently provokes Kakeru over his past actions. Pushes to his limit, Kakeru grabs ahold of him, but his friends come between them before anything can happen. Later they begin their grueling practice, but Kakeru can't stop recalling heavy memories from his high school days: a cruel past that pushed a group of elite runners to their breaking point. Recalling how he chose his own destruction, Kakeru agonizes over his past. That night, the sky is full of stars. Haiji appears next to Kakeru as he's hanging around by himself...

The episode was rated from 26 votes.
Run with the Wind - S1E18
#10 - And Then, Morning
Season 1 - Episode 18

While walking home with Musa, Kakeru runs into reigning champion Rikudo's Fujioka Kazuma. When Kakeru can't let go of the inconsiderate remarks made by some passers-by, Fujioka methodically and without faltering shows him the answer. Then Fujioka tells them about his shared history with Haiji. The burden Haiji has borne alone. The response he gave to Fujioka. In Fujioka's words, Kakeru begins to sense the meaning of the "strength" Haiji once described to him. Meanwhile, Haiji is at a consultation with his doctor. His eyes are glued to the harsh reality they see...

The episode was rated from 21 votes.

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If you're a fan of sports anime, and especially Haikyuu!, you should most definitly watch this.

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