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Netflix 2018

Ex-con Cal McTeer's return to her hometown of Orphelin Bay blows the lid off a generations-long conspiracy of silence around murder, drugs and Sirens.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Tidelands

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  • Last updated: jun 22, 2021



    Bad writing, weak acting and way too much soft porn. The story has no real focus. Is it a fantasy tale about mermaids and sirens (which was the reason we started watching this), a crime story or a teenage drama with a romantic but over sexed touch ? It's all of that but nothing really.


    Good looking people having sex everywhere, braless boobs, nipples, with patchwork lore. That's about a good summary for his show. It was intruiging enough for me to watch the whole (first?) season, which only consists of like 8 episodes and not all of them are 45minutes long, the finale is just 37minutes. But overall, a bit light on content. A lot of stuff just happens to enable the plot, or doesn't happen because of plot. Specifically the two kids are nothing more than plot devices. Mixed with a lot of back and forth between the plot device places. It's something different, though. Even if the mermaid lore is somewhat shallow and mainly a backdrop for the main storyline.


    Unfortunately this show left me with more questions than answers. Wish there were a few more episodes just to explain a few things.


    Real shame this only had one season. I found it far better than the most recent show Sirens. Sadly, it ended with questions, but also answered some, therefore still worth watching.

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