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The Noble of Today

The Noble of Today

ATV Türkiye 2013

Ata, is both jewellery craftsman and the owner of a well known firm - called with its family name (Katiboglu)- is having some tough days with new firms in the sector. Having lost his fortune mostly, Ata has to sell the heirloom mansion to stand on his feet. However Uftade (Ata's wife), having the fear of degradation and Feride (Ata's daughter), with her impudence, puts pressure on Ata. Alienating to his family day by day Ata has a great shock discovering the new owner of the mansion; this is because that the proprietor is the former butler Yasar. Ata had a secret love affair with one of the beautiful pretty maids, Asuman in the past. Ata's mother is opposed to this and made Asuman marry Yasar offering money to them. Having accepted the offer, Yasar and Asuman leave the city and soon after they have a daughter named Aysen. Even though Yasar is deeply in love with Asuman, she will prefer to feel affection to Ata forever and Yasar will dream of taking revenge from Ata yielding his rage against him. And that Ata sells the mansion was the very opportunity to make this true. Ata is really affected by Yasar's daughter and he thinks this is only because she really looks like Asuman . However Aysen is Ata's actual daughter. Yasar whispers this to Ata's ear when he has a heart attack at Feride's wedding ceremony. Living in the suburbs afters her father's oppression on her, Aysen gets shocked after discovering the truth and consoles herself next to Uftade and Feride. Although these two are tended to exploit her purity and naivety, eventually Aysen works out the reality and decides to take revenge..

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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