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Star Blazers

Star Blazers

NBC 1974

"Star Blazers" is an American animated television series adaptation of the popular Japanese anime series "Space Battleship Yamato." In the year 2199, a starship must make a dangerous voyage to the distant planet Iscandar and back to save Earth from an alien invasion. The show consists of three television seasons. Each an English-language adaption of its Japanese counterpart "Space Battleship Yamato". Star Blazers was first broadcast in the United States in 1979. It was the first popular English-translated anime that had a story arc that required the episodes to be shown in order. It dealt with somewhat more mature themes than other productions aimed at the same target audience of that time. As a result, it paved the way for future "arc-based, plot-driven anime translations.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Star Blazers

#1 - Octopus Star Storm


Season 1 - Episode 14

The Star Force has been standing still in space for several weeks, waiting for a huge space storm to subside, in hopes of finding a short-cut channel through the vast Octopus Star system which fuels the storm. The Argo's crew grows anxious, with everybody on edge, and several scuffles break out, including one between Derek Wildstar and Mark Venture. Nova voices her concerns about the fights to Captain Avatar, who says the ship is running low on food and that it's better for the crew to be fighting instead of wondering where their next meal is coming from. Meanwhile, Assistant Engineer Sparks begins to question the feasibility of the mission, and asks Orion to present a case to Avatar for simply finding a nice, quiet planet on which to settle. When the storm momentarily quiets down, Wildstar takes a fighter plane into the system. He finds a channel, gets halfway through, and prematurely concludes that the channel goes all the way through. Wildstar reports his findings, but after Venture chides him for not verifying whether the channel actually exists, they get into an argument and then a fist fight, which Nova breaks up. Meanwhile, Captain Avatar decides to act, ordering that a course be set through Wildstar's channel. After a very rough ride through the vortex, during which Wildstar helps Venture pilot the Argo, the Star Force appears on the other side of the storm. Wildstar and Venture stop fighting and congratulate each other on their successful teamwork. The year 2200 dawns. Earth has 280 days left.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 5 votes.

#2 - Ambush at Jupiter


Season 2 - Episode 1

The year is 2201, one year after the Star Force returned to Earth bringing the Cosmo DNA device which rid it of the radioactive pollution caused by Gamilon's planet bombs. Since that time, no longer threatened by outside forces, Earth has recovered and expanded its naval power and terrirory to the periphery of the Solar System. Most of the Star Force crew are assigned to various posts on Earth, although the Argo is currently on assignment as the flagship of the Solar System's peripheral defence patrol fleet. Commanding it is Deputy Captain Derek Wildstar. Unknown to Earth, a new threat lurks in outer space. In the palace of the Comet Empire -- a huge mobile city fortress shrouded in a plasma field which makes it resemble a white comet -- its green-skinned ruler, Prince Zordar, plans for his next conquest, Earth. His minions, daughter Princess Invidia, and Generals Dire and Gorse, gather to review the plans for the Earth, the defenses of which are deemed vastly inferior. An easy victory is predicted. But suddenly, a surprising voice pierces the air. Gamilon Leader Desslok steps out of the shadows of the throne room to chide the court for its overconfidence. They have failed to consider the Star Force. Invidia, immediately showing her disdain for the former Gamilon ruler, scoffs at this, asking whether this is the same Star Force which single-handedly wrecked Gamilon. Desslok scoffs at her arrogance, and insists that unless the Star Force is dealt with, the Comet Empire will be unsuccessful. He convinces Emperor Zordar to allow him to personally take care of the Star Force. Meanwhile, Comet Empire strike planes begin stealth attacks on Earth's defence patrol fleet. Wildstar takes his Superstar flighter out on a solo mission to chase the mysterious enemy, only to be called back to the ship which has been crippled by an enormous EMF surge which has passed through the Solar System. The surge burns up many of the Argo's electrical circuits, but the communication

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

#3 - Blackout


Season 2 - Episode 2

As the Star Force reunites to honor Captain Avatar's memory, Derek Wildstar says that he scouted what he thinks is a new and potentially very powerful and dangerous enemy. He then goes to the Andromeda and confronts Captain Gideon, who turns out to be one of his former instructors, about the near-miss in space. Gideon says that even though the Argo had landing priority as a returning spaceship, it still would have had to yield to the Andromeda because the latter was Earth's highest-ranking starship. Despite Wildstar's protests, Gideon simply tells him he will "learn the hard way." Wildstar leaves Gideon's quarters along with former crewmate Sandor, who gives him a tour of the Andromeda, saying how computerized the ship is. When Wildstar asks about the radio message, Sandor plays it back; although mostly garbled, it appears to contain a woman's voice. Wildstar asks about the improvements to the Argo, and Sandor mentions that the Earth Defense Force wants the Argo just as computerized as the Andromeda. The news upsets Wildstar, who confronts the Earth Defense Council's commander, just as a massive blackout occurs. On board the Comet Empire, which was responsible for the blackout, Desslok tells Zordar that the Star Force will head to Telezart once they decipher Trelaina's message. Zordar puts Desslok in charge of handling Trelaina and the Star Force.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

#4 - Underground City


Season 2 - Episode 3

Sandor and Wildstar try to decode the message Wildstar received, but the best either of them can determine is that it appears to be a jammed distress call vaguely warning the Earth of some sort of danger. Believing the message and the blackout may be related, Wildstar unsuccessfully tries to get the Earth Defense Force to listen. He then decides to take the Argo -- unauthorized -- out into space, even though he isn't fully sure there is a threat to Earth. Wildstar sends a message to the old Star Force crew, emphasizing that their participation in this mission is strictly voluntary since the mission isn't authorized. Sandor agrees to go, but Venture wants time to think it over. Nova is torn between letting Wildstar go and asking him to stay. Desslok meets with his former battle staff and has the Gamilon fleet go to Telezart to wait for the Star Force. Wildstar boards the Argo and is surprised when it powers up, then discovers Sandor and Orion on board. The rest of the old bridge crew, minus Venture and Nova, also join Wildstar on the Argo as it prepares to depart Earth.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

#5 - Solar System Faces Destruction


Season 3 - Episode 1

As a war rages on between two factions outside of Earth's solar system, Cadet Jason Jetter sees his parents off on a sightseeing tour of space. However, a stray missile from the war strikes and destroys the space tour bus and also hits the sun. On Earth, Jason learns that he will be assigned to the rebuilt Argo. He meets Captain Derek Wildstar, who assigns him to KP duty, much to his chagrin. Wildstar learns that he will be in command of the rebuilt Argo and is reunited with former shipmates Sandor and Mark Venture. He is also given an assignment: the activity on the sun has ramped up so much that, left unchecked, it will destroy the Earth in one year and the entire solar system in three. The Star Force is charged with finding a new planet for Earth's inhabitants. Knowing Jason is unhappy with the assignment, Derek goads the cadet into sparring with him to vent his frustrations. He then consoles Jason on the loss of his parents, saying he too lost his family a long time ago. Derek also says he assigned Jason to such a lowly position so the cadet could prove himself to him and the rest of the crew. Jason accepts the assignment and the challenge, and he and Derek become like brothers.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

#6 - Great Battle in the Silver Stream (Milky Way)
Season 3 - Episode 2

On board the Argo, Commander Wildstar meets former shipmate Cory Conroy. Derek shows Conroy the new Cosmo Tiger fighter, being piloted by Cadet Flash Contrail. In the mess hall, they meet Flash briefly before Derek receives orders to send Flash back home. Mark Venture briefs the crew on where they plan to look for a new planet, but Derek says that beyond a certain point they don't know what to expect. The ongoing war between the two factions intrudes into Earth's solar system, prompting the Earth Defense Force commander to order the Argo to launch sooner than the six days Wildstar said he needed to prepare for departure. Meanwhile, the increasing solar activity creates more havoc on the Earth. When Flash gets home, he argues with his father, who wants him to take over the family business. Flash's ill mother implores his father to let him return to the Star Force so he can be happy.

The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

#7 - Star Force Embarks at Dawn
Season 3 - Episode 3

During the ongoing war outside of Earth's solar system, one of the ships mistakenly warps to Earth's atmosphere, heading directly for the Argo's location. The Earth Defense Force alerts Commander Wildstar, who sends the Cosmo Tigers to investigate. The ship attacks the Tigers, but they dispatch it. Wildstar briefs his crew on the mission, offering those who wish to remain on Earth a chance to leave. Chief Communications Officer Homer Glitchman is the only one who does so, wanting to find a girl who had given him a flower, but whose name he didn't get. Derek discovers that the girl in question is Wendy, the EDF's commander's granddaughter, and sends out the Cosmo Tigers to bring Homer back. Just then, he finds Homer still on board and brings him back to meet Wendy, who wishes him luck. As the Argo launches into space, 329 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

The episode was rated #2 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

#8 - Shoot for Planet Mars
Season 3 - Episode 4

Commander Wildstar orders a warp to the planet Mars to test the crew. As soon as the ship comes out of warp, he has the crew go through sixteen hours of drills, including a simulated attack on Mars and the Argo taking damage and casualties. While the exhausted cadets rest, Jason discovers that the section commanders continue to train even after drills are completed. He also learns that Wildstar trains harder than anyone else, even in his spare time. Just then, the crew are summoned to their battle stations when the ship's radar picks up enemy missiles approaching. The Argo destroys all the missiles and continues on its journey. 328 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

The episode was rated #3 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

#9 - S.O.S. Legendra!
Season 3 - Episode 5

When the Argo picks up an unidentified spaceship, Commander Wildstar orders all hands to their battle stations. He makes radio contact with the spaceship, which identifies itself as the Legendra, says it is heavily damaged, and requests time to make repairs. After consulting with the Earth Defense Force's commander, Wildstar gives the Legendra 24 hours to make repairs and offers to provide any necessary supplies. He meets with the Legendra's captain, Captain Ram of the planet Berth, who tells him about their war with the Galman Empire. Just then, one fleet of the Galman's Eastern Task Force appears. Sandor recognizes the ships as the same type they fought just before the Argo left Earth. General Dagon, the Galman commander in command of the fleet, demands the Legendra, but Ram negotiates more time with Dagon and completes repairs. Just as Ram leaves the Argo, however, Dagon orders an attack on both ships. Wildstar launches a counterattack, plunging the Argo into the middle of the war. 326 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

The episode was rated #4 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

#10 - Great Battle Near Planet Brumus
Season 3 - Episode 6

Dagon continues his attack on the Argo and the Legendra near Planet Brumus. The Cosmo Tigers destroy several Galman ships, and Dagon ramps up the attack. Ram sends one final message thanking the Argo for its help before the Legendra is destroyed. Commander Wildstar orders the Cosmo Tigers back before continuing the counterattack on the Galman fleet. Dagon orders his flagship and two others to warp while the remaining ships continue to engage the Argo. One ship crashes into the Argo, inflicting heavy damage. A Galman boarding party engages the Argo's KP crew, mortally wounding Jason's supervisor. Jason grabs several weapons and helps hold off the boarding party. Wildstar leads a team to help, and Jason kills his first combatant -- a Galman robot. The Argo pulls free from the Galman ship before the latter explodes. On the Argo's main deck, Wildstar offers a space burial to those who died in the attack, including Jason's supervisor and several non-robotic Galmanians. 325 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

The episode was rated #5 Worst episode of Star Blazers from 2 votes.

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I used to run home from school to watch this! Classic, must see animated series.

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