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The Librarians

The Librarians

TNT 2014

A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts. Based on the series of "The Librarian" movies.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Librarians

The Librarians - S4E12

#1 - And the Echoes of Memory


Season 4 - Episode 12

After the world is morphed into a horrible and unrecognizable place – one where the Library never existed – it's up to Baird to bring the Librarians together before this bleak, knowledge-less world becomes the new reality.

The episode was rated from 763 votes.

The Librarians - S3E10

#2 - And the Wrath of Chaos


Season 3 - Episode 10

The Librarians' two-front battle comes to a head when the Library is simultaneously infiltrated by DOSA and Apep. Flynn, Baird, Stone, Cassandra, Ezekiel and Jenkins must all put aside their differences in an attempt to save the Library, the world and themselves.

The episode was rated from 1286 votes.

The Librarians - S2E10

#3 - And the Final Curtain


Season 2 - Episode 10

The Librarians discover that Prospero's renewed magic is wreaking havoc with the technology of the world. He is recreating an idyllic forest utopia, whether we want one or not. In order to stop him, Flynn and Baird must travel back to 1611, while the rest of the team battles Prospero in the present. Little do they realize that they can only defeat Prospero in each time by finding a way to work together – separated by five centuries.

The episode was rated from 1068 votes.

The Librarians - S3E8

#4 - And the Eternal Question


Season 3 - Episode 8

A rash of people spontaneously combusting leads the Librarians to a holistic spa run by vampires, who have discovered the secret to walking in the sun.

The episode was rated from 1352 votes.

The Librarians - S2E8

#5 - And the Point of Salvation


Season 2 - Episode 8

The Clipping Book sends the team to a high-tech research facility, where the researchers have been turned into mindless monsters by some bizarre power source in the center's lab. When they disconnect the artifact, however, they find themselves stuck in a time loop.

The episode was rated from 1121 votes.

The Librarians - S4E10
#6 - And Some Dude Named Jeff
Season 4 - Episode 10

When Jenkins body-switches with a 28-year-old slacker named Jeff, he must find his way back into the Library to correct the mistake. But he will need a team to do it, and enlists the help of Jeff’s hapless Dungeons & Dragons friends. Can they make it in time, before Jeff destroys the Library?

The episode was rated from 753 votes.
The Librarians - S3E9
#7 - And the Fatal Separation
Season 3 - Episode 9

When the Monkey King's sacred homeland of Shangri-La is taken over by a ruthless collector of magical artifacts, the balance of the Universe is put in jeopardy, forcing all the Librarians to come together to help save the imperiled land… at what could be a terrible cost.

The episode was rated from 1226 votes.
The Librarians - S1E10
#8 - And the Loom of Fate
Season 1 - Episode 10

When Dulaque changes the course of Fate, Baird starts moving through alternate timelines, each showing the changing destinies of the Librarians – and her own inevitable doom.

The episode was rated from 947 votes.
The Librarians - S4E6
#9 - And the Graves of Time
Season 4 - Episode 6

When Baird goes after Nicole Noone in an attempt to repair her rift with the Library, she ends up joining Nicole in a mission to retrieve a dangerous artifact before it falls into the hands of Russian grave robbers. But can she convince Nicole to forgive the Library and return home with her? Or, will Nicole open Baird's eyes to the dangers of a Guardian dedicating herself, heart and soul, to the Library?

The episode was rated from 802 votes.
The Librarians - S3E4
#10 - And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Season 3 - Episode 4

After seeing a vision of her own death at the hands of a supernatural assassin, Baird tries to cheat fate and stop the deadly prophecy from coming true.

The episode was rated from 1428 votes.

Last updated: oct 20, 2021



This is going to be as spoiler free as possible. This was written following Ep 3 - And the Horns of a Dilemma. And this will hopefully help you make up your minds about whether to watch the show or not. Now, the general plot is this; There is a building called the Library which houses magical items which the Librarian - Flynn Carsen - retrieves and protects. After Flynn and Eve have a chance encounter in Berlin, the Library - which sends out magical invites to potential employees - invites her to work for it as a Guardian. Flynn's guardian, to be more precise. Together the two of them discover that someone is killing off all the potential replacement Librarians, and they find and rescue the only three that are still alive; Ezekiel Jones, Jake Stone, and Cassandra Cillian. So, what can you expect from this show? *Firstly, a reminder that it's a TV show, so every episode has a set budget - this means that the special effects aren't always fantastic. Just try to look past that. *Sometimes the acting is a little clunky, and the writing is too. Writing-wise they need to find their groove, sometimes they use humor and it falls flat, sometimes they use humor and it's actually kinda funny. They just need to find what works. Acting-wise - some of these guys are somewhat new to the game, give them some time they'll get better. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? *Action, fighting, mystery, and adventure. Saving the world every week. Or at least, every week the show is on. Almost like a short Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, and Nate Drake team up every week... except without Indy, Lara, or Nate actually being present. *Sweet character interaction - developing future 'found family' dynamic - characters who care about each other, fight for each other, and would never bail on each other. Or at least, that's what I'm hoping for - it's looking that way. *Possible romance subplots, and you'll probably get a few new ships out of it if you're into that sort of thing! *The bad guy is played by Dr. Leekie from Orphan Black - Matt Frewer! *Random appearances from Flynn Carsen - other than being in the first two episodes, I've heard he's in an episode later in the season. I suggest you try watching it. If you don't like the first episode, and I know this is hard - give it a few more episodes, sometimes shows take a little while to get into the groove of things. Maybe it'll improve in your eyes during those few episodes, maybe not, but it's worth checking, that way you don't miss a show you will later love. Maybe check out the Librarian movies if you aren't sure, or if you like the show and want to get some back story on Flynn. (There are three movies.) This show is far from perfect, but it has potential. Hopefully over the season it will continue to improve.


The Librarians is done in the vein of Xena and Hercules. If you come in expecting Game of Thrones or Spartacus with their SUPER SERIOUS drama and blood and guts and tits, you'll be disappointed. But if you expect a fun show with some history thrown in, you'll like this.


i hope it gets renewed. amen


Bad stunt work, bad acting, sloppy scene editing, mediocre special effects and an unsuccessful attempt at trying to add a sense of humor to it all :-(


nice sequel to the movies! I love it.. and fills the gap warehouse 13 left in me... they should make a crossover... by the way to the ones that say warehouse ¹³ was first watch the librarian movies ...


Season 4 became a retarded kids series. At least, first half. Second half was a bit better, but then the series already got canceled. Anyway, at least it has a proper ending. The series never got above the quality of the movies and Warehouse 13 is definitely the best of the two. But it's pretty good entertainment overall.


this show is pretty good #ShiftvW8


The Ezekiel Jones charactor is written too stupid/clueless for this show. Very distracting. (via TV Blaze for WP)


So far.... Well... It's kind of entertaining, but you probably want to watch something better, than to waste time here. But hey, if you're like me. Want to waste time for new episodes to appear on another show? Then watch it! :P


this is the Dirt Poor version of WAREHOUSE 13. thumbs down.

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