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Running Man

Running Man

SBS 2010

The cast must complete missions at various places to win the race.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Running Man

Running Man - S2021E559

#1 - Goodbye, Our Inseparable Brother (Season 2021 - Episode 559)

This week is Kwang Soo’s last episode on Running Man. The members get together for a special send-off race, where they must help Kwang Soo work off his amazingly large prison sentence for all the mischief he caused over the past 11 years. Stay tuned to see the tearful goodbyes and what kind of secret missions the members carried out.

The episode was rated 9.31 from 16 votes.

Running Man - S2011E69

#2 - Grasshopper Hunting (Season 2011 - Episode 69)

Landmark: Incheon Culture & Arts Center Guest: Choi Min Soo

The episode was rated 9.24 from 25 votes.

Running Man - S2011E74

#3 - The Best Running Man #2 (Season 2011 - Episode 74)

Landmark: KINTEX (Korean International Exhibition Hall), Ilsan

The episode was rated 9.21 from 28 votes.

Running Man - S2012E89

#4 - Running Man in Wonderland (Season 2012 - Episode 89)

Landmark: Ilchul Land, Jeju Island Guest: BoA, Jung Jae Hyung

The episode was rated 9.17 from 24 votes.

Running Man - S2013E150

#5 - The Avengers (Season 2013 - Episode 150)

Guests: Chansung (2PM), Ok Taecyeon (2PM), Choo Sung-hoon and Jung Du-hong Venue: SQUARE1

The episode was rated 9.04 from 24 votes.

Running Man - S2014E205

#6 - The Best Part-Time Job (Season 2014 - Episode 205)

Guest: Baek Ji-young, Fei (Miss A), Hong Jin-young, Kang Seung-hyun, Lee Guk-joo

The episode was rated 9.04 from 24 votes.

Running Man - S2011E42

#7 - The Best Running Man (Season 2011 - Episode 42)

Landmark: SBS Production Centers (3 different SBS locations) Guest: Young Saeng (SS501)

The episode was rated 9.00 from 28 votes.

Running Man - S2012E91

#8 - Return of Yoomes Bond (Season 2012 - Episode 91)

Landmark: SUNY Korea, Songdo, Incheon

The episode was rated 9.00 from 27 votes.

Running Man - S2013E147

#9 - Running Man Athletic Tournament (Season 2013 - Episode 147)

Guests: Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Hyun-woo Venues: Sogang University (Mapo-gu, Seoul) Mission: Win in tug of war

The episode was rated 9.00 from 26 votes.

Running Man - S2011E38

#10 - The Usual Suspects (Season 2011 - Episode 38)

Landmark: Seoul Medical Center, Jung Rang District

The episode was rated 8.97 from 29 votes.

Running Man - S2013E165
#11 - Search for the Little Girl
Season 2013 - Episode 165


The episode was rated from 27 votes.
Running Man - S2012E79
#12 - Sherlock Holmes Mystery
Season 2012 - Episode 79

Landmark: Club Harmony cruise ship (docking site), Busan Guest: Kim Jae Dong, Yoon Do Hyun

The episode was rated from 20 votes.
Running Man - S2014E213
#13 - Running Man Mini Series - It's Okay, That's Chaebol
Season 2014 - Episode 213

Guests: Choi Yeo-jin, Kim Min-seo, Lee Yoo-ri, Seo Woo, Yoo In-young

The episode was rated from 24 votes.
Running Man - S2011E68
#14 - Canal Walk
Season 2011 - Episode 68

Landmark: Songdo International Business District, Incheon Guest: Kim Soo Ro, Park Ye Jin

The episode was rated from 18 votes.
Running Man - S2013E159
#15 - Couple Race
Season 2013 - Episode 159

Guests: Fujita Sayuri, Jo Jung-chi, John Park, Jung-in, Kim Kwang-kyu, Kim Ye-rim, Park Sang-myun

The episode was rated from 23 votes.
Running Man - S2013E138
#16 - Control of the School Flag
Season 2013 - Episode 138

Guest: Kim Soo Ro, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Min Hyo Rin, Lee Jong Hyun (CN Blue) Venues: Athletics Department

The episode was rated from 22 votes.
Running Man - S2019E473
#17 - Joker's House
Season 2019 - Episode 473

This week, the cast of Running Man is put up to the task of scheduling their day indoors. However, a virus plaguing the world is slowly creeping in. The members must overcome missions in the outside world to secure food at a nearby convenience store. Among them, the bio-terrorist secretly exists plotting to infect them all.

The episode was rated from 18 votes.
Running Man - S2012E98
#18 - Mystery Zombie Race
Season 2012 - Episode 98

Landmark: Tesco Homeplus Training Academy, Incheon, Muuido island

The episode was rated from 21 votes.
Running Man - S2013E178
#19 - Year End Special
Season 2013 - Episode 178

No guests

The episode was rated from 20 votes.
Running Man - S2019E468
#20 - 9 Years of Running Man, Spy Game
Season 2019 - Episode 468

The fan-meet event continues. Every member showcases their individual or group performances on stage. They also put on their joint performances with the musicians. The stories of how they have prepared and practiced for months are also be revealed. One of the hottest idol group gives a surprise performance as well.

The episode was rated from 20 votes.

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I am so far behind, how am I going to catch up?????


I've been watching this show in order for a while now (144 episodes so far), and I love it. It easily beats out every variety/sport competition show that I've seen (haven't watched infinite challenge yet) with it's cast that just have great chemistry with each-other and competitions that seem to get better over time. I can imagine that the games may get stale after a while, but I can't think of another show that has consistently kept me entertained for 8 1/2 days worth of content as much as this has. This show will eat up a lot of your time and it certainly got me through some bad times.


totally addicted to this show, have started binge watching from episode 1 right after i saw their Australian adventure episode.


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