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The Long Ballad

The Long Ballad

Tencent Video 2021

The year is 626 C.E, and the realm and its political center Changโ€™an, are shaken to its core by the Xuanwu Gate Incident, a successful palace coup to take charge of the Tang Dynasty. A scheming prince leads the bloody coup and kills the family of Li Chang Ge during the raid, although she manages to escape. Now the prince has placed himself on the Imperial throne, and rules as Emperor Tai Zong.Li Chang Ge has her mind firmly set on revenge โ€“ and musters a powerful army intent on overthrowing the new Emperor.But her plans are thrown into disarray when she suffers an unexpected defeat against the armies of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate. The victorious General, Ashi Na Sun, decides to keep her in his service, making her his military strategist as he looks to pursue his own military goals. The duo forms a formidable military partnership. And over time, she finds herself falling for her captor โ€“ as he also starts developing feelings for her.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Long Ballad

The Long Ballad - S1E1

#1 - A Game of Cuju


Season 1 - Episode 1

Envoys from the Ashina Tribe comes to Chang'an to meet with Tang Dynasty's Crown Prince Li Jian Cheng to compete in Cuju and discuss their inter-marriage. Li Chang Ge is the Crown Prince's daughter, Princess Yongning. Disguised as a man, she accidentally meets Ashina Sun, prince of Ashina Tribe, and even plays with him in Cuju.

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Last updated: jun 24, 2022



it was the second couple that really gave me feels. i feel like their story is more well written than the main couple. And I also like the hate to love trope with a dash of love triangle, it just never gets old for me.


The series isn't even over yet and they deserve some kind of award. The fight scenes and script alone are fantastic. Must watch if you love dramas.

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