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ThunderCats Roar

ThunderCats Roar

Cartoon Network 2020

Staying true to the premise of the original series: Lion-O and the ThunderCats โ€” Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat and Wilykit โ€” barely escape the sudden destruction of their home world, Thundera, only to crash land on the mysterious and exotic planet of Third Earth. Lion-O, the newly appointed Lord of the ThunderCats, attempts to lead the team as they make this planet their new home. A bizarre host of creatures and villains stand in their way, including the evil Mumm-Ra, Third Earthโ€™s wicked ruler who will let nothing, including the ThunderCats, stop his tyrannical reign over the planet.

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The 10 Best Episodes of ThunderCats Roar

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    Alsolute garbage. Cant believe the reboot, which was actually pretty decent, was cancelled and replaced by this shit


    Don't watch this expecting the serious epic fantasy adventures of the original 1985 Thundercats. Instead, you should expect a silly and energetic comedy-focused remake, made to appeal to today's audience. I can tell from watching this that its directors and writers love Thundercats and wanted to make something that would get a new generation interested in Thundercats. Good: Extremely high quality animation. Everything is always moving, something is always happening. Fights are spectacular to see. There are many genuinely epic moments and many good jokes and gags. It is sometimes faithful to the original series in terms of soundtrack, characters, story. Bad: All the characters look like babies with such an oversimplified art design. For example Lion-O is just a blob with vaguely muscular shape, instead of a truly muscular and fierce cat-man with claws and cat eyes. Much of the humor is based on Lion-O and others behaving really, really stupid. It sort of makes sense for Lion-O because he is canonically 12 years old, but why does Cheetara behave so oblivious and dumb so often? She's an adult! In the original Thundercats there was plenty of lesson learning from wise adult characters, but there is not much of that in Roar because everyone is so dumb. You might feel dumber just from watching this show. The fast pace and comedic focus makes it unlikely for viewers to develop an attachment to the characters or to identify with them. It's hard to identify with blobs whose personality is "food is amazing! I'm amazing! you're amazing! bad guy dead because I killed bad guy! woooooo!" which is probably one reason why this show had such poor ratings; there is no reason to come back to watch the next episode if the show utterly fails to have any real substance for viewers to get attached to.


    Can't believe the complete trash some reboots are coming these days. The original series where epic. This is absolute crap.

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