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The Undateables

The Undateables

Channel 4 2012

Looking for love can be tricky, but some find it harder than others. Add disability to the equation and it can sometimes seem almost impossible. This uplifting three-part series follows the journeys of several extraordinary singletons as they enter the dating circuit in pursuit of love.From a stand-up comedian with Tourettes and a trapeze artist with brittle bones, to a media student with Down's Syndrome, an amateur poet with a learning disability, and a skateboarder with a facial disfigurement, the series follows them as they enter the world of blind dates, matchmakers and speed dating.With the help of Searchmate, one of the UK's leading personal introductions agencies, and Stars in the Sky, a specialist dating agency for people with learning difficulties, The Undateables explores the realities of looking for love in an image-obsessed world, where too many people make snap judgements based on first impressions - and even consider some to be 'undateable'.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The Undateables

#1 - Ray, Jason & Luke


Season 9 - Episode 4

The show catches up with charity worker Ray, who celebrates his first anniversary with Christine. And plane spotter Jason and Luke from Hull resume their searches for The One.

The episode was rated from 15 votes.

#2 - Charlotte, Mitch, James


Season 9 - Episode 1

The Return of the programme following disabled people searching for romance, including a woman with aspergers.

The episode was rated from 21 votes.

#3 - Richard, Lizzie, Eddie & Sam


Season 7 - Episode 4

Richard is 43 and autistic and last year managed his first ever second date. Can he now build on this success with Anna? There's also postman Sam. And the show also catches up with Lizzie and Eddie.

The episode was rated from 24 votes.

#4 - Rhys, Joshua & Kaia


Season 7 - Episode 2

James Bond fanatic Rhys is from Swansea. The law graduate is autistic and struggles to read signals, meaning he is never sure whether a girl fancies him. Joshua is 22 and from Chichester. Joshua is a keen gardener. He is autistic and can sometimes find social situations difficult, but he now feels ready to find a girlfriend. Cooking enthusiast Kaia from Berkshire is profoundly deaf. Can Kaia win over the man of her dreams with her culinary skills?

The episode was rated from 29 votes.

#5 - Shaine, Lily, Ray & George


Season 7 - Episode 5

Poet Shaine and Gemma celebrate their first anniversary, as ghosthunter Lily and charity worker Ray go looking for love again

The episode was rated from 22 votes.

#6 - Jordan, Paige & Sam


Season 9 - Episode 3

Three singletons go looking for love: personal trainer Jordan, who suffers from speech problems; vlogger Paige, who has cerebral palsy; and basketball player Sam from Shropshire.

The episode was rated from 22 votes.

#7 - Alex, Jason & Tom


Season 8 - Episode 4

Alex has been single since breaking up with his girlfriend a year and a half ago. Proud owner of a new sports car, the 24-year-old is ready to re-join the dating scene. But Alex, who's autistic, struggles to talk to new people, especially girls. He's hoping his date with Ellie, at the zoo, will accelerate him back into the fast lane of dating. Identical twin Jason is an airplane buff. The 25-year-old, who has Asperger's, longs to meet his own co-pilot, but has a tendency to rush into relationships too quickly. In a new career move, rugby player Tom, from Bridgend, has taken to the catwalk. But while his model looks mean he's not short of attention, the 28-year-old has Tourette's and Asperger's, which makes him shy when speaking to girls.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.

#8 - Rory, Roland & Molly


Season 9 - Episode 2

Rory has Asperger's and hopes to meet a girl who shares his love of horror films. Roland wants a leading lady to serenade. And animal lover Molly seeks a soulmate.

The episode was rated from 23 votes.

#9 - Tom, Esther & Thomas


Season 10 - Episode 2

This episode features the romantic adventures of autistic film aficionado Tom, nurse Esther, who has a large birth mark on her face, and Thomas, a deaf sports science student.

The episode was rated from 14 votes.

#10 - Sam, Donovan & Katy


Season 7 - Episode 3

Movie fanatic Sam may be born and bred in Kent, but with a love of all things American, he sounds more Hollywood than British. Sam, who is autistic, is looking for his leading lady and hopes his collection of 44 bottles of aftershave might help. At 35, robotics engineer Donovan is the last one in his group of friends to find love. Donovan has brittle bones which has lead to over 80 fractures in his life. His condition has also affected his growth - at around 4'10', he feels his height puts women off. Can he bag his first ever second date? Katy, a careworker from Gloucester, has been single for a year and is eager to find love. Katy has Tourette's syndrome and wants to find a man who will accept her for who she is.

The episode was rated from 24 votes.

#11 - Wedding Bells
Season 5 - Episode 5

Steve, who has Crouzon syndrome, prepares to marry Vicky, while Matthew is concerned that his stammer may hinder his bid to propose to Jessica

The episode was rated from 43 votes.
#12 - Amber, Richard & Nick
Season 8 - Episode 3

The love-seekers this time include Amber, who suffered a major stroke eight years ago. Having learned to walk and talk again, Amber's ready to find her Prince Charming. There's also Nick and Richard.

The episode was rated from 21 votes.
#13 - Ray, Becky & Shaine
Season 10 - Episode 3

The show catches up with some familiar faces, including Leeds fan Ray, photographer Becky, and poet Shaine, who marks two years with his girlfriend on a special trip to London.

The episode was rated from 16 votes.
#14 - John, Ruth and Zoe
Season 3 - Episode 2

The dates this time include John, who hopes to put his Asperger's to one side and meet his first ever girlfriend. There's also bisexual jazz singer Ruth, and the incurably romantic Zoe. Twenty-one-year-old John has Asperger syndrome, which, for him, means he struggles to understand how relationships work and makes him prone to anxiety. But if meeting the women from the dating agency makes him panic, how will he cope on an actual date? Ruth is a 27-year-old jazz singer from north London. Charismatic and talented, she's looking for someone to form a meaningful relationship with, but her Tourette's syndrome can make dating tricky. Will 29-year-old bar manager Dan or 24-year-old film industry worker Jen be the man, or woman, for Ruth? Zoe is 24 years old and has a very rare condition called Mosaic Down syndrome which affects only 2% of people with Down's. Zoe spends her days dreaming of her perfect wedding. Will her date, 31-year-old Nsimba, be the future husband Zoe has been hoping to meet?

The episode was rated from 26 votes.
#15 - Mary, Daniel and Hayley
Season 3 - Episode 1

Mary is a 44-year-old mature student with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. Daniel has autism and has been single for two years. Nursery nurse Hayley has never had a serious relationship. Hayley has Apert syndrome, a rare genetic condition which is characterised by malformations of the face, hands and feet. Hayley is determined to find her Mr Right. Could it be council worker Chris? Full of energy and with an action-packed life, Mary represented Team GB in the Dwarf Games, winning four gold medals. But Mary has never truly been in love. However, there is one man in her life who is a constant, her 16-year-old son Reece, who also has dwarfism. Will Reece approve of personal trainer Jet, who whisks Mary off for a night of Champagne and ice skating? Although Daniel's autism makes communication extremely difficult, he finds an outlet in his songs, many of which are about love and his desire for a girlfriend. After careful practice and preparation, Daniel goes on a date with Hollie.

The episode was rated from 31 votes.
#16 - Holiday Romance
Season 5 - Episode 4

Some of the Undateables from previous shows embark on romantic adventures overseas, including Alex and Eloise in France, and Brent and Challis in Amsterdam

The episode was rated from 45 votes.
#17 - Michael, Ray, Brent, Kate and Steve
Season 3 - Episode 3

This episode catches up some memorable daters from previous episodes, including incurable romantic Kate has always dreamed of meeting her future husband. Last year Kate turned to a dating agency for help, and was set up on a blind date with Simon. Twelve months later and Kate and Simon are still going strong. Twenty-seven-year-old Michael has recently hooked-up with Jennifer, who he's known her for several years, though they've never dated before. But Michael's autism makes it hard for him to understand the rules of dating and he has a habit of rushing things. Ray is a 50-year-old office training manager with a learning disability. When Ray met Jeanette, cupid struck, and the couple are still together. Last time around Brent had just broken up with his childhood sweetheart, but his Tourette's syndrome made it hard to go on dates. And 31-year-old Steve, who has Crouzon syndrome, finds himself back on the dating scene. Will 25-year-old Sophie be the woman for him?

The episode was rated from 26 votes.
#18 - Richard, Chris and Christina
Season 4 - Episode 3

Richard, who has Asperger syndrome, has high hopes for his posh afternoon tea at a five star hotel with Tammy, while Chris, paralysed from the chest down, longs to find lasting love.

The episode was rated from 26 votes.
#19 - Alex, Matthew and Daniella
Season 4 - Episode 1

Return of the documentary following people with a range of restrictive conditions as they search for romance. Alex, 21, is extremely nervous around new people because of his autism, and has never been on a date. Passionate about fast cars, he decides to take Eloise to a race at Brands Hatch. Professional artist's model Matthew, 31, feels his stammer has hindered his success in love, while 27-year-old Daniella has Apert syndrome, a rare genetic condition that means she was born with the bones in her hands, feet and skull fused together. Could her first-ever date lead to a relationship?

The episode was rated from 35 votes.
#20 - Eddie, Lily & Pani
Season 6 - Episode 2

Musician Eddie, who is autistic, meets Cassie for a date. Josh and Lily, who has Williams syndrome, go for a date at a haunted house. And Pani, who has dwarfism, meets Ellen.

The episode was rated from 48 votes.

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