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The Coconuts

The Coconuts

M-Net 2008

It's not preachy, nor does in have an overt “message”, nor does it rely on tired old stereotypes for cheap laughs, but it does hold up a non-politically correct mirror in which South Africans from all backgrounds will recognise themselves. Imagine Third Rock from the Sun (with aliens masquerading as humans) meeting Freaky Friday (with people swapping bodies) and then put it into the suburban South African black/white paradigm.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Coconuts

#1 - Black Again


Season 2 - Episode 1

The episode starts where Season 1 left off with the Mbulis all having turned Coloured, and with Amandla toting a 6-month old Chinese baby. Patience is Indian. This all turns out to be a dream complete with Bollywood sequence, from which Patience awakes in the first few minutes. From then on, she is still white and the Mbulis are again black. In reality, Amandla is nearly nine months pregnant. The family has to deal with the stress of the imminent arrival of Amandla’s parents, as she insists on having the baby at home and needs her mother’s help. Amandla also has to make sure that Patience constantly wears a pregnancy “suit” in case the unborn child turns out to be white, so they can say that Patience gave birth to it. Naturally the neighbours, especially Joyce, are curious and use the arrival of new furniture at the Mbulis as an excuse to visit and snoop. Meanwhile, Beyonce has taken a gap year and is keeping the salon going for her mother, TK is being tutored by Khensiwe to get him through matric, and Patience has to be taught how to speak and act ‘white’ so she can break the news of the family’s colour change to Amandla’s mother, “Ouma”. Things do not go according to plan, as Amandla’s mother arrives, and finds out that there is more to her daughter’s situation than meets the eye. She goes hysterical and chaos ensues, with Patience saving the day.

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#2 - The Transformation


Season 1 - Episode 1

The Greenes return from holiday having inexplicably turned black overnight. Their domestic worker, Patience, has equally mysteriously turned white. Their next-door neighbours, the Mlambos, see black people in the Greene's house and investigate. Joyce Mlambo is initially concerned that the house is being robbed but then gets excited at the prospect of new friends. The Greenes are bewildered as they try to fathom what to do about their predicament and what to tell people. Patience remembers the old Zulotho man warning them not to park their caravan on the burial grounds because it would offend the ancestors. They quickly realise that ignoring the old man's warning had something to do with their transformation. The Mlambos pop over unexpectedly and Tom tells them that the Greenes have gone overseas and that they are exiles and “good friends of the Greenes” who've come to look after the Greenes' house and businesses while they're away.

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#3 - Return of the Exiles


Season 1 - Episode 2

Together the Mbulis (formerly the Greenes) try to decipher how they're going to continue with their lives and make ends meet. Tombo is frantic about an imminent business meeting with two Afrikaans farmers who were his clients when he was white and who want him to design an Afrikaans history theme-park. Tombo, presuming that the farmers are racist, uses the maid Patience (who is now white) to front his design business and liaise with the Afrikaners who are unexpectedly proficient in Zulu. A comedy of errors ensues with Amandla arriving in the middle of the meeting where Patience is pretending to be her.

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#4 - There's a Zulu in my Bed


Season 1 - Episode 3

Tombo has an idea to start a business that teaches catering skills to rural people and sets up a meeting with the IDCC. Meanwhile it's Tombo and Amandla's wedding anniversary and they face the prospect of being intimate for the first time since turning black.

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#5 - The Goat


Season 1 - Episode 4

Amandla Mbuli (formerly Isabel Greene) invites the Mlambos over for dinner so the Mbuli family can learn more about black culture. Amandla hopes this will appease the Zulotho ancestors who they offended when they parked their caravan on their burial grounds. Meanwhile, Patience is smitten with the hunky new ‘garden boy', but won't talk to him unless she's disguised from head to toe, because he doesn't know she's white.

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#6 - The Sleepover
Season 1 - Episode 5

Beyoncé (formerly Tamzin Greene) invites her bitchy, snobby, white, former best friends, Melanie and Debbie, for a sleepover. They are not really keen on coming over but being snobs, they are persuaded when Beyoncé mentions that some top models are coming round to collect wigs from her mom's salon. Beyoncé also promises to give them news about Tamzin Greene who, she tells them, is now living in England. Next door, the Mlambos have a romantic dinner of expired seafood - with dire consequences.

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#7 - The Chicken
Season 1 - Episode 6

After Percy Mlambo tells TK (formerly Kyle Greene) about the custom of lobola, TK (secretly in love with the Mlambo's daughter Khensiwe) decides to accumulate livestock to offer them for Khensiwe one day. He ignorantly starts with a chicken and naïvely buys a pregnancy test to determine its fertility. Meanwhile Beyoncé (formerly Tamzin Greene) wants to audition as a presenter for a youth TV series on black culture, more for the limelight than for any other reason. She begs Mr Mlambo to help brief her on black culture and history, with hilarious consequences.

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#8 - The Pageant
Season 1 - Episode 7

Grandpa Greene, Tom Greene's ageing, prejudiced and near-blind father is coming to visit from the UK. The Mbulis (formerly the Greenes) have to concoct a bizarre plan to keep the racist old man in the dark as to their new skin colour. Meanwhile Beyoncé Mbuli (formerly Tamzin Greene) and Khensiwe Mlambo are competing in the school beauty pageant and both go to extraordinary lengths to outdo each other.

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#9 - Crime Watch
Season 1 - Episode 8

Beyoncé has a new, rich, white boyfriend, much to Tombo's delight. Meanwhile, the Mlambos are robbed and Percy accuses Tombo (formerly Tom Greene) of “borrowing” too much of his stuff. Tombo is irritated and points out to Percy that they are in the middle of a crime wave. They start a neighbourhood watch and he and Percy end up as patrol partners who have an unfortunate run-in with police.

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#10 - Black Christmas
Season 1 - Episode 9

Patience's uncle in KwaZulu-Natal dies and she is expected to pay for the funeral because she's the “rich one from Jo'burg”. She can't go down for the burial though because she fears there will be more funerals if her relatives see that she is now white. Meanwhile, Grandpa Greene disappears suddenly, and due to a series of misunderstandings the Mlambos suspect the Mbulis (formerly the Greenes) of murdering him. It's the festive season and to make matters worse, three black dwarves, dressed as shopping centre elves are on a crime spree in Benoni, robbing neighbourhood gardens of Christmas trees and decorations.

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