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Shahs of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset

Bravo 2012

Bravo gives viewers a never-before-seen look inside the captivating lives of six young Persian-American friends in Los Angeles when "Shahs of Sunset" premieres on Sunday, March 11th at 10PM ET/PT. Partnering for the first time with Ryan Seacrest Productions, the network's latest docu-series follows a group of friends who are trying to juggle their active social lives and up-and-coming careers while balancing the demands of their families and traditions. These passionate socialites are fervent on the dating and party scene, but seeking approval from their families they face pressures to settle down and marry within the community. From outings on Rodeo Drive to traditional Persian feasts at home, this series celebrates the unique lifestyle of a group of friends who have worked hard for what they have and are not afraid to flaunt it.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Shahs of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset - S3E7

#1 - The Velvet Rage


Season 3 - Episode 7

Mike takes Jessica to a conversion to Judaism class. GG and Leila get into an argument about MJ being around. Lilly puts herself back in the spotlight by hosting an over-the-top birthday celebration for her dog. Reza comes to terms with his anger issues and attends therapy.

The episode was rated from 36 votes.

Shahs of Sunset - S1E2

#2 - It's My Birthday Bitches


Season 1 - Episode 2

The gang heads to Vegas for Reza's birthday, but the trash talk gets out of control.

The episode was rated from 41 votes.

Shahs of Sunset - S3E15

#3 - Reunion - Part 1


Season 3 - Episode 15


The episode was rated from 21 votes.

Shahs of Sunset - S4E11

#4 - Tale of Two Parties


Season 4 - Episode 11

The episode was rated from 52 votes.

Shahs of Sunset - S4E4

#5 - The Secret Is Out


Season 4 - Episode 4

Trust issues surround GG when details of a past trip to Turkey surface. Meanwhile, MJ spends more quality time with her new boyfriend, and GG reveals information during Adam's birthday bash.

The episode was rated from 50 votes.

#6 - Image is Everything
Season 1 - Episode 1

This series premiere introduces six Persian-American friends living a life of luxury in Los Angeles. The group tries to juggle their active social lives and careers while balancing the demands of their families and traditions. Drama ensues among the friends at dinner and a lavish pool party complete with a tiger. Asa makes herself an outcast with her unique wardrobe, while MJโ€™s bitterness towards marriage is on display at a bridal store. GG appears jealous of Mikeโ€™s date, fueling rumors that they may be more than friends.

The episode was rated from 58 votes.
#7 - The Whisky Makes You Frisky
Season 2 - Episode 1

Asa takes a big financial risk and moves back into her Venice mansion and MJ and her mother spar at a birthday dinner, but MJ is caught off guard by the viciousness of Vida's response. Reza befriends new Persian Princess, Lilly, and attempts to introduce her to the group, but things go south when GG and new friend Omid hit the bottle a little too hard and get more than a little sexual at the dinner table.

The episode was rated from 30 votes.
#8 - Vida Knows Best
Season 7 - Episode 11

MJ feels the pressure of finalizing her wedding, planning for a baby and managing her mother, Vida; Mike and Reza bond over Mike's investment; GG takes steps to filing divorce paperwork; Destiney gets help on her rocky road to finding her father.

The episode was rated from 42 votes.
Shahs of Sunset - S6E9
#9 - A Tale of Two Turkeys
Season 6 - Episode 9

Reza discovers that Mike is not officially divorced; the Shahs try to put their differences aside as they head to a homeless shelter; Shervin and Asa have separate Thanksgiving dinners.

The episode was rated from 121 votes.
#10 - Crunch vs. Munch
Season 4 - Episode 7

Reza faces a reality about marrying. Meanwhile, GG wants to re-enter the dating scene and enlists MJ's help; Asa struggles to juggle aspects of her life; and a game of dodgeball is organized to help the gang release bottled-up tension.

The episode was rated from 44 votes.

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