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Star Blazers

Star Blazers

NBC 1974

"Star Blazers" is an American animated television series adaptation of the popular Japanese anime series "Space Battleship Yamato." In the year 2199, a starship must make a dangerous voyage to the distant planet Iscandar and back to save Earth from an alien invasion. The show consists of three television seasons. Each an English-language adaption of its Japanese counterpart "Space Battleship Yamato". Star Blazers was first broadcast in the United States in 1979. It was the first popular English-translated anime that had a story arc that required the episodes to be shown in order. It dealt with somewhat more mature themes than other productions aimed at the same target audience of that time. As a result, it paved the way for future "arc-based, plot-driven anime translations.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Star Blazers

#1 - Galactic Whirlpool


Season 1 - Episode 15

General Lysis arrives at the Gamilon base on planet Balan, the half-way point between Iscandar and Earth. He is greeted with resentment by Balan's current, jealous commander, General Vulgar, whom Lysis is to replace. Insult is added to injury when Lysis derides Vulgar's taste in decoration. Meanwhile, the Star Force experiences a sudden loss of engine output, and soon determines that they've stumbled into the gravitational effects of a Galactic Whirlpool, a precursor to a black hole. Therein, amidst the wreckage of many other ships unable to escape the gravity pull, they spot a Gamilon destroyer. Lysis, who has set out from planet Balan in a 3000-ship armada to attack the Star Force, is disappointed to learn that the whirlpool will rob him of his prey. Wildstar, too, is disappointed when Captain Avatar overrules his suggestion to fight the Gamilon destroyer, and orders that they find a way to escape. The Captain's wisdom soon proves itself when the Star Force detects Lysis's armada. Lysis chases the Star Force into the dead zone of the whirlpool, where all ship energy is lost. From outside the zone, Lysis's fleet launches salvos at the helpless Star Force. There seems no hope until a miraculous infusion of energy is sent to the Argo by none other than Queen Starsha herself. The ship's instruments come to life once more, and the Wave Motion Engine builds up enough energy to perform a space warp. Later, back on Balan, General Lysis notes in his journal that the Star Force is a worthy adversary. Earth has 273 days left.

The episode was rated from 5 votes.

#2 - We Will Return


Season 1 - Episode 10

The Star Force are contacted by the Commander of the Earth Defence Force, who requests an update on the mission. Aware that this will be the last chance the crew will have to speak with anyone on Earth for quite some time, Avatar arranges for five minutes for each crewman to say farewell to his/her family before the Argo makes a warp out of Earth's solar system. One by one, the crew says their last good-byes, leaving both the crew and the families on Earth emotional. Although the crew has been given the opportunity to speak with their family members one last time, both Wildstar and Avatar are without a family to bid good-bye. Eventually, Wildstar ends up in Avatar's quarters, at which point Avatar invites Wildstar to share a drink with him before they depart the solar system. Earth has 315 days left.

The episode was rated from 6 votes.

#3 - Desslok Mines


Season 1 - Episode 11

Now that the Star Force have left the Solar System, Gamilon central command begins to take greater interest in them. We see Gamilons in their true, blue, skin colour for the first time as Leader Desslok strides into his court chamber. For his evening entertainment, Desslok's top generals have arranged a trap for the Star Force, littering the space into which they are flying with hundreds of the newly developed Desslok Space Mines. These Gamilon mines are motive, and quickly draw in upon the Argo, thwarting any attempt to evade. They are sensitive to electromagnetic waves, and will explode if they get too close to the ship. Pinned, the Star Force is brought to a complete stop. Will they escape? Earth has 311 days left.

The episode was rated from 6 votes.

#4 - The Asteroid Ring


Season 1 - Episode 9

To make the needed repairs to the Argo, Avatar orders the battleship to sail for the asteroid belt remains of Minerva, the 10th planet in the Solar System -- the first to have been destroyed by the Gamilons. To hide the battleship from Gamilon radar detection, Sandor devises a plan to cover the hull with asteroid fragments. Meanwhile, Colonel Ganz orders his fleet to locate and destroy the Argo. When the Gamilon fleet loses track of the Star Force, Ganz initially suspects the Earthlings of performing a space warp. But when his crew locate the Argo in the asteroid field, he seizes the opportunity to attack. To repel the Gamilon fleet, Sandor advises Avatar to reverse the polarity of the magnetized asteroid fragments covering the ship. This results in the creation of a defensive asteroid ring that blocks incoming Gamilon fire. When the Gamilon fleet closes in on the Argo, the battleship releases the revolving asteroid fragments, causing them to scatter in all directs. In their attempt to avoid being struck by the fragments, most of the Gamilon ships end up colliding with one another, which results in the destruction of the fleet. Although the escorts are destroyed, Ganz's flagship is undamaged, and lurches directly toward the Argo on a collision course. To prevent the two ships from colliding, the Argo fires a rocket anchor into the Gamilon commander's ship, knocking off course just enough to narrowly avoid impact. Ganz's flagship then careens into an asteroid and explodes. Earth has 338 days left.

The episode was rated from 7 votes.

#5 - Magnetron Wave


Season 1 - Episode 18

The Star Force encounters an unmanned Gamilon fortress floating in space, which moves toward them. Sandor takes a plane to investigate, but the magnetron waves the fortress is emitting shake it to pieces. Realizing this is what could also happen to the Argo, Sandor and Wildstar approach the fortress with a special plane unaffected by the waves. Once inside, Sandor tells Derek about his brother Alex. Sandor and Alex were good friends at the academy, and Sandor admits he felt responsible for Alex's death because he was in charge of maintaining Alex's ship. When a robot nearly surprises the two, Sandor says that as a child, he discovered the consequences of acting foolishly when he got into an accident on an amusement park ride. Meanwhile, the Argo, suffering damage from the magnetron waves, prepares for a space warp which will take it out of danger, but leave Sandor and Wildstar behind. When Sandor and Wildstar reach the central computer, it injures Wildstar and captures Sandor. Sandor then tells Wildstar his arms and legs are bionic -- a result of the accident -- and can be removed. When they get to the entrance, Sandor says his bionic arms and legs are also bombs, but he can't trigger them any further than the entrance. Sandor orders Wildstar to get to a safe distance, then detonates the bombs, destroying the computer and stopping the magnetron waves. The Argo cancels the warp and Wildstar heads back to find Sandor. On Balan, General Lysis clenches a Gamilon cigar in his mouth, which Vulgar is unable to light. He chides Vulgar for the uselessness of his lighter and his space fortress. Back on the Argo, Sandor, sporting new arms and legs, greets Wildstar. Derek says that Sandor's resilience gives him hope that Alex is still alive. Sandor says that if so, it will mean just as much to him as it does to Derek. Earth has 260 days left.

The episode was rated from 4 votes.

#6 - Communication Satellite
Season 1 - Episode 19

While the Star Force is still on its way to planet Balan, Communications Officer Homer visits the Holography Room to view images of his home town, but has an emotional breakdown, declaring, "It's all a lie!" Shortly thereafter, the bridge crew sees Captain Avatar communicate with the Earth Defense Command. The Earth Defense Command says that conditions on Earth are tough, but that they are getting by. Once the transmission ends, however, Homer blurts out that they are all being deceived, saying that the Star Force has no idea where they are going. He then collapses and is whisked away to the infirmary. Venture says that Homer's actions may have been puzzling, but his concern is a valid one that is on everyone's minds. Captain Avatar replies that even though there is no guarantee of mission success, the Star Force is Earth's only hope of survival, and they owe it to Earth to believe in their mission. On Balan, General Lysis muses on the effectiveness of the communications relay satellite which he has planted to enable the Star Force to talk to Earth. The plan is to weaken the Star Force by allowing bad news from Earth to destroy their morale. Back on the Argo, Wildstar discovers Homer secretly making a call to Earth, during which Homer learned his father was very sick. Upset and homesick, Homer bolts, finds a space suit, and jumps out an airlock intent on floating back to Earth. What he floats to is, instead, the Gamilon relay satellite. His depression and delusion melt away as he realizes the danger this presents. Before long, Wildstar, leading a search party, locates Homer and rescues him. Wildstar hands Homer the firing controls and lets him blow the satellite to bits. Earth has 255 days left.

The episode was rated from 4 votes.
#7 - The Artificial Sun
Season 1 - Episode 20

The Star Force finally arrives at planet Balan, the half-way point to Iscandar, unaware that the Gamilons have a base there. Derek Wildstar and the Black Tiger squadron scout the area, noticing that Balan's sun seems to orbit the planet, and not the other way around. They then encounter missile fire from Balan, and discover the Gamilon base. When they return to the Argo, Wildstar suggests they destroy the base now, so they don't have to worry about it on the way back. As the Star Force begins to attack the Balan base, Wildstar asks one of the other bridge members to keep an eye on the sun, saying he has a hunch about it but will explain later. Meanwhile, General Lysis, who is with his fleet far out in space away from the planet, shoots an activation beam at what turns out to be an artificial sun. Lysis says he wants to trap the Argo between the sun and the base, even if it means sacrificing the base. Horrified, Vulgar reports this to Desslok. As the sun forces the Argo closer to the Gamilons' Balan base, Wildstar points the ship toward the sun. Suddenly, the sun stops. Having heard of Lysis' plan, Desslok has ordered him to call off the attack. The delay gives the Star Force the time it needs to use the Argo's Wave Motion Gun to destroy the sun, fragments of which rain down on the Balan base and also destroy it. Lysis and his fleet retreat into space. Back on board the Argo, Wildstar explains how he suspected that the sun wasn't real. Captain Avatar then formally designates him the Argo's Deputy Captain, ceding some of the responsibilities of running the ship to him. Earth has 253 days left.

The episode was rated from 4 votes.
#8 - Challenge of the Rainbow Galaxy
Season 1 - Episode 21

After the disaster at planet Balan, General Lysis is summoned to Gamilon to stand trial for his failed operations. General Krypt, presiding over the hearing, delivers a unanimous verdict: a death sentence. But when he delivers the paperwork to Leader Desslok, Desslok refuses to sign them, and issues a pardon along with new orders. He knows that Lysis, reckless or not, is the only general capable of stopping the Star Force before it enters the Magellanic Cloud -- the galaxy where Iscandar lies. Lysis assembles a special task force of three triple-deck fighter carriers, one battleship/carrier combo, and a command ship. Each carrier sports a specialised kind of plane: fighters, precision-bombers, torpedo planes, and one heavy bomber bearing a special drill missile designed to be fired into the Argo's Wave Motion Gun muzzle. Lysis's command ship has a device called "SMITE" (Space/Matter Instant Transforming Equipment), capable of causing fighter planes to undergo a space warp for a surprise attack. On the Argo, the Star Force receives an audio message from General Lysis proposing that they meet for a decisive battle at a nebula called the Rainbow Galaxy, just outside the Magellanic Cloud. This nebula contains several stars, each of which shine with a different colour, as well as a black gas cloud which is impenetrable to radar. After much deliberation, the Star Force decides to take up the challenge. Captain Avatar delivers a rousing speech, as the entire Star Force crew drinks a toast to the occasion using bottled spring water. Preparations for the battle begin. Earth has 215 days left.

The episode was rated from 4 votes.
#9 - The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy
Season 1 - Episode 22

The Star Force has arrived at the Rainbow Galaxy nebula. General Lysis's task force begins its attack by deploying fighter planes to lure the Star Force's Black Tiger squadron away from the Argo. The plan works, and once the squadron is away, the Gamilons launch precision bombers, and use SMITE to teleport them into close range of the Star Force. The attack cripples the Argo's radar. The Black Tigers are recalled, and drive off the bombers, but not before the Argo suffers significant damage. Not relenting, Lysis next sends torpedo planes, warping them to the opposite side of the Argo. They inflict severe damage to the ship before being driven off, and nearly all of the Argo's gun turrets are destroyed. The Black Tigers then return to the ship for refuelling. Striking the final blow, Lysis teleports the Drill Missile bomber right in front of the Argo. The gigantic missile is dropped, and plows into the Wave Motion Gun, rendering the gun useless. The drill head penetrates into the gun's control room. With the Argo defenseless, the Gamilon fleet moves in close for the kill, and begins a close-range, ship-to-ship bombardment. The Argo's last remaining gun turret explodes, and the ship is utterly defenseless. But, Sandor and IQ-9 manage to break into the missile, and with 30 seconds to detonation, switch some wires and make it back itself out. The Drill Missile flies backward, right into the Gamilon fleet, striking the very battle carrier from whence it came. The debris from the exploding ship strikes the other three carriers, wiping them all out. Only Lysis's command ship remains. Stunned at this turn of events, Lysis attempts to ram the Argo, chasing the Star Force into the black gas cloud. With the Star Force unable to see his ship, Lysis maneuvers beneath the Argo and grapples onto the lower hull. He contacts the Star Force by video to inform them that the battle is now over -- he has placed a bomb against their hull. Captain Avatar tries to convince Lysis that th

The episode was rated from 4 votes.
#10 - Dragged to Gamilon
Season 1 - Episode 23

As the Star Force enters the Great Magellanic Cloud, the galaxy in which Iscandar resides, they receive a strong radio signal which affects all of the navigation instruments. It turns out to be a transmission from Queen Starsha herself. She congratulates the Star Force on its brave journey, and instructs them to follow her guide signal to Iscandar. But, once they enter visual range of Iscandar, the signal is cut off, and navigator Mark Venture makes an even more startling discovery. The video data indicates that there are two planets at Iscandar's location. Radar detects a group of missiles coming from Iscandar. The missiles detonate around the Argo, releasing a magnetic ferrite cloud which hovers around the ship. Analysis reveals that the missile fragments are of Gamilon origin. Wildstar then realises that one of the two planets must be Iscandar, but the other is Gamilon! On Gamilon, Leader Desslok's treasure pool massage is interrupted by a call from Queen Starsha. She chides the Gamilon leader for his unprovoked attack on Earth, but he explains that the Gamilons need to find a new home, and that Earthlings are not a sufficiently civilised race to worry about preserving. A short time later, Desslok addresses the Gamilon senate. He explains the plight of Gamilon, a semi-hollow planet which is volcanically unstable, with seas poisoned with sulphuric acid from the lava. Gamilon can no longer support humanoid life, so a new home is needed -- Earth. Desslok's plan is to use a magnetic ray to drag the ferrite cloud, and the Star Force, to Gamilon, and into the sulphuric acid sea. On the Argo, shock waves are felt as Gamilon's magnetic ray is put to use. As planned, the ship is dragged helplessly into the seas on Gamilon. When the Star Force realises the danger of the sea, they take off, but not before the acid manages to melt the third bridge strut. The entire third bridge falls off and into the sea! The Gamilons then begin dropping depth charges on the Star Force

The episode was rated from 4 votes.

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I used to run home from school to watch this! Classic, must see animated series.

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