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The ABC Murders

The ABC Murders

BBC One 2018

1933. Hercule Poirot, older and greyer, receives letters threatening murder. The sender signs themselves only as โ€œA.B.C.โ€ When he takes the letters to the police looking for help, Hercule finds all his old friends have moved on. But soon there is a murder and the once-great detective must take matters into his own hands.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The ABC Murders

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    Sacrifices the heart and humour of Christie's Poirot with brooding, pointlessly gory and ultimately boring results.


    oh this was so so fantastic. ive always been a fan of the books and the old tv show, so its difficult for me to open up to new actors. and after all the bad things out there about the recent orient express movie, i was ready to be disappointed. instead, im extremely intrigued. the director has done a FANTASTIC job! the show is simply beautiful so far. UPDATE: just finished, and wow. had me guessing till the last minute. even pulled an all nighter to finish it just because i couldnt stop thinking about it.


    A darker, brooding take on Agatha Christie. Malkovich's Poirot comes off as much more human, though the genius and attendant arrogance is still present. Overall, it's a welcome change from the Christie adaptations of the past. Very chilling.


    I won't say this is bad, but I'll say that probably most Agatha Christie's fans won't like it unless they're ok with a more somber take on the story and a more brooding, humorless Poirot


    I liked Malkovich's portrayal of Poirot. It felt a little more human. If I remember correctly most portrayals of Poirot simply make him unlikeably arrogant. I was also very surprised at Rupert Grint's performance. I basically did not recognize him visually or by his acting until I confirmed in the credits that it was in fact him. The story is as is expected - a false/potentially strong-looking suspect, then the real perpetrator is revealed. I recognized who was which almost immediately. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The best part of who-dun-its is usually the how and why and the discovery/reasoning of the same by the detective.

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