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The Critic

The Critic

Comedy Central 1994

THE CRITIC is a show about the life of a down-on-his-luck film critic named Jay Sherman who gets no respect at home or at work. For his career, he has to review pathetic movies such as Arthur 3: Revenge of the Liver, Honey, I Ate the Kids and D.T.: The Drunken-Terrestrial. His response to most of these films is "it stinks." Other characters who round out the show are Jay's adopted parents, Eleanor and the slightly peculair Franklin, Jay's sister, Margo, his make-up lady, Doris, Vlada who owns the restaurant Jay attends, his overbearing boss, Duke Phillips, his son, Marty, and his ex-wife, Ardith, who is constantly trying to get over their marriage. The second season introduced two new characters, Jay's fiancée Alice Tompkins and her daughter, Penny. Colorful and funny antics abound.

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    I made it about 30 seconds into the first episode before deciding I couldn't bear the awful deinterlacing job Crackle did. Yes, it's available for free (at time of writing), but that's no excuse. Combing looks terrible. Deinterlacing video isn't a difficult art _or_ science; it only requires applying the correct filter when converting the video from source to streaming-ready encode. We'll see if anything comes of the support request I just sent in about this. I'll certainly return to the show sooner if I can view a decombed copy instead of the mess that's currently the only legal option.


    A show that might have been ahead of its time. Lots of jokes about film (including making fun of things trying hard to be PC) still hold true to this day. The only downside is towards the end of the series it seems that the budget had gone and it shows, especially with the shameless "Clip show" episode that serves as a finale

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