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School of Chocolate

School of Chocolate

Netflix 2021

Eight professionals study the art of chocolate under the guidance of a well-known chocolatier. But only one can be the best in class and win a unique opportunity.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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The 10 Best Episodes of School of Chocolate

School of Chocolate - S1E6

#1 - Flying Chocolate (Season 1 - Episode 6)

When teams push their skills to new heights to craft kid-friendly showpieces, unfamiliar tools send chocolate flying — and stress skyrocketing.

The episode was rated 7.94 from 36 votes.

School of Chocolate - S1E7

#2 - Give Me Some Sugar (Season 1 - Episode 7)

Amaury creates a mind-blowing sugar dome with plastic wrap, a bucket and trapped air. Can the chefs use the technique for their own winning sweets?

The episode was rated 7.91 from 33 votes.

School of Chocolate - S1E8

#3 - The Best in Class Is... (Season 1 - Episode 8)

The top two go head-to-head to build the biggest chocolate showpiece yet. The final assignment? Deliver A+ work on a prehistoric theme.

The episode was rated 7.89 from 36 votes.

School of Chocolate - S1E4

#4 - Chocolate Hanging by a Thread (Season 1 - Episode 4)

After a controversial win in the pastry round, the students break into teams of two for a gravity-defying chocolate showpiece challenge.

The episode was rated 7.82 from 34 votes.

School of Chocolate - S1E3

#5 - Make It Ooze (Season 1 - Episode 3)

A tense class vote follows a near disaster with a towering chocolate showpiece. Later, Amaury Guichon assigns an exercise with oozing elements.

The episode was rated 7.72 from 39 votes.

School of Chocolate - S1E1

#6 - Breaking Molds and Bending Chocolate (Season 1 - Episode 1)

The chefs create edible illusions, including a planter box with earthy flavors, then form teams to bend chocolate into architectural shapes.

The episode was rated 7.67 from 48 votes.

School of Chocolate - S1E5

#7 - Bittersweet Surprises (Season 1 - Episode 5)

A pastry challenge divides the class in two after Amaury shows his pupils how to form exquisite flower petals and a functional chocolate hinge.

The episode was rated 7.51 from 37 votes.

School of Chocolate - S1E2

#8 - Dessert Deception (Season 1 - Episode 2)

From a coconut cake croque madame to a taco packed with chocolate popcorn, deceiving desserts fool the senses. The chefs learn to polish chocolate.

The episode was rated 7.49 from 41 votes.

Last updated: nov 20, 2022



This could have been so much better without the unnecessary drama. I couldn't stand Melissa (or "Mellisa") and [spoiler] it's quite below the belt that they edited the show in a way that she becomes very antipathetic yet they put her in the top 2. [/spoiler] The techniques and showpieces are marvelous; it is mostly an enjoyable show. At first, I liked the fact that they don't kick anyone out and this is more about learning and collaborating, but then they added the drama.


What makes this different from other similar shows (from a watcher's point of view), is: 1) The teacher/host Amaury is extremely skilled and capable, his work naturally commands respect 2) No bullshit 3) Not too much drama, it is present but you can just glance over it like it doesn't matter at all and it doesn't take much screen time. 4) The participants are capable as well, and they manage to learn and make amazing works of art by the end of each episode I usually don't like Reality TV shows because of the above-mentioned reasons, but I found this one very enjoyable to watch. Also, I freaking LOVE chocolate:heart:


A good show overall. Different from other reality shows.


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