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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Netflix 2019

When the Crystal of Truth is damaged by the evil Skeksis and a sickness spreads across the planet Thra, three brave Gelflings unite on a quest to uncover the horrific truth behind the power of the Skeksis, fight off the darkness, and save their world.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

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    This show slayed Game of Thrones


    Highly recommended. This show will be put into my collection and watched for years to come. If I ever have kids, I will show them Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Dark Crystal.


    Before I talk about the effects (which are without doubt amazing) I really want to say what a good job they did of expanding this series world, the changes they made from the movie really created a deeper depth to the story and characters. Explaining the law of the world, the inhabitants and how all the events/ characters are connected is what really sold me on this series (something I think the movie originally lacked in my opinion). Overall I highly enjoyed and was raring to play the next episode after the previous had finished, can't wait for season 2 to come (hopefully doesn't take to long to produce).


    Great fantasy prequel inspired by The Dark Crystal (1982). Fans of the movie will be pleased, while the newcomers will be entertained and easily driven into its world. Jim Henson would be proud.


    Wow - This really is __surprisingly good__! I simply started it for something in the background during cooking, and then I was hooked - I couldn't help it :smiley: The fact that this show is made with hand controlled puppets is insane! **This show is one hell of an artwork, and not only that it is crazy entertaining, it sucks you right in.** If you are around my age it will make you feel like you are in your childhood again (though I've never seen the original). It's just like: "Labyrinth" from 1986, but with beautiful special effects. BTW here is a 6min making of The Dark Crystal » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ0TUOmzpGU Enjoy the ride! 9/10


    This series is fantastic, beautiful, and full of wonderment. In todays world,. there are so many shows filled with sex, violence, greed, and hatred. It's enjoyable to watch something so innocent, pure, and fun.


    Perhaps the best instance of carrying on Jim Henson's legacy I've seen. Though it's easy to see that it was Henson's passion project, The Dark Crystal was a beautiful yet over-ambitious film that somewhat lacked in story and character. Age of Resistance takes his notes on the deep lore that never made it into the film, and adapts it into an engaging series that makes for the perfect companion piece. The design of the world and attention to detail feel incredibly faithful, like it would all fit right into the original. The modern puppetry is highly advanced and expressive, with CG used as a suitable supplement rather than a crutch. It didn't take long for the Gelfling to close the uncanny valley for me, which is a great improvement. The characters are largely well fleshed out and likeable, with excellent performances by a surprisingly star-studded cast (disguised by their voice acting talents). The Skeksis in particular are made all the more fascinating, and the depth of their pettiness and cruelty gives you plenty of reason to hate them. The tone is even darker than the original film, not shying away from death, torture and even mild alien gore. And the story is engaging and creative, retroactively enhancing and improving the original film. While the plot could stand to be continued (and hopefully concluded) with a second season, the showrunners wisely gave us a satisfying climax that loosely sets up the film nicely. There were a couple of decisions I was less fond of, small as they may be. Some scenes and scenarios with the Skesis started to feel a bit repetitive after a while, though I really liked them too much to consider it annoying. I also felt Seladon's character was pushed too far to make such a quick redemption arc convincing. So much time is focused on making her unlikeable that it's pretty hard to see why she should be forgiven so swiftly. My biggest actual grievance would have to be the decision to manifacture a vague romance between Deet and Rian. Hup has a far better relationship with her that was built up over the season, but eventually they write him out of the way to just be kinda jealous. After Rian is proven innocent he doesn't have much to do, but I didn't feel like he had enough chemistry with Deet to warrant a love interest. It just feels odd to have a same-race relationship forced with alien fantasy characters. All in all though, Netflix really shot itself in the foot by cancelling one of its most critically acclaimed and fantastic productions. As much as I want a follow up, I have to admit it doesn't feel like a likely thing to get picked up by another studio any time soon. As it stands you need to fill in a lot of the gaps between this prequel series and the film yourself, but they still work wonderfully together. I'm incredibly impressed and moved by the passion and dedication to continuing the craft of the world's greatest puppeteer.


    I didn't like the original movie, at least not from a story standpoint... Never saw it as a kid as it was a bit scary so I hold no affinity to the franchise despite enjoying Fraggle Rock and The Muppets. I gave this show a change cause of all the praise I've read and heared. But unfortunately... I still didn't like it. It looks amazing, the characters and worldbuilding are great and it simply looks marvelous. But the story and dialogue in it is just not for me. Like most fantasy-stories we get some wibblywobbly words that change normal words, a whole lot of moaning and awing and sighing cause the actors seem to want to fill the silence in their booth, the usage of elements Iveseen in other franchises (the sword of omens, the borg,...), a lot of story exposition and way too much explaining... even some of the action scenes didnt' excite me. I don't see myself recommending this to my children as it's way too long to watch and I wonder if my opinion of the movie and this series would have been different if I actually saw it as a kid. I applaud the craftmanship in it, the worldbuilding and every technical aspect. The rest just... wasn't my cup of tea. I would watch a movie about the adventures of Hop though... (As long as it doesnt' have all the elements I didnt' like from the series and movie.)


    This is a spectacular fantasy series. In the beginning, I was a little put off by the fact that all characters are basically puppets, but do not let this deter you. The work done by the puppeteers was amazing and at times I forgot they were puppets at all. There was also cgi used, no doubt, but it only added to the quality of the show. I have to give props to the voice actors as well, all of them are really good. I especially love the Chamberlain's "mmm" by Simon Pegg. As for the story, it's nothing too groundbreaking, but I found it engaging and with good pacing. The world is fleshed out and truly feels like a fantasy world. Would recommend to everyone.


    this show was quite the adventure.

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