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The Protector

The Protector

Netflix 2018

The epic adventure of Hakan, a young shopkeeper whose modern world gets turned upside down when he learns he’s connected to a secret, ancient order, tasked with protecting Istanbul.

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  • Last updated: aug 16, 2021



    The first Turkish tv show in international standarts!


    For those watching in English, the sub was actually surprisingly decent. Just finished the last episode of the season. As far as the show itself is concerned; It isn't really anything that hasn't been seen and done before, but a solid show with fitting casting. Best I can say is if it sounds like something you'd be interested in, you will probably enjoy it like I did. If/when a season 2 were to pop up, I'd keep watching.


    The first Turkish series of Netflix. Above average. You should definitely follow


    so glad this was Cancelled. was the worst ever. first Season started out ok but after that it was awful. Bad acting storyline was horrible. Do not understand why Netflix paid all that money for this mess


    Story is good but the actors are so fucking bad ....


    The Protector is a trivial TV series, with a rough acting even by the main characters, the fights are clumsy and lacking in dynamism, artificial and obvious. However I saw the whole first season hoping it could improve over time. But even the first episode of the second season was a total disappointment, with a very predictable plot. The **Immortal** as evil protagonist seems one of the villains of the worst cartoon series, banal in attitudes. In short, an unwatchable TV series.


    Story is good. Most of the actors do a good job. Up to season 2 EP 6 in our watching but the writers really made the protector just a little too useless and stupid. No can really be that useless.


    I’m not a huge fan of superhero stuff, but I do watch them. But, this isn’t your typical superhero show/film such as Marvel or DC. It’s a contradiction on my part, given it’s fantasy, but it’s more realistic; the characters don’t just miraculously get up or recover from fights etc. Although, there’s some element of this. Unfortunately, the dubbing was poor, not awful, but not good. Which I found a shame, given how good the show is. It starts off as a typical superhero emerging, but does change for the better. It has a good plot and numerous twists. At the beginning, I didn’t see how they’d get 4 seasons out of it. I like it goes back in to the past too, but sadly these parts were more low budget. It’s well acted and produced etc. I’m not at all travelled or worldly, stuck in the UK with a handful of foreign trips. So, I particularly enjoy watching foreign shows, and as much as I don’t mind subtitles, it’s more relaxing to watch when dubbed. But, back to my original point; when you watch a lot of for example American tv/films, you often see the characters in foreign countries, but they seem to show bad areas or make them out to be places you wouldn’t want to visit. But, by watching foreign shows, you get a completely different perspective of the country and their ways of life, which always seems to be a thinking they look cool places Id love to visit. You also get to see more of their history, culture, mythology etc. It’s extremely refreshing, bringing new and interesting things to watch and learn from. I’ve given this an 8, despite its flaws as I really enjoyed the storyline.


    there is only 7 episode in season 4...not 10...please correct it...


    season 4 - coming up in netflix on July 9

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