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The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code

FOX 2011

The series follows officers of the Chicago Police Department as they fight crime on the streets and try to expose political corruption within the city.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Chicago Code

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    Don't understand why Fox cancelled this show, I loved it and could have seen it go on for another few seasons with no problems, it was well wrapped up though although it was evident it was rushed with the turnaround in the final 2 episodes. Great Show


    God damnit. Such a breathe of fresh air this show was. Not simply another tired cop procedural but a genuinely good show backed by the man himself, Shawn Ryan. Although I'm pissed this was cancelled it still worked out as a really decent mini-series which I'm thankful for. Also, for those interested -- this is the correct order to watch the episodes: 01 - Pilot 02 - Hog Butcher 06 - The Gold Coin Kid 05 - O'Leary's Cow 07 - Blackhand and the Shotgun 08 - Wild Onions 09 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre 10 - Bathhouse & Hinky Dink 11 - Black Sox 03 - Gillis, Chase & Babyface 04 - Cabrini Green 12 - Greylord & Gambat 13 - Mike Royko's Revenge


    From Fox comes the edgy and daring police drama The Chicago Code. Season 1 follows the newly appointed Police Superintendent as she puts together a special task force to take down a corrupt alderman who controls the Irish mob. Starring Jason Clarke, Jennifer Beals, and Delroy Lindo, the show has a fairly impressive cast and uses a meta narrative that has each character take turns narrating as they tell their backstories, along with pieces of Chicago’s history, to the audience; which helps to create a connection to the characters. However, some of the episodes get a little unfocused; switching narrators up to three times, making it hard to follow the story. Still, the writers come up with some interesting cases-of-the-week and do a good job at building the overall season story-arc. Additionally, the show addresses some poignant sociopolitical issues; government and police corruption, race relations, and gender inequality. Yet while it delivers a strong first season, The Chicago Code was cancelled after 13 episodes.


    Vert good show


    Finally finished up the last few episodes. Great show, sucks we'll never get another season. Agreed that the ending wrapped things up well at least.


    Great show and the last episode was very well done. At least we didn't have a open ended ending.


    Dear FOX WHY


    Well.. it was good while it lasted. Fox: Where Good TV Goes To Die.


    I like the show, espesially the characters.. but, the stories are a bit thin.


    great new show. its like a more refined shield (same director). the voice overs are a great touch.

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