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Stargate Origins

Stargate Origins

Stargate Command 2018

Follow Catherine Langford, the young woman who witnessed her father uncover the Stargate in Giza in 1928, as she embarks on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save Earth from unimaginable darkness.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Stargate Origins

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    So as a hardcore fan of Stargate is have mixed feelings so far. 1. An episode is only 10 minutes long, they have 10 episodes planned from what I can tell meaning it's 1 hour and 40 minutes long. So this is a kind of movie split in to 10 pieces. 2. As it's about the 'Origin' In the first 4 episodes I have seen quite a few mistakes about the Stargate us. for example: The Stargate used in the movie they puke there guts out because our side has no stabilisers for the ride. other example: activating a symbool requires it to be placed on top where it's locked, not at the position where a light is... 3. The acting is ... Well the acting so far is below average expect for Connor Trinneer he is awesome. But the rest of the cast are not really impressive. Edited: So I watched the full series... and I have to add a point 4.. 4. The special effects They are horrible, I have a little experience with special effects and I could do a better job then is shown in the series. 5. The end So the series has a poor beginning and even in the middle of the series it's hard to follow anything because the story is just boring but then the end... That's just hard to watch (I mean almost everybody dies in the end) that's not the hard part. The hard part is how they try to wrap it all up and make it 'sound' like this is the reason why the rest of the series have been made. (All the other series of Stargate...)


    wtf is this s*** 10 minutes thas not enough


    They found the worst actors EVER!


    Bad acting, Very low budget. It does not follow the Stargate timeline. This is a VERY poor addition to the franchise. Too bad, I really love Stargate, but this is a pain to watch. Seriously, do not even try. At least, it is my recommendation.


    Wowww. I'm hardcore Stargate fan and I am very excited to see this season or movie!!!! °•°*★*°•°§∆∞


    I have mixed feelings after watching the whole thing. I appreciate what they tried to do - however the budget and the acting left much to be desired, especially the gate itself (you can tell it's plastic). That said, it did pick up near the end - I almost feel the pacing was backwards - the start was slow, then they rushed a lot out in the final 2-3 episodes. I really like the idea behind it now that the whole 10 episodes are out, as it does provide some interesting context to the original movie. If you're a Stargate fan, don't expect much here - it's a nice bit of context and a new low-budget movie. Not horrible, but nothing special. Now on to an actual Atlantis-esque show, please!


    I like the 10 minutes runtime. Perfect to fill gaps here and there. The budget is pretty low. That’s not great for science fiction genre. But so far it’s enjoyable. I think the very short format and low budget will push them to be more creative. And it shouldn’t get boring with filler episodes and stuff. Only actions and storyline development. Looking forward to the rest. Only saw 3 episodes.


    I Grew up on Stargate with its witty humour and epic action. It is the best sci-fi franchise in all of my tv viewings. I only wish they completed the Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe franchise'. Definitely one to watch from begining to end!


    A well written cartoonish prequel for the original movie with nothing in common with the series unfortunately.


    I do not like the 10 minute format, but always love some stargate. I hope this leads to something else be it movies or a series. Ellie Gall is fairly good as Catherine, though I find it a bit hard to believe the german soldiers would be so lacking in any indications of intelligence. The one left to guard her didn't seem like he was capable of tying his own shoelaces.

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