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The People's Court

The People's Court

Syndication 2012

"The People's Court," produced by Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions (the producers of the original series which ran for 12 years), draws on ordinary people who have filed grievances in civil court and have opted to have their cases heard and mediated by Judge Milian. An experienced team of researchers continually canvas courts across the country in search of the most compelling, unique and thought-provoking cases. Running the gamut from disputes between neighbors and family members, to dissatisfied customers suing businesses, Milian's decisions – based on current law – are final and binding. "These cases are never about the money, they're about principle," Milian proclaims. "The People's Court" has been delivering reality television to viewers for over two decades."The People's Court" is a nationally syndicated television court show that is taped at the Connecticut Film Center in Stamford, Connecticut. The taping of this popular long-running reality TV show features ordinary people, from all walks of life, who have filed grievances against other parties in civil court and then choose to have their cases heard/mediated on The People's Court TV Show by the Judge Marilyn Milian.The People's Court has been delivering reality television to viewers for over three decades beginning with the no-nonsense Judge Joseph Wapner in September 1981. Doug Llewelyn was the court reporter who summarized each case at the end of the show. The first version was based in Los Angeles and ran until June 1993. A team of researchers canvas courts across the country in search of the most compelling, unique and entertaining cases. The litigants all agree to have their disputes settled on "The People's Court." The decisions, based on current law, are final and binding. Judge Wapner's original "The People's Court" ran from September 1981 before being cancelled in June of 1993. In 1997, the show was resurrected and production was moved to New York City. The first judge

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    Not typing this again. I don't agree with the verdict regarding carpet people who opened window and removed screen knowing there was two cat's in the house. One cat escaped and almost died. First time I don't agree with Judge Milian,..


    I've been a huge fan of Judge Milian forever. Tonight changed that while watching the September 20th episode. A homeowner was having new carpet installed. The first day he told the workers to be aware of his two cat's and if they need to have the door open, call him and he would be there to ensure the cat's were safe. Day two they decided to open a bedroom window, and take off screen to slide carpet through. They left the window open and screen off. One cat got out. After the neighborhood had looked for days and gave up, the cat returned . By the time one of his neighbors spotted his cat, it was almost dead. After almost 1800.00 worth of vet bills, to rehydrate his starving and dehydrated pet, he wanted the company to pay. I'm shocked Judge Milian said this was his fault. Really? It was apparent she had made her decision before he hearing anything. This is the first time I disagree with her.,.


    Help!!!!! I can't get this to play on kodi. It says no streams available


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