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The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles

Spike 2016

The Shannara Chronicles roughly follows the storylines set out in The Elfstones of Shannara, set about 300 years after the War of the Races—which ceased magic and confined the demons on the Forbidding, locked by an ancient tree called the Ellcrys. The series chronicles the journey of Wil, Amberle and Eretria, who must fight, with the guidance of the last druid, Allanon, to protect the Ellcrys from dying and unleashing all the demons to the Four Lands

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Shannara Chronicles

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    After 4 episodes: The visuals are unexpectedly beautiful but it suffers quite a lot from typical teen drama bs. But the fantasy world seemes interesting enough for me to keep watching.


    wrong year.... it's 2016 not 1969.


    Wasn't expecting to last through the first episode of this show after reading the reviews on Metacritic. To my surprise I watched episode 1 all the way through and would’ve continued on if I could. The elf that talked like a Southern California valley-boy at the start was slightly annoying until he couldn't talk any more ;-) Odd choice of phraseology in parts, but overall pretty good. As soon as episode 5 rolls around, it digresses into something you'd expect from MTV or CW. By the 5th episode, it reaches the point where you could watch the remaining episodes out of order and it wouldn’t really matter. It’s similar in tone, production value, and content to the British series Merlin — if you enjoyed that one in it’s entirety, welcome to heaven. Think Game of Thrones for kindergarteners ;-)


    It's about what you'd expect a teenage fantasy drama on MTV to be like! Lots of teenage rubbish - poorly developed love triangles and all that, so avoid if you can't stand that stuff! Characters are pretty tropey and 2-dimensional with little development, although the story itself is OK. Visual effects are probably the main reason to watch - they're mostly stunning, although do occasionally fall short. Title sequence is something else though... could watch that all day!


    My thoughts based on 7 episodes watched: Scenes along with writing are often hit or miss. Sometimes they hit the spot, sometimes are just plain bad and doesn't make no sense at all when you think about it. Also It seems like they can't really nail serious talks down, they always end short and don't really prove the point. Most of actors seem solid, If you take out that teen crap. Other than that, series is progressing at decent speed, lots of stuff happening all the time, with very decent effects. This alone is probably the reason why the series is so highly rated.


    I find the show pretty good so far, although I am not impressed with the acting AT ALL. Hopefully, as the show goes on, the actors will develop a better feel/understanding for their characters.


    "We're going to tell everything we do or did for the viewer, but in the most unnatural way" "We're going to put a startled-looking girl as star but she's a fearless hero" "That guy is poor but he has a horse because... plot?" "We're MTV, let's put loud music everywhere, all the time" "They have pointy ears, but we're gonna tell the word Elves 200000x per minute just to make sure even the dumbest person gets it" "Let's put weird made-up words for everything, like they did in Hunger Games and Maze Runner" "We're going to put haze here, because it's dangerous" "I scream, because I'm a vilain" God those were the most annoying 45 minutes of my life. Imagine Pretty Little Liars, but with even more unexplainable shit and elves. The anorexic girl, the bad acting skills of mostly everyone, the cheap special effects, stereotypic dialogs... it's all there. I feel I'm being taken for an idiot by that show. Jeez. I'll try to last at least 2 episodes before deciding, but... urh


    Mixed feelings about this. The show started out good but got worse towards the end. Bit too much teen drama, some parts were just bad acting and the story line didn't live up to it's potential if you ask me. Anyway, it was worth my time, but nothing special.


    Watched 4 episodes... Its basically amateur fan-fic with terrible acting , repeatable script with blood and great effects... Yeah it looks good, but when there are "actors" around you are almost forced to quit watching, if you are casual you will enyoj it... Teen stars from 10+ years old movies for kids. Even Manu Bennet is terrible here. Only reason for watching is Ivana Baquero :D They show blood and violence, but sadlydontexpect nudity.


    Just went through and correct all the mistakes on TMDB, TVDB and Wikipedia so it should update soon.

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