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Drawing on 30 years of professional experience, Jo is back to help stressed-out parents tackle social and behavioral challenges as well as new issues faced by modern-day families. With a recipe of honest, direct and nurturing support, Jo offers real-life solutions to parents โ€” uplifting families with advice, techniques, and tips to iron out the chaos in their lives, helping families evolve.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Supernanny

Supernanny - S8E3

#1 - Richardson Family


Season 8 - Episode 3

The Richardson's have found themselves at a loss managing their six fiercely independent kids and can't keep up with the mess that follows them. But more importantly, Brittany's four oldest children from her first husband are struggling with the recent passing of their father which is causing friction between them and their stepfather Ralph. Can Nanny Jo help this family cope with the loss of a loved one and come together as a blended family?

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

Supernanny - S8E6

#2 - Andersen Family


Season 8 - Episode 6

After their children were diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, Dan and Miranda Andersen are constantly on guard for their familyโ€™s safety, which has led to conflicting parenting styles. Also, too much unsupervised screen-time has made the bedtime routine a nightmare. Can Nanny Jo help this family over-come their fears and get a good nightโ€™s rest?

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

Supernanny - S1E2

#3 - The Bullard Family


Season 1 - Episode 2

Bryce and Jen Bullard are a Colorado couple who are struggling to manage a busy plumbing business and raise two unruly children. The Bullard household is chaotic, with work phones ringing off the hook and kids screaming late into the night. Jen is at the breaking point, as she tries to juggle her roles as secretary, homemaker and mother. The Bullard boys, two-year-old Rylan and six-year-old Brycie, have full rein of the house. Brycie constantly talks back to his parents, and baby Rylan refuses to sleep in his crib, shrieking at the top of his lungs at the mention of bedtime and spending hours delaying it. Jen and Bryce have very different views of parenting; Jen is more lenient, while Dad is quick to punish. In order for Bryce and Jen to gain control of their household, they must learn get on the same page with their discipline and follow the Supernanny method.

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Supernanny - S8E8

#4 - Tobeck-Lawrence Family


Season 8 - Episode 8

When Crystal Tobeck and Jeff Lawrence met, they doubled their family and got a second chance at love. But the honeymoon was soon over as rebellious children clashed with controlling parents, leaving everything in chaos. Can Supernanny help this family blend in more love and harmony?

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

Supernanny - S1E1

#5 - The Jeans Family


Season 1 - Episode 1

In the first episode Supernanny visits The Jeans Family. The Jeans Family has an active family of five in Denver, Colorado. David and Barbara Jeans have been married for 16 years. The couple both have three girls don't show any mercy on the middle-aged pair. Andra, who is 4 1/2 years old. Andra dominates the whole family by her family with her selfish demands, tantrums, and violent outbursts that feature hitting and kicking anything and anyone in her way.

The episode was rated from 22 votes.

Supernanny - S8E4

#6 - Ostler Family


Season 8 - Episode 4

The Ostler's are struggling to control their two rambunctious boys while also still grieving the loss of their first child. Dane's occupation as a Wildland Firefighter often leaves his anxiety ridden wife, Nicole, on her own with the boys. With the oldest, Jax, craving more independence, Nicole's helicopter parenting style is only driving him further away. Can Jo help this mother work through her high anxiety while also allowing her children to become more independent?

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Supernanny - S8E9

#7 - Jones-Nickolich Family


Season 8 - Episode 9

Heather and Todd thought Hawaii was going to be the ideal location to raise their triplet boys, and they even flew in grandma to help. But trouble struck paradise as the triplets grew into wild screaming toddlers and the parents became polarized. Can Jo break through Todd and Heather's denial and get them on the same page? Or will the kids' unruly behavior spin out into total chaos?

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

Supernanny - S8E2

#8 - Corry Family


Season 8 - Episode 2

The Corry's are a military family struggling to discipline their four daughters. While Ben, the father, is away with the army for months at a time, Maria, the stay-at-home mom, is left dealing with their rambunctious children and navigating her post-partum depression. Will Nanny Jo be able to dive into the trenches and rescue this family?

The episode was rated from 13 votes.

Supernanny - S8E7

#9 - Davis Family


Season 8 - Episode 7

Mom, Kristi is overwhelmed and frustrated having to discipline her three girls while her husband, Diarmid, timidly passes the buck. Kristi has resorted to yelling and screaming in order to gain control, and now, her aggressive behavior is being mimicked by her daughter, Karina. Can Nanny Jo get these parents to work together on a united front, or will the house continue to be hostile and divided?

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Supernanny - S7E1

#10 - Atkinson Family


Season 7 - Episode 1

Jo tries to help a married couple in Illinois with five children, including an openly defiant teen and a 4-year-old with separation anxiety.

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

Supernanny - S8E11
#11 - Orr Family
Season 8 - Episode 11

Ian and Jamie Orr are at their wits end with their four rambunctious children. Their oldest son Julian is addicted to violent video games, causing him to have nightmares. Plus, all four children are the pickiest of eaters, demanding fried unhealthy meals. Full-time working mother Jamie is struggling to maintain the housework and cooking demands even though Ian works from home. Can Nanny Jo get Julian to put the controller down and bring order to this family?

The episode was rated from 12 votes.
Supernanny - S8E5
#12 - Garcia Family
Season 8 - Episode 5

Stay at home dad, Anthony Garcia is struggling to understand his new role as the primary caregiver, while mom, Bethanie, canโ€™t find her work, life balance. Now the children are ruling the roost amidst all the confusion and the parents are at their wits end. Can Jo help these young parents establish boundaries and respect within the household?

The episode was rated from 14 votes.
Supernanny - S8E1
#13 - Braido Family
Season 8 - Episode 1

Working parents, Jessica and CJ Braido, feel theyโ€™re being overrun by their four small children and are at a loss at how to come together on their parenting perspectives. The only thing they can agree on is using electronics as a babysitting device in order to give them some peace. Can Jo get these parents to come together to work as a united front, or will war break out in the Braido household?

The episode was rated from 17 votes.

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