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Freeform 2015

A young woman is recruited into a secret government agency to be “stitched” into the minds of the recently deceased, using their memories to investigate murders.

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  • Last updated: dec 04, 2021



    Well, this could become interesting if it´s not only going to be hot-blonde-in-tight-jumpsuit-solving-crime-of-the-week.


    I've only seen one episode as of this writing, but so far it seems promising. Honestly, I started watching because of Allison Scagliotti, (who co-stars), because I've missed seeing her since Warehouse 13 ended.


    Chick looks like Taylor Swift with a long stick up her... anyway... i like this style of show, 1 crime/week... will try some more episodes...


    This series starts out well, interesting and worth watching. However, as this series moves on, it becomes clear that the writer(s) of this series lack imagination, it becomes repetitive, and because of that boring. As of season 3, I stopped watching, I just couldn't keep watching this, it just was plain boring by the third season. The main character Kirsten uses the stereotypical (quite) emotionless personality we have seen quite often recently, but as all the others at which this was tried recently, the character is not executed well. When it comes to Bones and House MD the characters all add up, like Brennan's(Bones) slowly becoming more connected, and House's connection being there only with a few people,[spoiler] like the Autistic boy in the Lines in the Sand episode, or with his friend Wilson,[/spoiler] which is showing too little here. Also, the characters Maggie and Cameron change extremely sporadically, making them feel like unreal people, taking away of being able to get sucked into the story of this series. And Fisher is used far too little for an actually quite interesting character in this series. [spoiler] And then it got topped off by the relationship of Linus and Camille becoming completely unclear at random moments, as if the writers knew that they wanted to change something, and immediately executed it, instead of making it part of the story, and making us as watcher being able to stay involved when it comes to that.[/spoiler] In all regards, it may be worth to watch the first season, but after that, I would already advice to stop, as in all honesty, there is a clearly lacking ability of the writers behind this series to make an actual story...


    The first episode was sort of interesting, but the main character was extremely unlikeable. I guess her emotional development will be a part of each episode. I usually jump onto each new sci-fi show each season, but somehow I don't think this will be for me...


    Same here. I just starting to watch it cos of Allison Scagliotti. But when I realized Allison from Eureka plays in it, just became much more better. Story (as far as i knew it till yet) is not bad, but cos of these 2 actors I am going to watch this show. :)


    I liked this series last year but this year the writers gave in to the politically correct nonsense being peddled by Hollywood and went all gay on us. No longer watching!


    For some reason, I really find this show boring.


    This show sounds a lot like Dollhouse (cr. 2009) which starred Eliza Dushku. Since I liked that show, I will try watching this one and we'll see if it will last or not.


    A cliche show that feels like half Fringe half Bones "without the Bones" but the humor and the chemistry between the actors makes it good.

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