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The Sound of Magic

The Sound of Magic

Netflix 2022

An enigmatic magician living in an abandoned amusement park introduces magic into the life of a high schooler struggling with harsh realities.

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    OH MY GAWD. One of my best loved webtoons getting a drama adaptation? I am all in for this!


    I started watching this series without knowing anything about it like I literally thought it would be a romantic drama... Either way I actually quite enjoyed the drama! The first episodes were kinda weird for me but it did catch my attention especially on ep 4. The last two episodes were for sure the best! I liked the message they were trying to send. The music, the cinematography and the effects were absolutely amazing! It does have an open ending with some unanswered questions but since I can't leave them unanswered I just answer them myself. Either way I really liked it!


    I do like the message the show was going for! some random thoughts (SPOILERS ahead): -so did rieul actually push the convenience store owner off the cliff? it’s not clear because the owner claims he did meanwhile ahyi perceived him to vanish into thin air,, but it seems like the store owner was right in that rieul attempted to murder him but it was never clarified -rieul got pulled into the police station 3 years ago.. what for? did he do any of those heinous things 3 years ago? -did the store owner actually kill the missing girl? because even in his last scene in the police station he claims he didn’t do it and didn’t set rieul up. is it possible rieul set him up or someone else did? the store owner never confessed and was adamant that he didn't do it -when I first started watching the show I absolutely hated rieul bc he seemed like a creep (30 year old who says he “likes” high schooler ahyi and that scene in particular seemed like a romantic confession). however as the show progressed I realized that their friendship was platonic and maybe I misunderstood rieul. maybe we as a society misunderstand grown adults with childish thinking and their friendships with children isn’t actually romantic or sexual… it makes me think about all of those real “creepy” adults we barely know and how it’s the rumors about them that create their image and we don’t know their actual intentions. That’s not to say pedophilic adults don’t exist but just bc an adult doesn’t fit into the image of what an adult is expected to be and likes to do childish things and make children happy, doesn’t make them I’ll-intentioned… and maybe we should stop judging them and let them live how they want to despite them not living according to capitalist standards of “productive”. Also I think autistic adults and people who misunderstand social cues shouldn’t be judged for acting how they are. I liked that societal commentary but I also think rieul following ahyi home from the amusement park was inappropriate and could reasonably come off to her as a romantic interaction. Idk I’m still in between how he acted with her although it’s obvious by the end their friendship is platonic -I also didn’t like Il-deung in the beginning (claims he likes ahyi but then finds out she may have a romantic relationship with rieul so he stops liking her and makes a deal for her to get lower grades and he’ll pay her). however as the show progressed, there was a lot of depth to his character. He genuinely felt bad for what happened, he has a beautiful friendship with her and rieul, he stands up for rieul, to his parents, and even drops out of high school because he wants to focus on his own dreams. -I liked the academic environment in this show. It felt very realistic- rigorous schools and their testing is pretty depressing and a huge pressure. it’s not the whole class fangirling over ur relationships like true beauty lol. and il-deung isn’t exactly a second lead here, this show isn’t about romance so I do rec this for inyoup fans he has a decent amount of screen time. However I do wish we got a glimpse of il-deung in the future timeline. -the actress who plays ahyi really pulls off the short chopped slightly dishevelled hair look. and looked so different when she was older without the bangs. a complete chameleon lmao -as with most kdramas, the ending is a bit open-ended. it’s a heartwarming one with ahyi having hope for her future and performing magic tricks for kids, however we don’t get much answers with rieul’s character. did he actually commit any of the crimes or was it all on the convenience storer? did he actually disappear into thin air on the stage or was it a clever trick? did ahyi’s mother ever get any of the letters or was the mailbox not actually magical? was any of the magic real or just tricks of the mind? I’d personally like to think that the magic was real and although rieul could have used his magic for more productive means (taking over the world or getting famous lol) he purely enjoyed doing it for aesthetic terms by making poor strangers he barely knows happy and living in an abandoned amusement park writing spells. I would’ve preferred a closed ending with all my questions answered but ambiguous ones are also pretty cool bc there is always that possibility that reiul actually was a serial killer who set the store owner up and used ahyi’s help to escape and that’s an enjoyably creepy scenario.


    Went into this knowing next to nothing about what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Balances the light and the dark themes efficiently and portrays the stigma around those that fail to meet society's standards pretty well. The acting is sublime (yay, Ji Chang Wook!) and the cinematography is out of this world. Do you believe in magic? Because after this one, I certainly do!

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