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The Society

The Society

Netflix 2019

When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of The Society

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  • Last updated: apr 11, 2021



    Don't be fooled by those comments, the show isn't as bad as they are saying, it was most likely not directed towards them. Everyone has a type of show they like, so if you aren't a fan of teenage drama this obviously won't be a show for you (duh). Ps: if you are into teenage drama meets mystery this one is for you, the first few episodes are more of the former but it gets way better as the episodes pass. It had a the 100 and under the dome vibe.


    Really great show. Once you get past the first two episodes it becomes quite compelling. Yes, it's a teenage drama, that doesn't make it a bad show.


    Let me guess this is a modern Lord of the Flies... but instead of fighting they f*ck...alot... and instead of the conch shell they have group text... pass


    Within in the genre of 'Teenage-Apocalypse' I'd say this show is pretty decent. But it obviously comes with all the bad stuff that normally comes with that genre. I'd say it's a good show for a brain-off weekend binge. Nothing more, nothing less.


    I mean... It's a good show, but boy these kids are way too self aware and mature for this to reflect reality in any way. Myself and my friends in highschool would have handled things differently, more pragmatic and less maturely. The characters are like miniature adults, not believable. But it's a good story.


    I think the main problem of this show is that they merely hold a mirror up to the viewer. They show us society as it is (in most ways) but do not deliver anything that hasn't been done or seen before. Over the course of these 10 episodes a few things do happen that could give compelling tv but... in reality nothing really happens. At the end of the season they pull the old bait and switch making me compelled to see what comes next... I'm once again "afraid" to get fooled especially since these past 10 episodes didn't give me the "Lord of the Flies-esque" show I expected it to be. If this is Lord of the Flies for the millennal generation than, based on this show, the worst wars we'll have will be snowball fights with helmets and warm clothing. Don't watch it for the mystery cause it's pretty much abandoned up till the last seconds of the final episode. I don't know if I can recommend watching this, you might as well be set for the short summary that'll lead up to the pilot of season 2.


    OMG, what an excruciating boring and insignificant TV show. There is nothing in this that express quality TV. It's derivative.


    this is a really good show but sadly like most netflix / teen shows there are so many inconsistencies in character development and the extras behaving like mindless robots for the plot rather than actually humans with their own free will and thinking.


    mhmh one of those shows which would be better as a 90 min movie.


    wasn't there already a show with the same dilemma? can't remember the name.

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