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The White Princess

The White Princess

Starz 2017

The story of Elizabeth of York, the White Queen's daughter, and her marriage to the Lancaster victor, Henry VII. Based on the Philippa Gregory book of the same name.

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The 10 Best Episodes of The White Princess

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    Having enjoyed The White Queen I looked forward to this theatrical addition based on the series of books. I enjoyed it so far but do wish that for continuity they had used the same actors for the characters that span both.


    The White Princess is about as good as The White Queen. First, after watching The White Queen, you have to adjust to the new cast, since many of the same characters are present. But, I also like to see different actors' takes on familiar roles. I feel that this part of English history isn't very well-known (at least to me as an American), so seeing it come to life and learning about the conflicts of that time period was very fascinating. Excellent costumes and production design. Loved it!


    If they had manage to do this with the same actors as in the White Queen it would have been a lot better (I guess). Not just because it would have been easier to jump into but also because they wasn't half as bad as this lot. It probably has to do with the script too but three episodes in I have no relation to any of the characters and they all feel rather 'bleh'...


    I'll have to admit those period shows have become a bit of a favorite of mine. They do provide good entertainment and, on it's own, this is no different. Since this is a continuation of _The White Queen_ , though, I have to compare them and _TWQ_ is winning it. There isn't a likeable character around here, they all are very succesfull in making you not like them. And the cast isn't quite as good. In every regard this is a bit behind _TWQ_. Since I've rated that a 7 I'll gave this one a 6 to seperate the two.


    The historical costuming inaccuracies annoyed me. Married women wore their hair up, and covered, not just by a token hairband, but by veils and hoods.


    Once again a real good show cancelled. No season 2


    Wasn't expecting much from this, but WOW!! is it ever good!! Kings, Queens, Royalty, murder, sabotage, love, and lies...it's got it all and more!!

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