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The Tomorrow People (US)

The Tomorrow People (US)

The CW 2013

The story of several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil.

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    Show really rocks. Shame it's been canceled.


    Oh, CW. It is so hard to take this show seriously when there is a 26 year old character trying to pull off being a high school student. If you are going to cast late 20s actors to play teenagers, at least make sure the acting is decent and the writing isn't so cliche.


    Don't even waste your time- I checked back to see if there's a new season in the making- turns out CW canceled the show after just one season because it did not generate INTERNATIONAL audience! Decent shows got canceled, again...


    Only one thing I hate about this one actually; they call themselves a "species"


    Man what a waste of time. Even knowing it was cancelled I decided to give it a chance since so many people were saying positive things here, so I wanted to update that for anyone else considering watching this and let you know that even if it had continued, it was absolutely terrible. It's like every other CW show I've ever watched to be honest, as in it feels like the story isn't bad but that it should've been told in 8 episodes, and because it's being stretched to 20-something it REALLY drags it's feet. I'll finish it to see if I'm wrong, and because I hate not finishing things, but I'm not expecting much and feeling a little annoyed that everyone commenting here was like "OMG why did it get cancelled it was soooo good!" Even if you broke this show down to just simple logic, these people have super powers and use in the dumbest ways. Let me teleport in to fist fight someone. Oh no that didn't work, let me try it again instead of using my telekinesis. Don't get it twisted, it got cancelled because it sucks and because it was going nowhere. Did it have potential? Yes, but lazy writing, constantly shifting alliances, and an overall slow pace really killed it long before the 1st season ended. There was absolutely nowhere for this show to go.


    Shame they cancelled it, just like The Secret Circle .-.


    way did they stop the serise ?????


    I was annoyed that the local network quit airing in the middle if the season (fkn Canada) and now that I realize there's no S2 I'm floored. Great show, original story line, follows the trending super-hero fads, great cast.... So no one in Siberia is watching. Since when do Americans give a rats ass about anyone else? I doubt airing in Tibet is a deal breaker. Typical of CW -smh


    ffs.. why cancle a good show?


    y do good shows get cancelled

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