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Detectives from the present and a detective from the past communicate via walkie-talkie to solve a long-time unsolved case.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Signal

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    I saw this 2 weeks ago, and have already rewatched it once with my fiancé (her first time). I NEVER rewatch shows that quickly, normally it's 3 years until I watch a show for the second time. Simply put, this is the one the best, if not the best, Korean drama ever produced. It's quality shines over most US and British productions as well. The show has a stellar script, cast, direction, cinematography, music, and editing. The brilliance of Korean shows is that they are normally only 16-20 episodes and that's it, story done, no second season. This format allows many of the best series to avoid any unnecessary plotlines that are essentially filler episodes. Signal adhered to that format in a clever way by giving us a satisfying series on it's own, no filler episodes, and the entire series brilliantly intertwined, along with plenty of potential for a second season (something that is rare for Korean shows). The writer of the series is currently penning a new TV series for Netflix called Kingdom and plans to begin writing Signal Season 2 this year. Whether or not the script will return as a second season will depend on availability of the cast and director. As of now, Signals holds the #1 spot over Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead for my all time favorite series. Signal is a must-watch if you're lucky enough to find out about it.


    SIGNAL is simply the best Korean drama to come out in years, crime drama or not, and also on the level of American/british TV productions. Just brilliant.


    One of the best. It just keeps you wanting more, [spoiler] even up to the last seconds! [/spoiler]


    This is such a well-thought out series. Things came together nicely and I even liked the ending, I find most kdrama endings to be disappointing. The acting, from the leads to the supporting cast, was very strong and the plot kept me thinking and guessing. I’ve heard rumors of a second season, and that would be welcome because I still have questions. But even if there isn’t, the ending allows room for you to figure out what you think happened. Definitely the best kdrama series I’ve watched so far.

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