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The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds

BBC One 2019

In Edwardian England, George and his partner Amy attempt to defy society and start a life together as they face the escalating terror of an alien invasion, fighting for their lives against an enemy beyond their comprehension.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The War of the Worlds

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    This is the biggest waste of 3 hours you will ever do. I had nothing else to watch and sat through all three episodes (don’t ask me why). Better time would have been spent with me putting my head in a vice. The entire mess could easily have been condensed to 1 ½ hours with some easy editing. Better yet, just play a blank screen and the radio version from 1938 – that would have worked too. -10/10 Worst EVER!


    Well, I really liked it


    I'm such a sucker for scifi


    It wasn't that bad. Not as bad as others would have you think. A little slow in parts and predictable in others but not bad. [Spoiler] Unlike most WotW plots, it dealt with the aftermath of the alien attack, not just defeating them. It did show science over religion and it did compare the British Empire to the conquering Martian horde and that may account for some of the low ratings (people don't like magnifying glasses turned on their way of life or beliefs) but, over the entire series, it showed a complete vision of what could have happened in 1905 and it showed the love and sacrifice between Amy and George. [/spoiler]


    What a waste of time..... If your going to alter the story, go the whole hug.... If you’ve watched this, go find the FOX version that was shown at the same time..... They had the guts to totally up date it and did a damn good job of it!!!


    This mini-series is not bad, but its rather slow paced and feels a bit low budget. Do note that there is a 3-episode (or even 2-episode) mini-series which is this current one, set in a historic timeline in early 1900's and there is a 8-episodes modern-day version.


    only lockdown worthy. Not even laughable effects, they're so poor it's anger making. This is a worldwide distributed BBC production. If it was an Asylym effort, it would have at least been tongue-in-cheek fun, and probably spawned another season set in a different country. crappy effects: lazy, slow moving shots to make the effects even easier to process. constant smoke flashing over the screen, horrendous red filters, rubber bricks on top of dead bodies.


    I was very disappointed sadly. I can’t fault the cast at all, they had a great line up of actors. This was certainly a very original take on The War of the World’s, but still nothing interesting or enjoyable for me. It started well, but then became very dark and slow. Almost depressing. Each to their own. This is someone’s interpretation, but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it.


    It really wasn't that bad. I enjoyed the imagination of this retelling during this period of history. I think it could have done with better screenplay writing efforts in some patches, but overall, the storyline kept me intrigued enough to watch with unashamed anticipation. I would watch a regular season of this show.

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